Thursday, August 02, 2018

The Whole Duty Of Man

Ah, the life and times of a college football fan. We anxiously await the end of summer to see how our team has improved since last year. We cheer on young men, hoping that they are able to excel in the classroom and beating their rivals. Here in Central Ohio, college football is a huge deal. We don't have a NFL team (unlike the "C" cities to our north and south), we don't have a MLB team (again unlike Cincy and Cleveland)... we have our Buckeyes. While we do have the Blue Jackets and the Crew, The Ohio State University football team is that thang around here. And they have been. The real fans have stuck by the Buckeyes when they continually lost to that team up north (hello, Jon Cooper years) and when they were busted by the NCAA (Jim Tressel years). Now here we are with another scandal.

So, if you don't know what is going on, here is a short recap: Urban Meyer is the head coach of our football team-- there are several different coaches (just like every other college football team). One of those other coaches was Zach Smith, grandson of the late, great Earle Bruce. Last month Zach Smith was fired by the university for (allegedly) abusing his ex-wife. Yesterday Urban Meyer was placed on paid administrative leave while the university investigates whether he knew about this (alleged) abuse and did nothing. Courtney Smith (Zach's ex-wife) is appearing everywhere stating that she told Shelley Meyer (Urban's wife) about the abuse and she thinks that Urban was aware of what was going on. Urban denies that he knew.

Consider yourself all caught up. Now: what is the Hot, Black and Bitter take? I'm glad you asked!

Before I get into this let me just say: while I am super excited about Urban Meyer's record while coaching at OSU, I am not an Urban fan. I am certainly no fan of Shelley Meyer (all you have to do is look at that chick's Twitter feed to know why I could do without her). Urban has a winning record, he can coach, BUT he has shown that he has... questionable character traits. OK- my takes on this new clusterfuck of crazy: Zach Smith is a piece of shit. No question. Anytime you abuse your spouse (or anyone, actually) you are a douchebag. I don't care who you are or who you are related to. He got fired and I, for one, hope he never gets a job in college football again. Keep your hands to yourself. Piece.Of.Shit.

Courtney Smith. This girl is going through it. She is certainly NOT being well received in Columbus-- because her all media tour is fucking up folks' football season. But you know what? She has a story and she should tell it. Everyone is quick to say that this happened three years ago, Urban has no obligation to help her out of a messy marriage/divorce and she is just doing this for her 15 minutes of fame. My take is a little different. 1. I don't care that the abuse happened three years ago-- Zach could have abused her 10 years ago and guess what? He would still be a piece of shit and she would still be a victim of abuse. 2. Urban and Shelley have daughters. I have a daughter. If, god forbid, someone abused MY daughter I would want ANYONE who knew of the abuse before me to help her. Period. Urban is also leading a group of young men here in Columbus. They have team rules and I believe the second rule is "Respect women." So he should be held to his own rules. I'm not saying that he should fight Zach but IF he knew what was going on, he should have (AT THE VERY LEAST) reported it to the school. I mean, it takes so little to be a stand up human being. 3. Stories of abuse should never be met with a counter argument that people are doing it for fame. That is absurd and lazy. I would not come out with a story about being abused, have my whole life turned upside down for something as fleeting as fame-- and I choose to believe that is true for everyone. I believe that Courtney was abused AND I believe that NO one wants to be famous for being a victim of abuse. That being said, if Courtney wanted Urban to know what was going on in her marriage, she should have told him directly.

Bottom line: do I think Urban should lose his job? No. But do I think that he should suffer some consequences IF he knew that Zach was beating his wife in 2015? Hell yeah. Folks around the country are busy sticking their noses in shit that absolutely has nothing to do with them. "Offenses" that aren't hurting anyone (like going to your neighborhood pool, selling water on a hot day, walking home, entering your own home, having a picnic in a park, leaving an Air B&B, etc.) People are so quick to jump into trivial situations with their two cents that no one asked for. If Urban knew that something as serious as spousal abuse was going on with one of his staff members then he should have done something about it. Damn the football season-- we should be teaching our kids (including football players) that they have to do the right thing... even when it is hard. Especially when it is hard.

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