Saturday, January 22, 2011

Soulful Saturday- Mary J. Blige

I have to admit. I wasn't too keen on Mary J when she first came out. I mean, I knew all the words and I would sing it in the car, but it wasn't until I went through a little drama in my own life that I really took a liking to her. She burst onto the scene in 1992- my freshman year of high school- with the album "What's the 411?" And she has been working it since then. Not only are her solo projects amazing, but her collaborations are phenomenal. This Saturday's selections are not exception... See for yourself!

911- with Wyclef Jean
* If this the kinda love that my mom used to warn me about- I'm in trouble. I'm in real bog trouble. :)

No More Drama
* Broken heart again, another lesson learned- better know your friends, or else you will get burned
* It feels so good, when you let go of all the drama in your life; now you're free from all the pain, free from all the games, free from the stress- so try your happiness
* It's up to us to choose, whether we win or lose and I choose to win!!

One- with U2
* Did I disappoint you? Leave a bad taste in your mouth? You act like you never had love- and you want me to go without...
* Did I ask too much? More than a lot? You gave me nothing and now it's all I got...
* You ask me to enter- but then you make me crawl... and I can't keep holding on to what you got- cuz all you got is hurt.
* One life- you got to do what you should.

Not Gon' Cry

* All the time I was loving you, you were busy loving yourself. I would stop breathing if you told me to, now you're busy loving someone else.
* I'm not gon' cry, it's not the time cuz you're not worth my tears.
* I know there are no guarantees- in love you take your chances. But somehow it seems unfair to me- look at the circumstances: Through sickness and heath, till death do us part- those were the words that we said from our hearts... So now when you say that you're leaving me, I don't get that part...

Sweet Thing

* Love me now or I'll go crazy
* I wish you were my lover, but you act so undercover. Love you child my whole life long- be it right, or be it wrong.


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