Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Marc Broussard - Let Me Leave

AMAZING... this year's lesson in a song. Here's to no more time wasted on unrequited love. Sing it Marc!! :)

Let me be who I am; Let me leave while I can; you know LOVE DONT FIND THIS SORT OF MAN... so, ladies- let him leave while he can.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Taking the law into your own hands

On Saturday the Chicago Tribune ran a story about a Wauconda (far northern suburbs of Chicago) couple who shot and wounded two masked men that pushed their way into their suburban home. As I laid in bed, reading the story on my BlackBerry, I secretly cheered for the couple that stood up for their rights as homeowners. You see, on Wednesday, December 23, while I was at work, some scumbag broke into my house. When I returned home, my back window was broken, the back door was open and my house had been ransacked. Among my missing items were two of my dogs (which, if you know me, you know those were the FIRST possessions I had to get back), two kennels, the dog food, cell phones- one activated, one not, orange juice from the fridge (rude!!!), groceries (SUPER rude!!), a laundry basket (I am assuming this was taken to assist with lugging all my crap outside) and my peace of mind. They threw clothes around, paper all over the floor, let the remaining dogs roam the house- which was the beginning of an all too different kind of mess for me to clean up. I was...devestated.

Let's stop for a minute and disregard the fact that someone ruined my holiday season- I did not go to see my family and did not celebrate Christmas this year because I was afraid that I would be burglarized again. Let's disregard the fact that only the lowest of the low actually STEAL from others... how low are you that you would steal someone's DOGS???? I mean really. Wow.

Here is the other part of this unbelievable tale- somehow some "good samaritans" found my dogs. The quotes are there because I am not sure if they are actually good or perpetrators of the crime. They "found" my computer too. Actually, they supposedly paid $300 for my computer and now want a reimbursement- which is not going to happen. I can't shoot the jerks that broke into my place, because Mayor Daley- in all his glory- has put into place a law prohibiting law abiding citizens, like myself (mostly) from having hand guns. Usually I complain about that law- even though I doubt that if allowed I would actually own a handgun. I am complaining a lot now. I bet that NO ONE is going to break into that Wauconda home again. Hell, they may not have a break in in the neighborhood anytime soon. Why can't I have security like that in the city of Chicago?? Hmmm- I will figure out a way to make those punks pay (insert evil laugh here), and I will have to do it within the confines of Chicago law... is public flogging allowable? How about ripping toenails out one by one? This may take a while...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Illinois is Building Revenue! :)

This just in: some Gitmo detainees will be moving...to Illinois. There will be an announcement around 2 CST that the Thomson Correctional facility will be bought by the federal government. This prison will then become a federal facility, housing federal prisoners and up to 100 Gitmo detainees.

I, for one, am excited at the revenue that is headed to my state and the jobs that will be made once this plan is announced by the White House this afternoon. Thomson is located about 150 miles from Chicago, in an economically depressed, rural community. That part of Illinois needs jobs and CLEARLY the state needs the federal dollars. Maybe the state will be able to use these monies to begin to dig out of the economic hole our politicians have dug for us?

Critics have said that this is just asking for violence to come to Chicagoland. Um, isn't violence already in Chicagoland? Hasn't that been proven in this blog and a copy of a newspaper from any given day since the 80s? Does it make sense to turn down money- for a facility that hardly used? It was built as a maximum security prison and has been underutilized. The economic situation of the state is dire. We have other maximum security prisons in this state- are opponents as outraged about the locations of those prisons or the people contained therein? If President Obama is truly going to close Gitmo, why let that money go to another state?? Until Mark Kirk and other complainers can answer those questions, I am an excited voter. Welcome to the map, Thomson, Illinois. ;)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Will today be a day that lives in infamy?

Today, I think that I will be severely disappointed by our President. This evening, Barack is all set to tell the American public about our progress(?) in Iraq and Afghanistan, and how many more troops he will be responsible for sending to fight a war against unknown assailants. I am not a fan. I will not be a fan after a flashy speech.

Throughout my blog, it is evident that I am an Obama supporter. After this speech tonight, I have a feeling that, although I will still like him, I will not love him, if that makes sense. There are several reasons why. The first reason being: one of his campaign platforms was he was going to end the war. Now, I am not so naïve, I DO realize that people will say whatever they think the majority wants to hear BUT when lives are at stake...one would think that promises dealing with that might actually be followed through with. Lives ARE at stake, not just abroad, but stateside too.

True enough, I am not putting my life on the line as I lay here on my bed, typing out this blog entry, but the American way of life is at stake. The truth of the matter is: we simply can NOT afford to continue fighting a war. Our country is facing high deficits, high unemployment, high poverty, high foreclosure, etc. The citizens of this country cannot afford 20 billion dollars a month, for God knows how long, to fight a war for "democracy". Is that even what we are fighting for? How will we pay for this "democracy"? Why are we (the United states of America) responsible for everyone else??

I think that our government takes on that responsibilty. What Barack (and our elected officials) need to realize is the USA does not need to be the police superpower of the world. We don't have to rescue everyone- and everyone does not want our help. Here's a novel idea, let's not give it to them. Who is helping us in our time of need? We have historically bailed out other countries (like more than half of Europe after WWI and WWII) yet here we are stuggling, and no one comes to our aid except China. What will we do if that loan comes due? So, we are risking the lives of our young people, the financial stability of our country and the lifestyles of our grandchildren, for what? So we can say that we have "helped" another country? So we can spread our form of democracy? So we can create more enemies? By no means am I saying that we should be isolationists. In this world market atmosphere that would never work, but I do think that we can better prioritize what we spend our energies on. Seems to me that we should worry about Americans having jobs and being able to afford their homes, first and foremost. Just like most Americans are having to do, the government is going to have to decide what is more important.

So, Barack think about that before you sign the paperwork to ship off 30,000 more brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, cousins...friends. Think about all those people that elected you thinking that somehow, somewhere you would follow through and end the war for our troops. This may be the one time when a politician shouldn't be a liar...one time when a campaign promise should be upheld. If you never voted for the war while in the Senate, now is not the time to start...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

College Football and Hurt Feelings

So- as I watched my Ohio State Buckeyes beat michigan (again)this past weekend, I watched my husband (Jim Tressel) as he paced the sideline, calling plays and encouraging the guys. I guess I should be clear, Jim Tressel and I are only married in my dreams, and he is one of many husbands. The hubbies span different industries, age ranges and levels of attractiveness. Once a hubby is added to the list, they aren't taken off...and the list is full of people who probably should not be grouped together. For example, four men on my hubby list: Eddie Vedder (of course), Sean Penn (think Mystic River), Brady Quinn (hot Columbus boy) and Sean Connery. Now really, do those 4 names even go together... Ah, but I digress.

