Saturday, January 29, 2011

Soulful Saturday- EnVogue

The quintessential 90s female group. Perfect harmony; they sang AND danced. Their songs speak of love, loss and ignorance- which make them perfect for Soulful Saturday! They started out as a quartet and by the end of the decade, they were a threesome, but everyone remembers at least one En Vogue song- if never really mattered if the song was sung by three or four women.

I think that their first released single was their most successful. Hold On featured a remake of the Jackson 5 "Who's Loving You" and was featured in MANY bedroom concerts at my house! I convinced myself that I could even hit the high note... ahem! Moving on! LOL With Hold On, En Vogue burst on the scene, spending the rest of the decade dazzling the public with their relevant and beautifully harmonized songs. They also made the Little Black Dress something that was a staple in ladies closets all over the world- mine included.

Hold On

*Don't waste your time, fighting blind minded thoughts of despair.


*It's just a waste of time, made for simple minds, so why do people exist on lies?
*So think before you speak cuz what you sow, you reap. The truth will always be brought to light.

Don't Go

*It takes a gift man, to release the love in me.
*Your first bite was just too strong, you left a scar on me.

Free Your Mind

**The WHOLE song**

Too Gone, Too Long (aka one of the front runners in the ULTIMATE Break-Up Collection)

*So you want my love back. Why'd you let it slip away? Why'd you ever let me go? Your change of heart has come too late.
*You're too many tears too late, to ever get back in my arms.

Giving Him Something He Can Feel

**The WHOLE song PLUS the video!**

Friday, January 28, 2011

Public Schools Not So Public- Fed Up Friday

It seems that my home state is giving me tons of fodder for this blog lately. First this foolishness and now a mother in Akron jailed because she wanted to send her children to a better school district. Wow.

You read that right- a mom who took her kids to a school district located about three miles from her house was sentenced to ten days in jail, three years of probation and hours of community service, after being found guilty of a felony. You know what her felonious action was? She used her father's address so that her daughters could attend school in the neighboring district because she feared for their safety. Ok, I am not really sure how many of you have traveled to Akron, Ohio recently, but the city itself (while full of good people) is not much to look at. Hell, in parts of Akron, I am scared to walk around by myself. This lady's house was broken into, and she subsequently decided to make sure her children would be safe at school, and she is being punished? I have to say it again- wow.

The Copley-Fairlawn School District said that the mother (Kelley Williams-Bolar) was cheating the system by lying about her address so that her children could essentially invade a school district that was not meant for them. They said that her "daughters received a quality education without paying taxes to fund it" even though Akron public schools and Copley-Fairlawn schools are in the same county AND Ms. Williams-Bolar's father does actually live in the Copley-Fairlawn school district. So her father was (and still is) paying taxes for that education received AND Ms. Williams-Bolar, who is employed was paying Summit County taxes, state of Ohio taxes, property taxes and income taxes... Isn't No Child Left Behind supposed to make sure that public school education in America is equal across districts, no matter what taxes are paid? Is this situation just highlighting what all of us already seem to know: inner city schools and their students are doomed to be less than, simply because their parents cannot pay to live in the ritzy suburbs? Is this just this century's version of separate but equal? If it is, isn't it just further slanting the playing field?

Was what she did wrong? Yes, sneaking your children into another school district IS, in fact, wrong. Should she have been jailed? Absolutely not. That is extreme. The woman is 12 credit hours away from being a licensed teacher in the state of Ohio, and now that goal is threatened because after this fiasco she has a felony record. WTF?!!?

Judge Patricia Cosgrove said at sentencing that she "felt that some punishment or deterrent was needed for other individuals who might to think to defraud the various school districts." Really? So you have a single mother trying to care for and teach her daughters, who is employed and you what? Possibly take away her only source of income and essentially tell her daughters that their education and safety is not as important as the kids three miles away? Good lesson, Judge Cosgrove. Cosgrove, who has three children, four grandchildren and participates in the reEntry Court Program for convicted felons (helps with transition from prison by addressing issues of employment, housing and substance abuse), could not for one minute put herself in the shoes of this woman who was trying to make a way for her children? In a day and age where some women are too strung out to care for their children, pimp out their kids, abuse their children, sell drugs in the presence of their children, or simply abandon their children.... this is the woman that is punished by the system? This is the woman we make an example of?
Damn, what a world we live in, huh? 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thank You, Mr. President

In the last three weeks, our President has had a busy schedule. First the tragedy in Tucson and last night, he delivered the State of the Union address. I am generally not too impressed with the State of the Union address-- although, that is a comment made after having to watch W deliver said speech and picking it apart in my mind, while he was still talking. Plus, the State of the Union address is usually rah, rah, rah and I am not too big on the cheers- I am much bigger on the doing, not the saying. With that said, I have to say- I liked the address last night.

