Friday, January 07, 2011

New Year List

As I surf the blogs that I occasionally read, I am running across everyone's list of the cool, good for you things that everyone is going to be doing this year. A whole "New Year, New You" movement is happening, and I believe that in two weeks, most people will return to the bad behavior of 2010. So, while we are all in the "Happy New Year" mode, I figured that I would get my list up too. Here at HB&B, my list is going to be a little different. Instead of writing about all the good things that I am going to do (I don't share those things), I am making a list of all the things that I am leaving (gratefully) in 2010. If any of these things apply to you... take it personally!

The first thing I am leaving in 2010 is negative people. I don't need your negative juices in my tornado of craziness. Everyone has a bad day or two. I have had them and I have listened to my friends during theirs, BUT I am not inviting Debbie Downer into my inner circle ever again. You need to talk? Get a therapist. If you aren't paying me by the hour to lie on my couch and vent your issues- shut the hell up.

People who are holier than thou. Dude, if you are concerned about my behavior or the behavior of my friends, tell Jesus about it. Leave me out of it. You think I am arrogant and wrong? Pray for yourself. But do NOT, I repeat, do NOT come at me with some shit like you are better than me, I'm going to hell, Christ is the only way, etc. Let's not be confused: I am a Christian. But I am not of the mindset that puts down the religion or lifestyles of others. Religion is a very personal journey and no one should judge someone else's footsteps. Everyone in the world is not a Christian. Everyone in the world does not believe what you believe. If you put down or judge others, I don't believe what you believe. Neither judging nor damning people to hell is your job, so keep your opinions to yourself. Be an example of love and grace, not a judge. And if you think that I am going to hell... just remember that you *might* be in the seat next to me.

Ignorance is Bliss People. You want to close your eyes to a blatant situation? Um, ok. You want to stick your head in the proverbial sand? Go ahead, just don't involve me. You tell me a situation, I give you an solution. You ignore said solution= we don't talk about it again. I don't care what BS you have swallowed that allows you to think your situation has changed, it hasn't and I don't want to hear about it anymore. You obviously want the drama because you keep letting it in your life and I don't have time for it. Any questions, please read the first thing that I am leaving in 2010.

People who can't or won't spell things correctly. We all know of my Twitter addiction, right? Add Facebook and a few other social media avenues and you are figuring out how much time I actually spend online or tied to my iPhone. I'll admit that it is obsessive. What would change that? If all people typed like this: "But dey cuss alot n dat family, n he needed summo licks Fa fake murders." WTF?!?!? That is a direct quote from someone's Facebook page comment. Are you kidding me? Zac Efron was a trending topic on Twitter today... and his last name was spelled Effron. I mean, damn- type his name in Google and it will actually ask you "Do you mean Zac Efron?" AND spell check is on every computer, as far as I know. Get it together.

Married men hitting on me. *sigh* The older I get, the more frequently this happens. I went out with friends on a couple of occasions and married men were bold enough to hit on me with wedding rings IN SIGHT. And I am not talking about simple flirting, like you are a nice looking young lady. I am talking about: "let me take you out; I want to sleep with you; I am married but she doesn't have to know." Dude, really? I'm good with you. Take the money you would spend on our date and buy something nice for your wife. What the hell do I look like?! Do I have "only hit on me if you are a pathetic cheater" written on my forehead? I deserve 100% of any man's attention and I don't share with anyone- especially wives.

Anyone who find themselves on THIS list. Enough said.

Turning a blind eye to substandard anything. This includes friends, work, and my personal life. I am done trying to fix shit. Have it fixed before you bring it to me. I am done trying to fix men- identify your problems and be upfront about them before you get here. I am not Mary Poppins. I don't have a magic wand that is going to fix everything, but I do have a functioning "this is crap" meter. Anytime the meter goes off, I will discard whatever (or whomever) and start over again. If that means that acquaintances will cry... get those tears ready. If that means longer hours at work, I'm ready. If that means dateless nights, a new mate, a new social life... a new(er) me, that is what will happen. I will shine in 2011!


Unknown said...

I like the 'this is crap' meter. I need to implement that in my life and clean out alllllllll the crap. Thanks for that one Vonnie :)

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