As I am watching Jimmy T (see, I have even given them cool nicknames) encouraging the best college football team in America (!) I also start reading a digital article about the Kansas head football coach, Mark Mangino. Mr. (using that term loosely) Mangino is accused of being extremely rude to the young men that play for him. And not rude, like cussing at them, or calling them douchebags. We are talking rude like, "if you don't do what I say, I will send your ass back to the ghetto." He is actually quoted as saying that if a player did not do what he said he would "send him back to his hood to get shot like his homies." WHAT???

Ok- I want to say that Mangino is upset with the world because he is fat and unattractive. But I don't think that is it, at least not all of it. I mean, you have to be a real asshole to say crap like that. I just think he needs to be fired- immediately. I am not even going to say that he is racist. Even if that is the case, which I am sure it is, it takes a backseat to the fact that at least 60 pairs of parents send their young men to be further molded by a fat douchebag who claims that he has the power to send these boys back to the ghetto to be shot like their homies. Awful.
There is a difference between tough love and just being a dick. It is obvious that Mangino is not familiar with that line. I, like most people, struggle with that myself sometimes. I yell at the neighborhood kids, but I never call them hoodrats or tell them they will get shot like their homies. That is more of a reality here than in Kansas, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

If my son was away from home for the first time and he called me with stories like what is being reported about Mangino, I think it would be safe to say...hell hath no fury. Alumni should be up in arms, parents should be inconsolable AND threatening to remove their kids from the University. Maybe if they threatened the pocketbook of the university, something would be done. Maybe the AD wouldn't drag his feet if that was his son being verbally abused? Maybe, just maybe those football players will jump Mangino's big ass in the locker room after the final game of the season- a little payback? Maybe someone should threaten to starve Mangino for a couple meals?? Just another reminder to build up the youth of American with discipline...not rude, insulting behavior. I mean, I know that everyone can't be as outstanding as my hubby Jimmy T... But they could at least try- right? ;)

Miss Mox

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Day that the Buckeye Nation Cried

Today is a horribly sad day for the Buckeye Nation. Today, Stefanie Spielman lost her long, hard fought battle with breast cancer. A consummate optimist, she took the diagnosis (at the age of 30) with amazing grace. I remember when the Columbus news stations started covering her diagnosis- my sophomore year of college. I watched a young woman who married her college sweetheart take the breast cancer challenge and win (remission) four times. She was a mainstay in Columbus, always on the sideline watching and cheering for the amazing Buckeye team- years after her husband Chris graduated and went to the NFL. She has also been, at least for me, the face of the James Cancer Hospital at OSU.

An inspiration would be an understatement. I never saw her cry. I never saw her feel bad about her situation. She just got after it. Stefanie and Chris were heads of fundraising for cancer research in central Ohio. I don't even live there anymore, and I still know that where ever they were needed to get people to donate, they were there. I clearly remember seeing Stefanie, Chris and their (4) children on a commercial about cancer education and fundraising.

Forty-two is too young for her to be gone. She won't see her children become adults. She won't see her grandchildren. She will miss college graduations and weddings. Forty-two is too young...

While we mourn the loss of an amazingly spirited woman, we need to take some action Buckeye nation. I used to work for an organization that researches and fights cancer through many avenues. From working there I can tell you that during our lifetime, 1 in 3 of us will be diagnosed with some sort of cancer. Because of their funding and research, more of us will be successfully treated, but I am longing for a time when cancer-as it is today- does not exist. What can you do? There are plenty of ways that you can raise cancer awareness in central Ohio. Donate to the James (http://www.jamesline.com; click on the ways to give tab) or call the central Ohio office of the American Cancer Society (888.227.6446) and pledge a donation. For those of you in the Buckeye Nation in the Chicagoland area, there are plenty of ways for you to give also. There is an amazing place called the Wellness Place (http://www.wellnessplace.org) that raises money for cancer education, care and help for those in the midst of their battle. You can make a donation- or you can shop (!) and they will get a donation from the money that you spend (http://www.shopbelongings.com). Also, the suburban offices of the American Cancer Society are also available to take donations. Whatever you decide to do- TAKE ACTION. Make sure that there are fewer 42 year old moms losing their battle to the ugly disease called cancer.

My prayers go out to the Spielman family. I hope and wish the best for you through this rough times.

Miss Mox

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chicago Cop... not yet fired? Public confusion abounds...

Ok, so not public confusion... Moximillion confusion. I am watching the news right now and something just BLEW MY MIND. Anthony Abate (also known as the douchebag cop who was videotaped beating a very petite bartender after she refused to continue to serve his drunk ass) is back in the news. Nope, he has not been arrested again-yet. But, apparently, there is some question about whether or not he should be fired. WTH?? Insert my confusion. Why the hell does that jerk still HAVE a job???
Ok, let me see if I have this right. Unemployment in the city of Chicago is somewhere close to 11% depending on who you ask. Illinois has been declared to have one of the worst budgets in the nation. Taxation in Cook County is 10.25%. County workers (police included) are now REQUIRED to take unpaid days off so that our county won't go bankrupt...yet, beat-her-down douchebag has a job? Maybe I'm slow. But doesn't it seem like that is one less salary we should be paying?
I won't even discuss (at long length) the fact that he only got probation and anger management for those punches heard around the world. (Wow, really?) I won't even point out that because of his behavior, the whole city has an even more horrible reputation. And I certainly won't point out that while I trust MOST Chicago cops, being a petite lady myself, I have absolutely no inclination to serve them- even in my current state of unemployment- for fear that the next video (and more than likely there WILL be another video) will have my face on it.
When will doing the right thing just be ok? I don't care WHAT reason someone has concocted to let that jerk keep his shield, but he should be fired. He should have BEEN fired- if for no other reason because he tainted the reputation of the good cops in the city... And made Chicago look like the wild west during the gold rush...or a Friday night fight at the trailer park. Either way, he should no longer be able to "protect and serve." But maybe I am way off base.... Nah, I don't think so.


Chrisette Michele - Love Is You (Unplugged)

Ok- Chrisette Michele is AMAZING. If you have not listened to her before, I hope this is you introduction to the beauty and magic that her voice brings. Fantastically DIFFERENT... wow. Other favorites by her: Blame it on me, Epiphany, Best of me, and If I have my way. Let me know who you think she is comparable to... :)

Key Lyrics:
'cause love is my permission to be who I am,
No inhibitions because you understand;
Freedom to breathe, oh baby, love is you.

