Monday, November 06, 2017

Manic Monday - Insomnia Strikes

Dammit, I cannot sleep. In fact, if there were an Olympic competition in NON-sleep, I could win. I mean, never in my life have I had such a shitty relationship with sleep-- not even the three years of hell known as law school. 

Generally, when I suffer from bouts of insomnia there is a reason. Watching too much news coverage is usually it... but I have been off back to back coverage of tragedies for a while. Seriously, I stopped that nonsense like three tragedies ago... my mind just couldn't take it. So, too much news isn't it... this time. 

For the last 18 months I have had a little human to watch, which messed with my shut eye. Ok, to be fair I didn't sleep well when I was heavily pregnant, so let's say for the last 20/21 months. But here I am, watching her little crazy ass sleep, so she isn't the reason that I am awake tonight. ALTHOUGH, her sleep schedule leaves a bit to be desired, if I am honest. But tonight, tonight is on me.

So, while I am sitting here calculating how much sleep I could realistically get before I have to take Baby K to her doctor appointment, my mind is all over the place. I just had an hour long argument with myself about what team I would cheer for if I wasn't an Ohio State fan. Just in case you are wondering: I would still be a huge Big 10 fan, because hello I am as Midwest as Midwest gets; AND there would be a tie as far as teams go. If I was NOT a Buckeye for Life I would either cheer for Northwestern (because their team colors are my favorite, also Academics are phenomenal) or Michigan State (spent extended time in East Lansing plus any team that beats that team in Ann Arbor is worthy of my praise). Penn State would come in a close third. If I were a traitor to the conference all together I would cheer for my alma mater, Miami University. If you only knew how much thought went into those decisions you would be shaking you head at me. I know it. 

Maybe it is because the holidays are coming up? We will see tons of family which is nice and also stressful as hell. Maybe it is because we have a family trip coming up? Maybe it is because it is November 6 and only half of my fall decorations are up? Thank you cards not mailed? Pictures not sent to family? Trying to get a business off the ground? Or it could be because your girl turned 40 a week and a half ago. Whatever it is, I need to get over it because I cannot sustain this wondrous personality with coffee and 4 hours of sleep a night. Get it together, girl! Sweet baby Jesus be a sleeping pill. 

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