Saturday, January 08, 2011

Soulful Saturday- Tevin Campbell

I often type about how fantastic the music was in the 90s. The 90s were the decade that I entered and graduated from high school, started college, had my first crushes, first loves, first kisses, first heartbreaks.
So, I will admit that 90s music is near and dear to my heart, and the artist of this Soulful Saturday was one of my major musical crushes of the decade. Tevin Campbell. Oh, I was totally feeling him. He is a year older than me, so our "connection" was huge! (Don't laugh at my thoughts from puberty- what I had with Tevin was real!! LOL) He was always such a little gentleman in all his interviews and his songs were just what I needed to hear during the onset of adolescence. He was just SO cute, and he worked with Prince, Quincy Jones and he didn't seem to have the whole "Hollywood" thing going on (he saved his troubled days for his 20s, like normal people!) He did get into some trouble in '99 and as a result he has kinda fallen out of the music scene- as in recording and doing concerts-- but he has been on Broadway, and I am hoping to catch the next show he is in! Texas' own- Tevin Campbell.

Tell Me What You Want Me To Do
Ok- I spent MANY hours in my room "dubbing" this tape from my friend Daniela and singing at the TOP of my lungs. (Much to the horror of my mother-- I'm sure-- when the high note came around-- see 3:28). I can't even tell you how much I loved this song... OMG!! And the jean shirt worn WITH jeans- shut up, that was ultra cool in the early 90s!! Whatever, I loved him anyway. Sing it!!

Brown Eyed Girl
Seeing as how I have brown eyes, clearly, this song is about me!

Can We Talk

Black Men United- You Will Know
True, Tevin is not the only person singing this song, but I can pick his voice out in a millisecond! Isn't it amazing to see R. Kelly in a video BEFORE those unfortunate tapes surfaced, Brian McKnight before his domestic troubles and Gerald Levert alive and well. All kidding aside, it was amazing to see so many Black men come together to attempt to do something about the mounting violence in the community. This is still one of my favorite songs... especially since since this was recording, several of those men are no longer with us.


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