Much as I've tried to clarify
Love's quite simple, He is just my guy;
A perfect definition- LOVE IS YOU.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Illinois and the Big, Bad Budget Crisis

The Pew Center has declared that the state of Illinois is spiraling out of control with its spending and is headed down the same road as California. Illinois, along with nine other states (Arizona, Michigan, California, Nevada, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Oregon, New Jersey and Florida) are facing horrible budget crises and have been declared to be in "fiscal peril". I don't doubt the findings. The state of Wisconsin are disputing the findings, but as far s Illinois goes, I can see how we fall short every year. My only question is: HOW???? How can a state like Illinois, or better yet California or Florida, be facing billion and billions of dollars in the deficit column? The deficits cannot be blamed on a certain party per se, lawmakers are members of both major parties. The states rely on very different products for income, so what is the deal?? How do you have a tourist attraction, like both Disney states (CA and FL), that is not making money? I am so confused.

I guess that I can see that Michigan would be having some financial issues. I used to live there, the fiscal problems are not new. Now the biggest employers are having their own fiscal problems, so of course the people of the state are being affected. But the dairy state? Really? Jersey? Don't they have Atlantic City? And then there is Illinois. Ok, I already know why Chicago is having fiscal problems. There is SO much waste. People not working and getting paid a ton of money to do nothing- examples are people that I have already talked about. As a tax payer, I really want to know how it is possible that I pay MORE taxes in Cook County than residents that live in NY and CA?? And we still have a budget deficit? Seriously- wrap your head around this... in Cook County, Todd the troll has made it so we pay a whopping 10.25% in taxes, yet we can't go a year without asking for state assistance for the CTA (that is the el train for all those who don't live in Chicago). And you know what all this excessive taxing is going to get? An empty city. Chicago could turn into Detroit. No one will be able to afford living in Chicago. All because some of the people in charge take advantage of their position. Would it ever be possible that the Cook County Board, Aldermen or (gasp) the Mayor would take a pay cut so that police can continue to patrol the streets, garbage men can keep on collecting, people in the city can actually get all the amenities OF the city? I mean we ARE paying for it, right?

Friday, November 06, 2009

Leona Lewis - Happy

Key Lyrics:

I could stand by the side
And watch this life pass me by
So unhappy
But safe as could be...

So what if it hurts me?
So what if I break down?
So what if this world just throws me off the edge?
My feet run out of ground?

I gotta find my place, I wanna hear my sound...
Don't care about all the pain in front of me
I just wanna be... happy.

Enjoy your weekend~ Miss Mox

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

This short thing we call life

The secondary title of this blog is a quote from the Roman poet Horace. I don't think that people actually notice it that often. This is my blog and I hardly read it when I am posting things... or looking at my blog from someone else's computer. He is said to have coined the phrase "Nunc est bibendum" (Now we must drink)... and at this point in this blog entry, I should come clean and say that tonight, I have taken that phrase to heart! There has been some drinking, ok more than just SOME, on my part, so this entry may be a tad sappier than the reading audience is used to. You have been warned! :)

Horace, it seems, was a very insightful man. The quote "A word once uttered can never be recalled" is also attributed to him. I think that is very true, so this entry, while truthful and revealing, will be as tempered as a drunken blog can be. With that said- here we go!

I think that people can tell from the musical selections that I have posted lately (especially the Heather Headley song) that I have recently gone through some heartache. Heartbreak is never cool but it is especially hurtful if it is handled badly. While engaged in a recent discussion, I said, by the age of 30 everyone has a love sob story. We have all been hurt. If the relationship ended up the way we wanted we would all be married and tripping the life fantastic, right? I firmly believe that life is not about the situations that are handed to us, rather how we handle them; what you learn from them. I just got my heart broken- I am talking million pieces broken. Spent a couple days in bed, crying, listening to super slow jams (think Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston and Luther Vandross), watching chick flicks and probably consuming too many calories, cursing him and wondering why things had to end the way the way they did. How could he blame me for hurt suffered in the past? Why couldn't he see that I was different? How the hell could he be so rude to me? It goes on and on... Finally, I had to snap out of that, so I had a couple drinks and here I am! :) I am still sad... listening to my own slow jams mix on ITunes, drinking beer and giving myself a pep talk. But you know what? Even after all of that, I would lay my heart on the line again and THAT is what separates me and him. He looks back and sees all the pain that he has had to go through in life and love and wants to avoid it at all costs; I look back and know that sometimes love sucks the blood from your body, there are times when your heart hurts so much that you think it will stop beating, that you will never be able to go through this crazy thing called love again or like you could stay in bed for the rest of your life.... eating raisinettes and drinking soda wearing some flannel pjs (oh wait, that was me!)

Love IS like that. It can be rough... and God knows, we have all been there. Like Lemon said in "Love Poem" (see September 2 entry) "I'd rather catch an ass whooping, then get my heart broken." I would venture to say that everyone over the age of 21 has experienced something that looked like what I just went through. BUT love can be so rewarding. It has the ability to make you smile when nothing else is going right. That person can walk into the room and you are left ~breathless~. Love can make you think you are living your own version of The Notebook. It can make you reconsider your living situation, having children, or any other life plans. It can make you hum Luther Vandross lyrics in the elevator ride up to the office. When you are in love, life (and everything that comes with it) can be bearable... See there is that sappy stuff! :)

So, if love can be all those terrible things, why would I put my heart on the line again? Why would I set myself up for the possibility of getting hurt again? Because life is too short to be afraid of the next step. If nothing else, this year illustrates this better than any in recent history. My best friend lost the love of her life, I lost my job, and this year marks the tenth anniversary of my grandmother's passing- last month actually, 2 days before my birthday. Life is short people!! There is no guarantee for tomorrow. Zero. For that reason, I am putting it all on the table. Emotions, scarred heart and all. I am not trying to get married tomorrow, or in six months, or anytime soon, BUT if I like someone, I am going to say it. If I love someone I am going to tell them, even if he steps on my already broken, busted heart with the 100 band aids on it.... he will just have to be the 101st band aid. I am not afraid to say I love you, if those are the feelings that I have. That person may not be around tomorrow to hear it. I wish I could tell my grandmother one more time that I love her and she gave me one of the best examples of how to live a full life. I wish every day that I had an extra weekend with her to absorb some of that wisdom, to make her laugh again, to complain to her about how the world is going awry. Even my latest heartbreak- he has the best laugh I have ever heard- it is deep and hearty... genuine. I wish I could hear it again; wish I could see those beautiful eyes once again; feel another one of those tight hugs; have him push hair out of my eyes again, wake up next to his humongous dog again, or watch him fix dinner while I sit on a bar stool at his house and we share the happenings of our respective days. See, it sucks now because the end was horrible. This feisty girl put up with a lot more than usual, but I am going to make a choice. I choose to remind myself that he is scared, and I will not do or say things to hurt him like he has been hurt before. I choose to remember that we had a blast when we were together, that despite his latest fiasco (which was PLENTY awful) he sincerely is one of the nicest men I have met in a while (even if he does nice things secretly!) and I choose to remember that there are reasons why I love him.