We all know that Barack is a great orator, right?! He is amazing, and there are few men that I have seen that can do it better. His delivery of the speech in Tucson was as close to flawless as I have seen in a while. You could look in his face and see that he meant it. We need to do better for our country, our neighbors and our children. It was great. Last night was not as good as the speech in Tucson, but it was better than he has been in a while.

He was rah, rah, rah... a cheerleader for America. Tying the history of America, with modern day issues that we are dealing with. He says that we can do it- if we work together. He reminds us that we are part of bigger picture; that we aren't all island, we are countrymen. Cuts need to happen- and he is willing to giving up things that he cares deeply about in order to get our debt under control... Now, he didn't say anything about ending the wars (which is what I wanted to hear), or extensively hitting on how he was going to cut out tax loopholes for the wealthy, but he wasn't supposed to-- this was his rah rah moment, and he did it well.

It made my night that people that I follow on Twitter were so engaged in the address- my timeline looked amazing. People were using 140 characters to agree/disagree with what was being said. More people taking part in the political process definitely put a smile on this hot, black and bitter face! If you didn't see the State of the Union address- google it and listen for yourself- no matter what political affiliation you have aligned with. Listen to what your President has outlined for you. Listen and digest it for yourself... this is too important to just blindly follow what someone else says happened. Know for yourself.

Below are six of my favorite speaking points of Barack's State of the Union address. Oh, how I hope that we can take at least one of these ideas and make them work for the betterment of the United States of America. (rah- rah- rah!) :)

"What comes of this moment is determined not by whether we can sit together tonight, but whether we can work together tomorrow."

"We will move forward together, or not at all."

"To win the future, we will need to take on challenges that have been decades in the making."

"The future is ours to win... but to get there, we can't just stand still!"

"We reinvented ourselves. That is what Americans have been doing for 200 years."

"American Muslims are a part of our American family." (Some of y'all need to be reminded- for real)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Soulful Saturday- Mary J. Blige

I have to admit. I wasn't too keen on Mary J when she first came out. I mean, I knew all the words and I would sing it in the car, but it wasn't until I went through a little drama in my own life that I really took a liking to her. She burst onto the scene in 1992- my freshman year of high school- with the album "What's the 411?" And she has been working it since then. Not only are her solo projects amazing, but her collaborations are phenomenal. This Saturday's selections are not exception... See for yourself!

911- with Wyclef Jean
* If this the kinda love that my mom used to warn me about- I'm in trouble. I'm in real bog trouble. :)

No More Drama
* Broken heart again, another lesson learned- better know your friends, or else you will get burned
* It feels so good, when you let go of all the drama in your life; now you're free from all the pain, free from all the games, free from the stress- so try your happiness
* It's up to us to choose, whether we win or lose and I choose to win!!

One- with U2
* Did I disappoint you? Leave a bad taste in your mouth? You act like you never had love- and you want me to go without...
* Did I ask too much? More than a lot? You gave me nothing and now it's all I got...
* You ask me to enter- but then you make me crawl... and I can't keep holding on to what you got- cuz all you got is hurt.
* One life- you got to do what you should.

Not Gon' Cry

* All the time I was loving you, you were busy loving yourself. I would stop breathing if you told me to, now you're busy loving someone else.
* I'm not gon' cry, it's not the time cuz you're not worth my tears.
* I know there are no guarantees- in love you take your chances. But somehow it seems unfair to me- look at the circumstances: Through sickness and heath, till death do us part- those were the words that we said from our hearts... So now when you say that you're leaving me, I don't get that part...

Sweet Thing

* Love me now or I'll go crazy
* I wish you were my lover, but you act so undercover. Love you child my whole life long- be it right, or be it wrong.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fed Up Friday- Misguided Parenting

Here in Chicago we have two VERY different newspapers that attempt to give us a nonpartisan view of the news. I read both, but I am notorious for going to the "conservative" newspaper (Read: Chicago Tribune) first to see if they say something that I need to argue with. Today, after reading an article in the Trib, I wasn't upset with the staff writer (for once). I decided to be all therapeutic with my "yelling" and write this new kind of entry where I tell why I am fed up (hmmm- isn't that what this whole blog is about?) I digress. So, while I was looking for something in the Trib to dispute, I ran across this article about the sentencing of a young man involved in the beating death of the Fenger Student in 2009.

