Sunday, January 02, 2011

Chicago Crime Rate Is Down... EXCEPT

According to the Chicago Tribune, in 2010, the city of Chicago experienced its lowest homicide rate in 45 years. In 365 days there were 435 homicides. The articles also states that "preliminary numbers from the department showed that total crime through December 27 was down 4.3 percent and violent crime is down 10.3 percent. Murders, on that date, were down by 24." I am not saying that I am unhappy in Chicago- in fact, I am doing all that I can to stay in this city- but I will venture out on a limb and say that I don't believe those numbers. From my vantage point, crime is not down by double digits. Murder is not down to its lowest level in 45 years. In fact, from the vantage point of living in a neighborhood that is predominantly Black, crime is up and ultra violent. I hear sirens at all times of the day, all day. New Years Day was no exception, and I fear that tomorrow will be more of the same.

The article kind of tackles this view point by saying: "a nagging concern for the department, and communities, is the fact that violent crime still has a choke hold on some neighborhoods." A choke hold? They had an expert throw in his two cents and state that "the long term reduction that is taking place is not as substantial in African-American communities." Hmmm. Who wants to bet that those communities are on the west and south sides of the city? Who also wants to bet that numbers of violent crimes that happen in said neighborhoods are not as diligently reported as crimes on the north side? Right.

Jody Weis (who will likely lose his job soon) has "restructured gang units and increased the number of search warrants" for weapons, so it looks great that crime, as a whole has fallen. But even with ALL that "work" everyone seems to be content that only parts of the city are "safe" while other portions are literal war zones. All the while, politicians are readying themselves for an election that would make them the King or Queen (aka Mayor) of Chicago.

Will the citizens of Chicago make them work for the title? Will we show them that we are not content? Will we show them that the citizens of Chicago are no longer happy with the unbalanced status quo? Let's hope so. New Year. New Standards?


jdt1968 said...

I always been skeptical of those reports regarding decrease in crime. Ironically I see the press spew out one side of their "mouth" the crime rate is down but on the other side spew out that another child was shot.
Until Chicago (and this country)begins to invest in industries which can provide quality jobs (NOT WAL MART JOBS) to those war zones you mention, there will be continued strife.

Look around the U.S. and where you see less or in some cases no investment in the infrastructure of certain neighborhoods you see high crime, poverty, high abortion rates, etc.

It discourages me a great deal.

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