He can not be the reason that I am mean to another guy- the only person that is suffering in that scenario is me... well, and the other guy. Some chick took the love that he offered up and took advantage of it, thoughtlessly throwing it aside like it didn't matter. For that- I don't have a cure, as hard as I might try, and OH-- I wanted to try. I wanted to make all that hurt go away. If I could have taken some of it as my own personal burden, I would have... but I couldn't. Someone used and abused his heart. While that is unfortunate, he is choosing to let that dictate the rest of his life. He won't take a chance... he is limiting his love experience, not allowing for the possibility of all the great things that can come from a good relationship. For that, I pity him.

Does it suck... um, yeah. Do I wish that there was a way for him to see the error of his ways, yep and maybe he will. Will this latest heartbreak keep me down? Absolutely not. It will take me a while, but this (self proclaimed) cute face will smile again, I will go a couple days without wanting to call him (hopefully), and I will slap one more band aid on this broken, bleeding heart of mine, shake the dust off and get out there again. I will not hide out in my flannel pjs for another weekend... Life is short, my friends. So, in the words of Horace: Rejoice while you are alive; enjoy the day; live life to the fullest; make the most of what you have. It is later than you think.

Miss Mox

Monday, November 02, 2009

Heather Headley - I Wish I Wasn't

Halloween Weekend 2009

Key Lyrics:

I wish I wasn't in love with you
So you couldn't hurt me
it just ain't fair the way you treat me
No you don't
deserve me
Wasting my time thinking bout you when you ain't never gon change
I wish I wasn't in love with you so I
wouldn't feel this way

Miss Mox

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Janis Joplin - To Love Somebody

This song is dedicated to someone and he knows who he is and the reason for the dedication.

Janis Joplin- Work Me Lord

All.Time.Favorite... one of her best songs and it echoes my feelings today.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Little Todd and his endorsement

Five days ago 90 ministers came together and decided to endorse Todd Stroger in his run for re-election as Cook County Board President. I have several problems with the endorement. My issues with last Tuesday's "show" are plentiful, but the top three are: 1. Todd Stroger is a troll and not good for Cook County, 2. We have so many other problems in this city and these ministers should be worried about and 3. It is not the job of ministers to tell their "flock" who to vote for.

So, any readers who know me, know that I grew up as the child of a Deacon. I was very involved in church activities and adding to my well roundedness as an individual, I know my way around the Bible...some sections very well, if I do say so myself. Rest assured, no where in the Bible that I have read tells me that ministers should tell their parishioners who they should vote for. Let me just interject- the reason that these "ministers" gave was so lame. The quote in the paper was as follows "this community needs a united front to address the issues that are pressing against our people..." Really?? Hmmmm, let me think about that.

A united front? There are two very huge problems with that- anytime you propose that a whole community exclude people who are different, it is racist (even if the excluding group is a minority) and that is exactly what they are doing in regards to one of the people running for Stroger's job AND let us not forget that there are tons of other things that the Black community should agree on and present a united front about. How about instead of endorsing the troll, the Black community present a united front against teen pregnancy, the high percentage of our children in jail, the rising number of high school dropouts, the blatent violence in our community, the low number of MARRIED couples, the high number of obese children in our community, the high number of children being raised by a single parent, grandparent or guardian, etc. God knows that in a city like Chicago these "ministers" have so much more to work on than re-electing Stroger. Aren't they supposed to follow the Bible? Where in the Bible does it say advocate for a lame duck politician? No where I have read. In fact, what I read TODAY said "now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man." (Ecclesiastes 12:13) More to the point, James 1:27 says "religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." Keep from being polluted by the world? Somehow, I don't think that trying to rescue the troll from his 10% approval rating is keeping the pollution of the world away from you.

Todd is a sinking ship, that should just get ready for his loss. He is NOT good for cook County and his track record shows this. To go along with his 10% approval rating, which HAS to consist of his family, Todd has assisted Cook County in becoming the highest taxed county in the country. Last year he started the penny on the dollar tax increase, which he has SAID saved the public health care system and prevented budget shortfalls. Really? Cook County is struggling like every other county in America. Although Todd the troll says that "people don't realize how well the county is being run" let me step out on a branch and disagree. Let's think about the facts that we do have about Todd the troll: he is assisting in the taxing of Chicago citizens- to the point of exhaustion; he hired his cousin Donna Dunnings to be the CFO of the county- she then hired her "boy toy" a former bus boy with no college degree and no experience to a post making $61,000/ year. During this time Dunnings herself was making $160,000- during a recession when the citizens of the city of Chicago are struggling to make ends meet. She used some of that salary to bail her "boy toy" out of jail- twice. What winners Todd picks and pays. His track record made the Democrats pass on endorsing him... and he is a Democrat. Bottom line: the only good thing he has done for Cook County... Hmmmm, there is not one.

And this is who the "ministers" want us to re elect? They put their seal of approval on Todd the troll? Wow. In the words of one of my friends "the ministers of Chicago need to get back to soul saving, and stop worrying about Todd Stroger"... Maybe they are endorsing him because he promised them all county jobs! ;)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I'm Still Here - Pearl Jam - Eddie Vedder

I swear, I died inside, that night.

Eddie Vedder - Trouble

Fits my day...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Animals in the street... Shame, shame, shame.

The video that is attached to this blog entry is disturbing. It is disturbing to me because it took place in the neighborhood just north of mine, because there are children involved, because no one seemed to care enough until the damage was already done AND because it was not reported on the Chicago news until the next day- after we all found out that the student that died was an honor student. I have a problem with the fact that these black children are fulfilling the stereotypes that people have of them. I have a problem with the fact that there is a police station down the street, yet there are no cops in this video. I am troubled by the fact that there are children TAPING this and screaming "daaammmmnnn" when their classmates get hit- like they are in a movie theater and this incident is somehow amusing.
These students should be ashamed. The gang members who started this melee in the middle of the street, turning Chicago into their own version of the wild, wild west, should feel ashamed- and be arrested. The police, who I generally have the utmost respect for, should HAVE to participate in more patrols when school gets out. The parents HAVE to raise their kids better than this. As a community WE have to do better than this.