Eric Carson- now 17- pled guilty to one count of first degree murder and was sentenced today to 26 years in the Illinois Corrections Department. For those who have seen the video, he is the youth that actually hit Derrion Albert with the two by four, which sent him to the ground and precipitated his death. After the sentence was handed down, 1- several people raised their hands in salute and 2- some chick yelled "26 years, that's crazy!" And here is the fed up Friday rant:

Is that chick mentally disturbed?? What does she mean that is crazy? He KILLED a 16 year old boy. He pled guilty to first degree murder. What the hell is crazy about 26 years in prison? Are the people saluting him as he walks out some sort of cult? Why do you salute a murderer? What about saluting a boy who died... A boy who everyone has agreed was just on his way home from school??? Salute my ass. I am SO peeved.

Is it unfortunate that another young, black man is going to spend time in prison? Yes. BUT, dammit- keep your fucking hands to yourself!! In the video, Derrion Albert was walking down the street. He was not bothering Eric Carson. Carson came up and hit him from behind- in the head- with a two by four. His ass deserves to be in jail- forever. Derrion is not coming back. His family will never see him again, and some stupid bitch in the courtroom thinks that 26 years is crazy?

I have said it before, we as a neighborhood and a community need to know what our children are doing. We need to network, like the old days. If I did something wrong, my parents knew about it before I made it back to my house. We need to be able to correct behavior, or know that parents are actually going to do their job and correct these children. Saluting bad behavior is NOT how you handle this. Crazy? Crazy was Eric Carson picking up a two by four and using it to hit anyone. Crazy is someone saluting him on his way to prison, or thinking that just because he fessed up to taking a life, he should get it easy. He shouldn't. He took a life and now my tax dollars are going to go towards him having housing, three meals a day and health insurance (which I don't even have right now). Crazy is he fucked up, his parents fucked up and now I have to pay for it. End of rant...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Woman's Worth

I got an email question that I want to address. This person, who wanted to remain anonymous, wants to know why I "dog" today's music. Essentially they feel like I love music from the past and don't give the proper credit to the "music" that is being produced today.
Now, before I go on- I listen to all kinds of music, so while this entry will highlight one kind of music in particular, know that this critique is of all genres. I have several reasons why I think that the "music" being produced today is garbage: it is self serving, it has no meaning, people rock out to the beats and don't listen to the words, the words are ridiculous and stereotypical, etc. The number one reason I am not too fond of today's "music" is that it is demeaning to women.
OMG- I can hear the sighs now... and I don't care. I was setting up this weeks Soulful Saturday yesterday and I was listening to "Keep Ya Head Up" by 2Pac. I am not always hit by lyrics of rap songs, but this verse hit me hard:

You know it makes me unhappy (what's that)
When brothas make babies, and leave a young mother to be a pappy
And since we all came from a woman
Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman
I wonder why we take from our women
Why we rape our women, do we hate our women?

I think it's time to kill for our women
Time to heal our women, be real to our women
And if we don't we'll have a race of babies
That will hate the ladies, that make the babies

And since a man can't make one
He has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one
So will the real men get up
I know you're fed up ladies, but keep your head up

Now Tupac was sexy as it comes, but these lyrics were weird coming from someone who started and promoted the "video girl" image; had songs like "I Get Around" and was charged with sexual assault. However, the lyrics are profound. Why do we take from our women, why we rape our women, Do we hate our women? Damn. Do we? Our music is now overrun with seemingly oversexed women, or women that can't find and keep a man, T-Pain (also known as Teddy Pin Her Ass Down), and Lil Wayne (and all of Young Money Entertainment)- to name a few... Really? Now I have to admit, when I heard the remix of "I'm in love with a stripper" I laughed. Because that shit is so outlandish I couldn't help myself. You have super old Too $hort rapping that he wants to "f*ck the baddest bitch in the club" Um, ewww. If she really was the baddest bitch in the club, he would get no play- at all. There is cash being thrown all over the place and women with their clothes off. In other videos, there are women complaining that their man is a dog, another woman is vandalizing her man's car, another video has Young Money saying that they can make my Bed Rock (doubtful- to say the least). That is the standard in today's music videos and lyrics. Drake wants to f*ck every girl in the world (and performed that song on an Awards show- which children on the stage). I mean, we have to demand more than that. Right?! I don't care if you are a rapper and can "make it rain" in the club. When men do that, I want to smack them. I am worth so much more than $100- in singles... and if you want to buy something for $100, head to the bar and buy a round of well drinks for you and your boys, because you will be with them for the rest of the night.