Watching this, I am actually at a loss for words over the sheer stupidity of what is going on. I live in a working class neighborhood- it is not the best, but it is definitely NOT to worst in Chicago. We don't have to fight each other. I don't live in Boys in the Hood... seriously. Who does something like this? Now a 16 year old is dead, and lives will be ruined when someone gets arrested for this. Someone threw their life away in 3 minutes and for what? Are we so desensitized to violence that this shit passes for entertainment? Listen to the girl scream "zoom in" like this is a movie. This is NO FREAKING MOVIE- a boy lost his life. A boy, walking home from school LOST HIS LIFE. Think about that. He is never coming back, he will not turn 17, he will not graduate from high school... all so some stupid thug can claim a street in his neighborhood? All so some stupid jackass can brag that he has the biggest balls in the hood? Give me a break. A real man has no need to beat an unsuspecting boy who is walking home from school. Nevermind that, a real man has no need to be in a gang or fighting in the street like an asshole.

Here is my call to the "village"... Black people have to do better. Don't give me any excuses, because I don't want to hear them. There is no reason for us to PROVE to the doubters, haters and the racists that we are exactly what they think we are. Our ancestors died for the right to go to school and vote... they were still fighting less than 50 years ago. Those people are rolling around in their graves when they look down and see these types of displays. My grandparents did not get disrespected so that these assholes can beat an innocent boy in the middle of the street. My great grandparents did not suffer through indignities so that black students can drop out of school in record numbers, or so that black parents can do some lack luster job. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE???????

And I don't want to hear anything about the stigma of slavery, because I am black and I am tired of US falling back on the slavery issue. At some point we have let that shit go and move forward. The attached video is a leap backward. Even if there were some lingering effects of slavery or other socio-economic issues, in this video there are black children beating black children. We are attacking ourselves. I feel like Bill Cosby a few years ago- what excuse is there going to be for this behavior? There should be NONE. We have to start holding our youth to higher standards because- even if it is not fair- they are already expected to fail... already expected to fail. If we continue to allow behavior like this- this deadly, ghetto, repugnant, self destructing behavior- we are no better than our critics. We have to be better and the only way it will get better is if someone from our community takes a stand. Say something... do something. I am sure that I will catch some flack for this entry and I don't care. You don't want me to put you blast, do better. You don't want me to talk about you AND your kids, do better. You don't want me to call you an embarrassment? Do better. You don't want me to agree with your critics? DO BETTER.

My parents used to tell me to be different- I was and continue to be, so my advice to whoever is reading this: Be the exception, not the rule.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Insurance Companies v. The American Public... Hmmmm?

I am smiling while I write this blog about insurance companies because I used to work for one- a MAJOR one, so I know how slimy they can be. By no means am I saying that all insurance companies are slimy, manipulative organizations... but I do see how the present business infrastructure in America allows them to do whatever they want- and get away with it- with very few checks and balances.  

In addition to knowing some of the inter-workings of a major insurance provider, I am also heavily opinionated (shocker!) about regulating the insurance empire in this country. I got into this very long winded argument on facebook- of all places- about whether or not the government should intervene and make sure all citizens are covered by some insurance company.  This was not my first argument and I imagine that it will not be my last, which is just fine. I strongly stand on the "everyone needs healthcare" platform.  It is much cheaper to have preventative medicine than to fight a progressing disease.  We live in the RICHEST country in the world... WHY should our citizens go without healthcare?? So far, no one has been able to give me a convincing argument against my platform... but I am listening....

Need a reason why insurance companies canNOT be trusted to do the right thing?? Click here.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

"Love Poem" Lemon


Thursday, July 23, 2009

The battle of stupidity, aka Michael Vick

As a dog owner, I have never hidden my feelings towards the Michael Vick situation as soon as it hit the news. So, the following blog will DEFINITELY not be a shock to anyone who knows me, or reads my blog on a regular basis. Be forewarned, this entry has been rewritten a few times- simply because I believe that text is more persuasive if it does not include a curse word in every sentence. With that said, please do not think my words timid or inadequate on the subject, I believe that Michael Vick is scum; his actions deplorable; and for me there is NO punishment will make what he knowingly participated in ok.

During my weekly relaxation session (which includes coffee and the Sunday newspapers) I came across an article- which I believe is also posted on sportsillustrated.com- that actually argued for Michael Vick's reinstatement to the NFL. I guess that I should be 100% forthcoming and tell everyone reading this that I have 5 wonderful dogs, each and every one a rescue of some sort. Each and every one a member of my family. They share my space, my home, my life. I cook for them, they eat the best food available, they get the best care and they are my greatest investment to date. Because of my great bond with these lovable little creatures I think that Michael Vick, his cohorts and anyone who did what he has finally admitted to are the biggest cowards on Earth.

When asked about his very cruel, illegal treatment of the dogs in his kennel (fittingly named, Bad Newz Kennels), Michael Vick proved what a coward he was by lying- to the public, his team and the NFL Commissioner. Once it was proven that MV was not only financing this dog fighting franchise, but was also involved in the killing of the dogs that lost, there was a public apology. MV was so sorry about what he had done. I don't believe that shit for a minute. MV did not kill ONE dog, he didn't finance ONE fight, he didn't do it ONCE. It was an ongoing operation. Thousands of his hardly-hard-earned NFL money went to pumping dogs full of steroids, making them exercise until they were exhausted, training dogs until they were blood thirsty and fighting until a dog died. And Vick was sorry. So sorry. Punk.

Why is there any thought that this FELON somehow deserves his job back? Is the NFL considering giving him his job back because he was only is jail for abusing animals? If so, shame on them. I know people who have been to prison- who are felons. They don't have multi-million dollar jobs waiting for them when they get out. They have to take what is offered, menial or not. Is it because they can't throw a football? Is it because they don't have "fans" that pay high ticket prices to see them play a child's game? Is it simply because they aren't Michael Vick? WTH? With all this press and even the possibility that MV might get back into the NFL, it seems as though the money hungry league and its lovely commissioner are saying that it doesn't matter that Vick tormented animals, because there is still a dollar to be made off him. Now, would they even consider reinstating him if he embezzled money? If he bet on his team? Hell, Pete Rose was arguably one of the best baseball players ever and he is not looking good for the Hall of Fame- ever. But somehow it seems fair that Vick get the chance to make millions of dollars again? Hmmmmmm. What life must be like as a cash cow.

Don't get me wrong- everyone makes mistakes. Some people are not ever going to be poster children for fame and fortune. But when do we start to hold people accountable? When he participated in this craziness, Vick wasn't 16. Next year he will be 30. He is an adult and should pay the consequences as an adult. If that means he is banned from the NFL, so be it!