I like music that talks about socially relevant things, and love songs that are more than just about sex. I think that we are dangerously close to having a generation of children who do not understand that this behavior is harmful. Every day on YouTube there is a new video of a small child (usually little girls) who has all of Beyonce's new dance moves down to a tee. Does that child know her numbers, alphabet, name? Can she read? There are so many more important things to life than being the new hot thing for 15 minutes, being able to "make it rain" in the club, having a body like Nicki Minaj, or being tatted up like Lil Wayne. We have to watch what we allow into our daily lives and into the minds of our children-- including the way that women are treated, as a whole, in real life or in music videos.

Music is beautiful and there is not a day that goes by that I don't listen to it. But I do not (will not) promote music that makes women look less than the princesses we are meant to be, makes Black men look like thugs or makes education look lame. We all deserve better than that and if we demand more the artists and the industry will give us more.

**I will answer any other email questions you have...**

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, January 17, 2011

One Nation, Unity, One Day

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. day. Some of our fellow Americans have the day off and have dedicated the day to service to their community and neighbors. Some of us are sleeping our hangovers away. Some of us are working. Whatever you find yourself doing today, it is important that you take a couple of minutes and reflect.

I am not too big on reflecting on people, per se- because people have their own little flaws, quips and crazy tendencies. Right? No one is perfect and most people don't deserve the pedestals that we assign to them. With that said- I am really big on movements. Times and places where people come together for the betterment of each other. Times when people from different backgrounds see an injustice being done to someone in a different group, class or station in life and find a way to fix it. Times where, during a morale vacuum, someone stands up and says "we aren't where we need to be, but I am committed to helping everyone get to the place that we are envisioning." That, I love. I love to see people working together.

I love to see barriers coming down, and people being honest. Before MLK was killed, our country wasn't being honest with itself. The truth was hurtful. People were being discriminated against and dying because they were seen as insignificant... non-essential, even. And now, almost 43 years after his death, the dream that he told us about in 1963 still has not come to fruition. How will it? Ah, a movement of our own. Putting aside our own selfish needs and working towards equality. Making sure that the basic needs of our community members are being met. It may not be that we are seeing dogs attacking Blacks in the streets of Chicago, marches in major cities, or people being killed for trying to vote. But what we are seeing is: people still being disenfranchised, being failed by our educational system, homelessness and hunger in the wealthiest nation in the world.  Let's be honest with ourselves. It will hurt, and we will not like the mess that we see... But if we never open our eyes and see the ills of our society, we can never hope to fix what ails us.

Reflection on the past, faith in each other and work- that is what we need... What will you provide?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Soulful Saturday- Jodeci

Another fantastic foursome from the 90s. Two brother groups, who used to sing gospel, get together and form the group Jodeci... musical history was made. Ok, so that is a little more dramatic than I wanted to be, but you get the drift! DeVante made "don't talk, just listen" sound SO super sexy! LOL He was my crush from the group, and he just talked! High top fades were in, and he wore it well!! Sadly, he has not aged well... KCi really made me wish that little skinny men would keep their shirts on, BUT the man can sing! JoJo almost always rocks a Sox hat, which makes him aces with me!

Some of their songs were sexually charged, to say the least, but their harmonies are what love songs *should* be made of. I miss hearing music like this on the radio. Who can't auto-tune die and Jodeci come back?


*Tonight, let's start our love again.


*Take my money, my house and my cars. For one hit of you, you can have it all... *wipes sweat off face* :)

Love U 4 Life

*Will you believe in love, and the promise that it gives? I wanna love you for life, cuz your love is why I live.


*Far more frequently you're wearing perfume. With, you say, no special place to go. When I ask will you be coming back soon- you don't know.
*I'm a man of many wishes; hope my premonition misses, but I really feel, my eyes won't let me hide-- because they always start to cry...

Forever My Lady

*So you're having my baby.. There's nothing more precious than to raise a family.
*You and I- will never fall apart; You and I- we knew right from the start. The day- we fell so far in love, now our baby is born, so healthy and strong, our dream's a reality.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jon Burge- A Tortured Soul

Jon Burge, former commander of the Chicago Police Department and all around scumbag, is begging for leniency. He has been found guilty for breaking the law and now he wants to use his years of military service as a bargaining chip in the sentencing process. What is Burge being sentenced for, you ask? Obstruction of justice and perjury in connection with torturing confessions out of suspects. You read that right. He tortured confessions out of people who were arrested, sent them to jail (and in some cases death row) and deprived them of one of the things that can never be replaced: time.