Wow- I sound angry. I AM angry. Not only did Michael Vick embarrass the league that is currently thinking about letting him back in, he also embarrassed his family and his community. He is no role model; he is nothing special. Unfortunately, like hundreds of others, he is a criminal who used to be a high paid athlete, a cliche, a punk. I have no sympathy for him, his supporters or the NFL if they let him back in. And rest assured, even if he joins my beloved Bears, I will not support the team that he goes to. I hope I am not the only one to boycott said team... If they burden us with Vick, I say speak to them in the only language they seem to understand... Punish their pocketbook.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In the past weeks

So, as I blogged almost a month ago, Michal Jackson passed away. I, like most, spent a couple days reliving my MJ memories, watching vintage video and watching the fall out drama. I needed those couple of days to wrap my head around the death of a superstar, but after those couple of days the shock wore off. The sadness was still there because a human being died, but I was over hearing about it every 15 seconds. Yet, almost a month later, Michael Jackson (and his dysfunctional family) are still in the news.

Many other deaths have taken a backseat to Michael Jackson. One would obviously be Farrah Fawcett, who dies the same day as MJ, yet I could not tell you where she is buried, what her family did or said to the media. Weird, huh? Below are a few more spectacular people, who deaths have been out shined by the media circus following the Michael Jackson story:

H.M. Cummings (90)- died in my hometown, Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Cummings was a member of the Tuskegee Airmen, who were America's first black military airmen. These men fought racism and bigotry at home and overseas. Rough estimates (on wikipedia) state that around 12% of the pilots and less than 1% of the ground personnel are still alive. For a more comprehensive review of these history changing men, please see: tuskegeeairmen.org

Allen Klein (77): Mr. Klein was the business manager to Sam Cooke, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. He was also an accountant and a record label owner. He bought rights to music by the Animals, Herman's Hermits, Bobby Rydell and Chubby Checker to name a few.

Oscar Mayer (95): retired chairman of the cold cuts company known for hot dogs, bologna, bacon, etc.

Steve McNair (36): Retired NFL quarterback who was killed by his mistress.

Robert McNamara (93): 8th US Secretary of Defense under JFK and LBJ. McNamara was also President of the World Bank (1968-81) and the President of Ford Motor Company.

Dempsey Travis (89): a true Renaissance man, a Chicagoan. Travis was a self made millionaire who made a name for himself by starting real estate companies and revitalizing portions of the South Side of Chicago. He also covered Chicago events, especially the Harold Washington era, through his writings.

Walter Cronkite: world renowned news anchor.

These are just a few people that have passed away since the death of Michael Jackson. Their absence will be felt and their contributions will thankfully be used to our advantage. They should not be outshined by the passing of a superstar- and they won't be, on this blog.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson - Man in the mirror (original video Clip)

I would be remiss if I let today pass and did not recognize that the voice of one of our musical geniuses has been silenced. Today, June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson passed away after having a heart attack (as stated in early reports).
No matter how you felt about him, he was one of the best musical talents of our lifetime. I think that during this time of economic hardship and craziness, it is important to take the lyrics of this song and make a change for the better. You never know when the bell will toll for you. Kiss your family members, tell those that you love- that you love them, get your life right. Our jobs as human beings is to leave this Earth better than it was when we got here. Get on that!! Help your neighbors, volunteer, give back! Now is not the time to rest on your laurels. Now is the time for reflection and change. Make yourself proud! Look back with no regrets, LEAVE A LEGACY... Get to work!!
RIP Michael, Farrah, and Ed- you will all be missed.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day 2009- My Song of Praise to Mark A. Moxley

Happy Father's Day!!
Father's Day puts me in such a predicament every year, so this year I have abandoned my regular gift/card combo, in order to try something a little different.

The attached video is President Obama giving a speech at a church on the south side of Chicago last year on Father's Day. We all know that I am an Obama fan, but today, for this blog entry, that is neither here nor there. I am more impressed with what President Obama has to SAY in this video. He received a ton of push back, from the Black community in particular, for things that they inferred from this speech, not things that were actually said. Below is my opinion on Father's Day and the involvement of today's dad.

Obama starts off his speech by saying that MORE THAN 50% of Black children growing up today are missing out on the dynamics of having a father at home. Those children are more likely to end up in prison, become teen parents, have behavioral problems or drop out of school. More than half. We should be stunned by that statistic. We, as a community, should be concerned that more than half of our children might not be productive members of society... more than half. Even with that knowledge, Obama says that we have to take some responsibility. "Past injustices are real- but cannot be used as an excuse." I completely agree. I agree with the concept that the change we need will come from us. One day, the women in our community will let it be known that they won't stand to be "baby mamas". Young men will begin to understand that populating the neighborhood with children that they don't take care of is not a sign of street cred. Young couples who participate in sexual activity will care enough about themselves to practice safe sex and not bring millions of unwanted babies into the world each year. The results will be beautiful- one day. Until then, President Obama and I have to look to the men who are already the example of what a great dad is. For the President, it was his father-in-law and for me, it is my dad, Mark A. Moxley.

I was in the lucky half... I grew up with a dad that cared about what I did and who my friends were. He took the time to be a part of my life. He was always around and always let me know that he cared and for that I will be eternally grateful. Obama says that there are 4 things that men should impart on their children: 1. Responsibility for your actions (and the ones you love), 2. Setting the expectation of excellence, 3. Value of empathy and 4. Faith and hope. Jeez- I think he was talking about my dad specifically!! :)

My dad has met all of these requirements! He had tons of little sayings when I was growing up- little catch phrases that at the time made me roll my eyes, but now I look back and understand exactly how true they are. He used to tell my sister and I that the Bible says, if you don't work, you don't eat. Now, when you are 16 you don't want to hear that, but when you are 31 and feeling a little depressed about being on an "unpaid vacation" (aka unemployed) sometimes it is just the thing you need to kick your butt into gear on your job search!! I don't think I would ask- unless I was in dire straits, but that phrase also lets you know that you are responsible for your own destiny, your own bills, your own craziness! As far as being responsible for those that you love, dad (and mom) always say that my sister and I should get along better because we are all that each other has. I must admit, I still like hearing that little phrase (but I am working on it!) Like President Obama's father-in-law, my dad gave me the best example of responsibility- he went to work every day! He woke up early (still does) and gave 110% at work and clearly expects that I will do the same thing- which leads me to #2.

A standard of excellence. Was my dad demanding? ABSOLUTELY- he still is. And those demands that my parents placed on me have (gladly) made me the person that I am today. Until irritated, I give 110% at everything that I do (dad keeps telling me to be humble!) It was not hard to get the message because my dad practiced what he preached every day. Every morning I saw a partnership at our house, mom and dad getting ready for work; dad cooking breakfast on Sunday mornings; doing laundry; taking us to school- whatever needed m=to be done, both my parents participated in our lives completely. My dad used to have Wednesdays off and would spend half the school day with me and half the school day with my sister... talk about embarrassing, right? But no other kid could say that her dad cared as much as mine; no other girls could convince me that their dad was as involved as mine and that is what I take away from Wednesdays with dad. He knew when I was acting up, my teachers knew who he was, and for such a big guy he was super quiet- he could sneak up on you JUST when you were about to do something ridiculous... but it kept me in line! :)

Empathy. The ability to feel for your fellow man. Until a couple years ago, our family used to go to St. Stephens Community House and volunteer around Thanksgiving time. Always active in the church, again, my dad led by example, making sure that we understood that money isn't everything and it didn't make you better than your neighbors.

Finally, faith and hope. What does life mean to you? :) My dad tells me constantly that life is not about me. The type of life that I lead should be beneficial for not just me. I should help, I should do my part, with my friends, families, even my enemies to do the best that I can to do what my dad did for me- be the best example to others of what I want to see in this crazy world!

So, I thank my dad, today and every day, for being the best dad ever, making me do the best that I can every day and allowing me to be opinionated and sometimes rude, and a tomboy and a girly girl and whatever I wanted to be-even if he didn't agree!
To all my readers... my dad is better than your dad!! :) LOL

Happy Father's Dad, daddy- love you!! :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Today is Memorial Day. A day for parades and backyard barbecues. Generally, today is the day that unofficially starts the summer. The weather is mostly perfect (unless you live in Chicago), we all have a three day weekend, families travel to be closer together, friends start their summer activities and homeowners take the long weekend to do home improvement projects that have waited all winter to make it to the top of the 'to-do' list. There is a lot to do during this weekend; social agreements to be met, work to be avoided, hot dogs and hamburgers to be consumed- you know- important stuff.

Memorial Day has not always been so glamorous, nor should it be. Memorial Day was not originally about backyard barbecues, getting ready for the summertime, or finishing up projects around the house. Originally called by a different name (Decoration Day), Memorial Day is supposed to be about remembering those who have died in service to the United States of America. The most obvious group that this holiday applies to are the soldiers (past and present) of every branch of the Armed Forces. These American citizens voluntarily enter into one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet. They give years of their lives so that we can be free to enjoy "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

The 20th President of the United States (Garfield, who reigns from the Great State of Ohio!) once said "For the love of country they accepted death, and thus resolved all doubts, and made immortal their patriotism and their virtue." And for that, we give them a day in May where we should reflect on the sacrifice that they give willingly. Do we give them the respect that they deserve? The answer is an overwhelming "no"...

First, let me say that Memorial Day is for soldiers, but I also think that it should apply to law enforcement officers, paramedics, firefighters and anyone else who routinely puts their lives on the line for people they don't know. I think that it should apply to whoever a citizen calls when they are having an emergency.

Secondly, I think that the meaning of Memorial Day has been tossed by the wayside. Not unlike Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving and any other federal holiday that you can think of. We are not honoring our fallen. We don't reflect. We don't salute the Stars and Stripes, and I venture to say that the behavior of most citizens is not something that I would want to fight for. Just looking at the news I have seen stories about grave robbers, a failing economy because of overwhelming greed, unfathomable business practices, ridiculous celebrities, failing public educational system, and notably here in Illinois we have psychotic ex-husbands (Drew Peterson), and crazy violence that seems to be aimed at our school children. I wouldn't want to sacrifice my life for the above mentioned jackals. But every day, someone does. Every day several families in America hear that their son or daughter, mother, father, aunt, uncle or friend will not be coming home again. Everyday another brave soul does something that I could never do- they sign up for a branch of the Armed Forces. Everyday police officers, paramedics, firefighters and the like run into danger's grasp when any normal person would be running the other way. Everyday extraordinary American citizens wait for an announcement, some orders, that will break up their family for a portion of time, place them in danger and make their spouses worry and their children cry for a parent that is far away in some foreign land. Every day. So when should we celebrate Memorial Day? Not just every May... nah, Memorial Day should be observed every day.

Call a vet, a soldier, your neighbor who is a police officer, a firefighter, a paramedic, or their family- let them know that you appreciate all that they do, will do, have done... :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Cheating" Poemcees (Def Poetry)

Had to post this because we have all been through something like this... and it put a smile on my sick face.

Favorite Line(s): "What you putting in my food, voo doo?"
"Bucking like your butt been practicing!"
"I guess the bro had a pie-ala-mode-ala-ho...YO!"


Monday, March 02, 2009

Really Roland? :(

A lot has happened since my last blog. Below you will see my last blog, which was slightly utopian in nature. I spoke of a new hope, a beautiful dream finally being realized, a country renewed. In regards to my country’s new President, those feelings are still valid. I think that considering what he was handed, President Barack Obama is doing an ok job… I will blog on him later, but there are fantastic things and there are things that draw my skepticism…

The purpose of this blog is not to sing the praises of President Obama (or to shake my head at some decisions that seem questionable)- because I will do that later! This blog is about the questionable leaders that the state of Illinois has been plagued with as of late. No doubt that everyone has heard of the Governor Rod Blagojevich debacle. Before being impeached by his colleagues Rod did something that will keep the whole state in the news for a ridiculous amount of time- he appointed Roland Burris to the Senate seat that was vacated by Barack Obama… the same seat that Rod is accused of trying to sell to the highest bidder. Roland Burris is a plague to the people that he is dead set on “serving”. In my humble opinion, good old Rod knew exactly what he was doing with this appointment- Roland Burris takes the heat off Blagojevich because he is such a moron and clearly portrays on television. Every time I turn on the evening news and see Roland’s face I get a sinking feeling in my stomach because I KNOW he will say something ridiculous.

Because of the scrutiny that Blagojevich was under, Roland has been walking on thin ice every since his appointment. He argued that he was legally appointed and that since he done nothing wrong, he was the new junior Senator from Illinois. I was skeptical (shocker!) There had to be a reason why Blagojevich appointed him, right? Out of all the politicians in Illinois Blagojevich chose Roland after the arrest that would eventually aid lawmakers in ousting the then Governor. Turns out there WAS a reason (again, shocker). Roland has stood in all our faces and said repeatedly that he did not, in any way, pay to become the junior Senator from Illinois. He was unaware that Blagojevich was auctioning off the seat and had limited contact with Blagojevich and his aides. Numerous interviews, heavy on the holier than thou rhetoric, letting us all know that there is no reason why he should not be allowed to take this position. Hmmm.

I guess that I was diluted to believe after Blagojevich was the butt of so many late night jokes and Illinois was criticized on a national level that the United States Senate would check Roland out BEFORE letting him take the Senate seat. Oh, was I mistaken! So Roland takes his seat amongst the few citizens of the United States that are given the charge of running our government and NOW we are all finding out that Roland was less than honest with us. NOW we are finding out that Roland raised campaign funds for Blagojevich in order to keep his name in the running for his Senate seat. Roland had more contact with Blagojevich than he said and NOW people want Roland’s resignation. I have to admit it- I want Roland to resign too.