Now Burge is petitioning the court for the thing that he took away from his victims: time. He wants a relaxed sentence because from 1966-1972 he served in the Army. Now, I respect the sacrifice that people who serve in the armed forces give in order to serve this country. They put their lives on the line so that we can exercise the freedoms that our country provides. I do, however, have an issue with someone- Burge in particular- using a sacrifice to try to make amends for bad behavior. Abhorrent behavior. Behavior that lead to the injury and death of others. That is shameful.

From 1972 until he was fired in 1993, Burge allegedly tortured more than 200 suspects. There were so many allegations that the then governor George Ryan declared a moratorium on the death penalty executions in the state of Illinois. The special investigation into his "tactics" cost the state of Illinois $17 MILLION. Several convictions were reversed or overturned; and four of his victims were pardoned by Ryan. Those four men then filed suit again the City of Chicago. The settlement was an additional $19.8 MILLION... for all those keeping score that is $36.8 MILLION.  And now Burge wants to catch a break on his twenty one year reign of terror by relying on his six year military record and the fact that he is sick with cancer.

So, he wants mercy? Amazing how substantial jail time and the possible end of your life makes you reexamine your decisions, huh? If Burge can pay back that $36.8 MILLION, will admit what he did and give those men that he took irreplaceable time from the apology they richly deserve... then he can have a shorter sentence. If he can't do those three things he deserves to serve the maximum sentence handed down. We have to respect cops AND we have to demand they respect us and the oath they take. Burge needs to be an example, so the police know that we will not tolerate any skirting of the laws. They are meant to serve and protect, not lie, beat and torture.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dark vs Light-- not a chicken in sight...

Oh My God!?!?!?! Deceived by my own hometown. Columbus, Ohio-- what the hell are you doing? Whose ignorant ass is throwing a light skinned vs. dark skinned party AND who are the assholes supporting this? Are you serious? We have so many things that we should be concentrating on in the Black community, education that needs to be captured, teen pregnancies that need to be prevented, love that needs to be given to one another, criminal behavior that needs to be stopped, the betterment of our young Black men that needs to be priority number one... the list is extensive and some smart ass comes up with this "super classy" event?! I am upset and I am not even going to be there.
Where the hell is the protest? Why aren't Black women mad that they are being objectified? Why aren't Black men screaming against the women in the community being treated like property? Seriously!!?

You know what makes me sick to my stomach? If a White person was the promoter of this party, Black people everywhere would be screaming about prejudices, racial profiling and the objectification of Black women... yet somehow when we do it to one another, it is ok? The people throwing this party should be ashamed, as well as any party goers... Ah, the things that we will accept. SMH.

Black women have been fighting this fight with each other forever and I can NOT believe that anyone would think that this party concept is ok.... *sigh* Jesus...

Don't we all remember this from School Daze???

How about we all do THIS...

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Moment of Silence

The President has asked all Americans to join him in a moment of silence tomorrow morning. All flags will be flying at half staff, and we will reflect and remember those who lost their lives in the ridiculously awful and unnecessary shooting in Arizona yesterday. Please see below for the details and please join in tomorrow to honor your fallen countrymen.
Love your neighbors, hugs and kiss your family and love yourself. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release January 09, 2011 President Obama Calls for Moment of Silence for Victims of Shooting in Tucson, Arizona

“Tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern standard time, I call on Americans to observe a moment of silence to honor the innocent victims of the senseless tragedy in Tucson, Arizona, including those still fighting for their lives. It will be a time for us to come together as a nation in prayer or reflection, keeping the victims and their families closely at heart.”

The President will observe the moment of silence with White House staff on the South Lawn. The moment of silence will be pooled press.

Today, the President has signed a proclamation calling for flags to be flown at half-staff.

Also, the planned trip by the President to Schenectady, New York, on Tuesday, January 11, to the General Electric energy division is postponed. The trip is expected to be rescheduled.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Soulful Saturday- Tevin Campbell

I often type about how fantastic the music was in the 90s. The 90s were the decade that I entered and graduated from high school, started college, had my first crushes, first loves, first kisses, first heartbreaks.
So, I will admit that 90s music is near and dear to my heart, and the artist of this Soulful Saturday was one of my major musical crushes of the decade. Tevin Campbell. Oh, I was totally feeling him. He is a year older than me, so our "connection" was huge! (Don't laugh at my thoughts from puberty- what I had with Tevin was real!! LOL) He was always such a little gentleman in all his interviews and his songs were just what I needed to hear during the onset of adolescence. He was just SO cute, and he worked with Prince, Quincy Jones and he didn't seem to have the whole "Hollywood" thing going on (he saved his troubled days for his 20s, like normal people!) He did get into some trouble in '99 and as a result he has kinda fallen out of the music scene- as in recording and doing concerts-- but he has been on Broadway, and I am hoping to catch the next show he is in! Texas' own- Tevin Campbell.

Tell Me What You Want Me To Do
Ok- I spent MANY hours in my room "dubbing" this tape from my friend Daniela and singing at the TOP of my lungs. (Much to the horror of my mother-- I'm sure-- when the high note came around-- see 3:28). I can't even tell you how much I loved this song... OMG!! And the jean shirt worn WITH jeans- shut up, that was ultra cool in the early 90s!! Whatever, I loved him anyway. Sing it!!

Brown Eyed Girl
Seeing as how I have brown eyes, clearly, this song is about me!

Can We Talk

Black Men United- You Will Know
True, Tevin is not the only person singing this song, but I can pick his voice out in a millisecond! Isn't it amazing to see R. Kelly in a video BEFORE those unfortunate tapes surfaced, Brian McKnight before his domestic troubles and Gerald Levert alive and well. All kidding aside, it was amazing to see so many Black men come together to attempt to do something about the mounting violence in the community. This is still one of my favorite songs... especially since since this was recording, several of those men are no longer with us.

Black Politics in Chicago. Different Names, Same Games

Almost every weekend that I can afford it, I take myself out for breakfast. Usually the same breakfast, at the same place. The waiters know me. They say hello and ask me how I am doing even if I am not in their section. Yep, I am a regular. On these little "me time" breaks from my regular insanity, I eat good food (that is bad for me), I drink strong coffee with real cream and I read the paper. If my "me time" falls on a Sunday morning or afternoon, I have a heavy bag from Walgreens, containing a copy of the Chicago Tribune and The Chicago Sun Times. This past Sunday I opened the Trib, only to see Carol Mosley-Braun standing next to Jesse Jackson and I let out the biggest sigh before I even read the article.

The headline read: "A United Front Backs Braun. African American leaders line up behind mayoral candidate" OMG, just what a drama queen like myself needs to read! So, who are these "leaders" that so graciously backed the Black candidate they think can win? None other than Jesse Jackson, Senator James Meeks and U.S. Representative Danny Davis, the latter two having dropped out of the race for Mayor already.  Leaders, huh? I am going to say this- they are no leaders of mine. I don't vote for them and I am not persuaded by their foolishness in Chicago politics. I read the article anyway. The essence of it was this: these guys decided to get behind one Black candidate to strengthen the chance of that person winning. They did that by having back room deals and deciding what was best for the Black community. Four people deciding what is best for more than 1.6 million Blacks in Chicago? I think not. I certainly do not need those four deciding anything for me.

Let's think about this: all four have less than stellar records in their lives as public officials. Just last month, Meeks said, during an interview, that "only African Americans should be eligible for city contracts set aside for women and minorities." He doesn't think that "women, Asians and Hispanics should be able to use the title of minority." Um... WTF? He tried to clean it up later and say that he didn't think that White women should get city contracts. Wow- damage done and he can't make that shit better.  Meeks has also made enemies in the gay community, by voting against civil unions here in Illinois.

Davis proclaimed that he would "stop overnight deals in the city" if he were elected... I think he meant he would stop overnight deals like the one that he participated in before backing Braun, right? He also said that he was in the race for Mayor 100%. He said that he was "in it to win it" just days before he backed out on New Year's Eve. His credibility is questionable to say the least.

Let's not even review the scandalicious life of Jesse Jackson and his family. While he is on a public crusade to save all the Black people who are wasting away in the ghetto, the Jackson family (who owns a large liquor distributorship) makes money off a vice that consumes and destroys that very same community. He has had several affairs- he does lead by example here as Jr. has been bitten by the cheating bug also. A child out of wedlock, and really no relevancy since the 80s (and that is being generous). Yuck. I am offended by the whole family.

And Braun. What about the lady that these "leaders of the Black community" are backing? She has been entrenched in trouble/scandal since the 90s AND she lost re-election to a no name Republican in 1998.

Here's the deal: the citizens of Chicago do NOT need more scandal in our leadership. Between our last three governors, outrageous taxes and our city being broke, we have enough to deal with. Those four chukleheads don't get to tell me to vote for someone simply because they are Black... you gotta come with something better than that. How about a credible record? How about someone who isn't going to continue the same mistakes of the past administration? Is this really the best that the Black community has to offer? Finally... what is wrong with Braun? Didn't she get the memo that said the first Black, female mayor of Chicago will be me?