Other than the new information that is coming to light, there is one other major reason why Roland should take a seat and close his mouth- his pay. Because Roland has been a public “servant” in this state for many years, he receives a pension from the state (somewhere in the neighborhood of $122,000/ year). Although he is no longer retired, Roland is still receiving his pension from the state. He has not placed it on hold, he has not asked that payments be suspended. Because he is now a Senator he gets another paycheck from the Feds (somewhere around $173,000/ year). Damn, a liar makes almost $300K a year? During these hard economic times, where the State of Illinois (and her citizens) are suffering, Roland thinks it is some how kosher to continue to collect his pension- even though he IS employed. A public “servant” makes $300K??? Maybe I should change jobs?

I think that Roland is presently an Illinois Senator for two reasons: 1. He very clearly was Blagojevich’s go to guy (one of many, I am sure) and 2. He is black. I think that Blagojevich thinks that he owed Roland a seat because of all his hard fundraising... I also think the Rod is not as dumb as we think that he is- with everything that is going on, appointing a Black man was ingenious- the race card could always be used… and it IS being used. But don’t we want a competent Senator? Are we willing to take any Black Senator? Are we willing to be the laughing stock of the 50 states? If so, for how long?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Hope, New Country, New President

Moved to tears.
Overflowing joy.

The above are all words that come to mind when I actually sit down and think about what happened today. Even through all the pomp and circumstance, the overly practiced moves, the poetry reading afterward… even though all of the “extra” stuff, I sat in my office on Michigan Avenue and watched with my coworkers as Barack Obama was sworn in as the forty-fourth President of the United States of America. To say that his morning was awe inspiring is an understatement. To say that I watched history being made is to discard my participation. I enabled history to be made. I blogged. I voted. I enraged my Republican friends. I started a dialogue with my outspoken rhetoric, and made people defend their position. I challenged those who were once undecided. I called people on Election Day. I offered rides to the polls (for Democrats and Republicans alike). I was not alone. Young people across the country took up the cross of bringing change to the White House. We all put on our “reform” hats and did what was necessary to get our candidate elected. We canvassed, we protested, and we all collectively held our breath on November 4, 2008, while waiting on all the poll results.

When I look back on the last year and a half of politics in the United States, I am sincerely amazed at the mere participation that this election brought to the table. I was often nostalgic for past decades. Some of the gathering places on the campaign trail reminded me of large groups of college students that were making their voices heard. Protests of the present wars in the Middle East reminded me of pictures of the youth of America protesting the Vietnam War. The bonding experience of people- gay and straight- protesting the California proposition against gay marriage was amazing. It made me (and continues to make me) proud to be an American- especially during these times. Being a lifetime history student, it is fascinating to see the cycles that society goes through. The sixties were a time of change, both the 19th and 20th centuries! Because of those hard times our country and her people were made better. I have no question that the same will happen now. I am not close minded enough to think that all of America’s woes can be blamed on the outgoing President. (Even if I was that close minded, I would never say so!! LOL) I think that Dubya did what he thought was right at the time, but now I am glad that his way of THOUGHT has been replaced. As a country, we have to come around to a new way of thinking, one that encompasses different countries, with different values. One that includes ALL Americans, no matter what they believe, who they have relationships with, or what god they pray to. One that incorporates our differences as strengths instead of weaknesses. One that incorporates all that its citizens have to offer.

Does that sound too “utopian”? I don’t care. Mr. President puts me in that kind of mood. He makes me think back to elementary school, when the teacher told me that I could be anything I wanted- and I still believed that. He makes me look at all of my life let downs as courage builders instead of failures. He makes me think that even though the road has been rough for the United States, there are brighter days ahead. For that I will be eternally grateful. For that we will all be grateful. J

I have been online all day. There are LOTS of negative Nancies out there. Wow. I wonder what they will say if Barack Obama proves that he is not just eloquent, but a man of action as well. Only time will tell, but this is a ride I will gladly take. I will look back on this day as one of the most blessed days my eyes have seen. I will not remember the negative thoughts about Bush (version 2); I will remember all the hard work that went into making this happen, the hours that citizens put in, the overly joyous feeling of HOPE. Hope that things can be different; Hope that politicians don’t always have a hidden agenda; Hope that when my friends and I get together WE can make a difference. I close my eyes and pray that one day my brothers and nephew will know why this day is so important and will realize the door that is open today, started with a crack over a hundred years ago.

Ahhh- basking in the glory of Change- the only true constant that this world offers. Moxie

Excitement Abounds

My 60th post. How fitting?
I am so excited that I can't sleep. In less than 12 hours Barack Obama, the man that I voted for, will be sworn into the office of President of the United States. Wow. The thought of that is breath taking. It is NOT just because he is Black, like me. It is NOT just because he made Chicago his home, like me. It is NOT because he seems very liberal, like me. Instead, my excitement stems from the fact that Barack Obama has what I want to have- the ability to be a reason for people from extremely different backgrounds, life experiences and ways of thinking, together for a common cause. The charisma. The eloquence. The refusal of anything subpar. Jeez, even typing about it makes me fill up with an amazing sense of satisfaction. The anticipation of seeing all that the events of this day will bring cannot be explained. There are not words that will aptly describe what today means to not just me, but to hundreds, thousands... millions of people. In the US, across the world. Later today, I, along with millions will see and experience something that has never been seen before. I am filled with joy; smiling ear to ear. Cannot wait... cannot wait... cannot wait. :) 

Saturday, January 17, 2009

James Morrison - Nothing Ever Hurt Like You

Nice bluesy feel... puts me in the same mood as "Ain't never loved a man the way that I loved you" by Aretha. Love it!! :)

My favorite line? "You made me see... that you don't get to taste the honey, without the sting of the bee..."

James Morrison- You Make It Real

Maybe it is the very cold weather that has made my musical taste slip to the sappy side. Maybe it is the shortened winter days, maybe it is my advanced age! :)
Whatever the case, one of my new musical infatuations is James Morrison.

My favorite line: "When my head is strong, but my heart is weak... I'm full of arrogance and uncertainty. When I can't find the words, you teach my heart to speak- you make it real for me..."

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sweetest Thing - Andy Davis Cover

My favorite verse? "A blue eyed boy meets a brown eyed girl..."

Andy Davis has a sweet, sweet voice. :) U2 writes some fantastic lyrics! :)

At Last - Andy Davis Cover

Feeling musical... and it is an Andy Davis kinda night!! :)

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