Friday, January 07, 2011

New Year List

As I surf the blogs that I occasionally read, I am running across everyone's list of the cool, good for you things that everyone is going to be doing this year. A whole "New Year, New You" movement is happening, and I believe that in two weeks, most people will return to the bad behavior of 2010. So, while we are all in the "Happy New Year" mode, I figured that I would get my list up too. Here at HB&B, my list is going to be a little different. Instead of writing about all the good things that I am going to do (I don't share those things), I am making a list of all the things that I am leaving (gratefully) in 2010. If any of these things apply to you... take it personally!

The first thing I am leaving in 2010 is negative people. I don't need your negative juices in my tornado of craziness. Everyone has a bad day or two. I have had them and I have listened to my friends during theirs, BUT I am not inviting Debbie Downer into my inner circle ever again. You need to talk? Get a therapist. If you aren't paying me by the hour to lie on my couch and vent your issues- shut the hell up.

People who are holier than thou. Dude, if you are concerned about my behavior or the behavior of my friends, tell Jesus about it. Leave me out of it. You think I am arrogant and wrong? Pray for yourself. But do NOT, I repeat, do NOT come at me with some shit like you are better than me, I'm going to hell, Christ is the only way, etc. Let's not be confused: I am a Christian. But I am not of the mindset that puts down the religion or lifestyles of others. Religion is a very personal journey and no one should judge someone else's footsteps. Everyone in the world is not a Christian. Everyone in the world does not believe what you believe. If you put down or judge others, I don't believe what you believe. Neither judging nor damning people to hell is your job, so keep your opinions to yourself. Be an example of love and grace, not a judge. And if you think that I am going to hell... just remember that you *might* be in the seat next to me.

Ignorance is Bliss People. You want to close your eyes to a blatant situation? Um, ok. You want to stick your head in the proverbial sand? Go ahead, just don't involve me. You tell me a situation, I give you an solution. You ignore said solution= we don't talk about it again. I don't care what BS you have swallowed that allows you to think your situation has changed, it hasn't and I don't want to hear about it anymore. You obviously want the drama because you keep letting it in your life and I don't have time for it. Any questions, please read the first thing that I am leaving in 2010.

People who can't or won't spell things correctly. We all know of my Twitter addiction, right? Add Facebook and a few other social media avenues and you are figuring out how much time I actually spend online or tied to my iPhone. I'll admit that it is obsessive. What would change that? If all people typed like this: "But dey cuss alot n dat family, n he needed summo licks Fa fake murders." WTF?!?!? That is a direct quote from someone's Facebook page comment. Are you kidding me? Zac Efron was a trending topic on Twitter today... and his last name was spelled Effron. I mean, damn- type his name in Google and it will actually ask you "Do you mean Zac Efron?" AND spell check is on every computer, as far as I know. Get it together.

Married men hitting on me. *sigh* The older I get, the more frequently this happens. I went out with friends on a couple of occasions and married men were bold enough to hit on me with wedding rings IN SIGHT. And I am not talking about simple flirting, like you are a nice looking young lady. I am talking about: "let me take you out; I want to sleep with you; I am married but she doesn't have to know." Dude, really? I'm good with you. Take the money you would spend on our date and buy something nice for your wife. What the hell do I look like?! Do I have "only hit on me if you are a pathetic cheater" written on my forehead? I deserve 100% of any man's attention and I don't share with anyone- especially wives.

Anyone who find themselves on THIS list. Enough said.

Turning a blind eye to substandard anything. This includes friends, work, and my personal life. I am done trying to fix shit. Have it fixed before you bring it to me. I am done trying to fix men- identify your problems and be upfront about them before you get here. I am not Mary Poppins. I don't have a magic wand that is going to fix everything, but I do have a functioning "this is crap" meter. Anytime the meter goes off, I will discard whatever (or whomever) and start over again. If that means that acquaintances will cry... get those tears ready. If that means longer hours at work, I'm ready. If that means dateless nights, a new mate, a new social life... a new(er) me, that is what will happen. I will shine in 2011!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Rihanna, Chris Brown, Raz B and a Death Threat

When will these youngins learn!?!?!
So I was innocently browsing Twitter the other day. By browsing I mean checking every other minute while lying in bed, contemplating the rest of my day. Twitter is a sickness of mine, and I don't mind saying that I visit frequently and owning an iPhone only makes the obsession worse, but I digress. As I was being nosy, I come across a Twitter "beef" between Chris Brown and Raz B, that was SO ridiculous I have to write about it.

We all know who Chris Brown is, but here is the recap- he sings (um...sometimes), dances and he and Rihanna dated. One day they got into an altercation and he beat the hell out of her. Raz B, former member of B2K (boy band) is trying to get with Rihanna since her recent breakup with Matt Kemp, so he takes his campaign to Twitter. Out of the blue Raz B says, "I'm just sitting here thinking how...Chris Brown (and others) disrespect women as intelligent as ... and Rihanna." Um, was Brown just on your mind? Where did that comment come from? Have you actually talked to Rihanna or are you just pulling out the intelligent card to get in her pants?

Ok- I will NEVER stand up for Chris Brown and what he did to Rihanna. No ONE should ever hit the person that they are dating (or anyone else for that matter). He was wrong. He has apologized, gone to counseling and gone to some sort of jail. His album sales have suffered, he is currently not doing as well as he was. Now loyal readers know that I am not into simply forgiving people because they say that they are sorry. Sorry rolls off the tongue a little too easy for me. People say it without really thinking about what they are apologizing for. So I don't really deal with Chris Brown. I don't buy his albums, and I don't promote his music... but I also do NOT just bring his name up out of the blue and put him on blast like Raz B did. Why?? Everyone knows that Brown and Rihanna have Twitter accounts. Why feed the fire? No one should get press for challenging a person known for domestic violence.
The Twitter fight quickly got out of hand. There was name calling, the 'n' word was passed around and Raz B's brother (RickyRomance) got involved, saying that he will "put his pistol" in Chris Brown's mouth if he ever comes to LA. DUDE... seriously?!?! You are going to use a public forum to threaten a superstar? Have you lost your ever loving mind?? What the hell is wrong with people? Ok- beyond the fact that these two "stars" play on Twitter and talk about each others bad deeds and misfortunes, you then have a third party come in with some death threats. OMG- I fear for the future of our country because these assholes are going to be in charge some day...

For the record:

Everyone- keep your hands to yourself!!

Raz B- know your role. Dude, you are so yesterday and starting fights on Twitter is lame, especially if it is to get the attention of some chick who has been passed around the industry. If she hasn't been with you, she doesn't want you... come to that conclusion. Even if she DID want you, she probably doesn't now because you have shown yourself to be a press whore.

Chris Brown- you need NO more trouble. You haven't even bounced back from the last troublesome situation you were in. Damn dude, mind your manners.

Ricky Romance- wait, who are you again? Nobody?! I thought so!

Chicago Crime Rate Is Down... EXCEPT

According to the Chicago Tribune, in 2010, the city of Chicago experienced its lowest homicide rate in 45 years. In 365 days there were 435 homicides. The articles also states that "preliminary numbers from the department showed that total crime through December 27 was down 4.3 percent and violent crime is down 10.3 percent. Murders, on that date, were down by 24." I am not saying that I am unhappy in Chicago- in fact, I am doing all that I can to stay in this city- but I will venture out on a limb and say that I don't believe those numbers. From my vantage point, crime is not down by double digits. Murder is not down to its lowest level in 45 years. In fact, from the vantage point of living in a neighborhood that is predominantly Black, crime is up and ultra violent. I hear sirens at all times of the day, all day. New Years Day was no exception, and I fear that tomorrow will be more of the same.

The article kind of tackles this view point by saying: "a nagging concern for the department, and communities, is the fact that violent crime still has a choke hold on some neighborhoods." A choke hold? They had an expert throw in his two cents and state that "the long term reduction that is taking place is not as substantial in African-American communities." Hmmm. Who wants to bet that those communities are on the west and south sides of the city? Who also wants to bet that numbers of violent crimes that happen in said neighborhoods are not as diligently reported as crimes on the north side? Right.

Jody Weis (who will likely lose his job soon) has "restructured gang units and increased the number of search warrants" for weapons, so it looks great that crime, as a whole has fallen. But even with ALL that "work" everyone seems to be content that only parts of the city are "safe" while other portions are literal war zones. All the while, politicians are readying themselves for an election that would make them the King or Queen (aka Mayor) of Chicago.

Will the citizens of Chicago make them work for the title? Will we show them that we are not content? Will we show them that the citizens of Chicago are no longer happy with the unbalanced status quo? Let's hope so. New Year. New Standards?

Saturday, January 01, 2011

... Welcome!!

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