Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pet Peeves and Being the Mayor of Haterville

I am sitting here, reading blogs and watching the Blackhawks vs. Flyers. I am usually on top of blog reading (or skimming), but the last few weeks have been packed full of nonsense. I didn't have internet access at home, and while I can read and write blog entries on my BlackBerry, I think that activity is adding to my eventual case of carpel tunnel syndrome (I am only half joking). So I have been writing entries out long hand, wasting paper and falling behind. On a good note- if the next couple of weeks are slow news weeks, I still have material. :)

So, as I am reading backlog blog entries of friends and acquaintances, I came across this. Full disclosure, I know one half of the Harlem Love Birds. Quiana and I went to high school together, so I am sure that we have similar thought processes. Needless to say, I really enjoyed this blog... it leads me to think that I am not the only one that sees bad behavior and comments on it. Last week, I was walking to work from the train and I saw a woman whose shirt was, um, inadequate at covering the necessities and I commented on it on my facebook status. A buddy from college asked me when I became a hater. Really? I don't think that I am a hater for pointing out the fact that I saw nipples on the way to work. In fact, other than being very humerous for me, I think that I would appreciate it if someone told me that I was giving the city of Chicago a boob show!

Whatever the case, Quiana has inspired me to post a portion of my list (like I need to have tons of encouragement!) And yes, I am only posting a portion of my list, because, as we all know, the list of things that annoy me is endless. :) Hopefully everyone will take this list for what it is- a funny, yet poignant list... but if you don't, I can totally take being named the Mayor of Haterville again.

Here we go:

Sagging Skinny Jeans or sagging any jeans- ever- I have talked about this "trend" on facebook. Ugh, it makes me want to vomit. People who sag skinny jeans look like they are wearing a diaper. It is on of the least flattering things ever. Sagging jeans has origins in prison life and for the life of me I cannot figure out why anyone would want to emulate that behavior.

Disrespectful children- hmmm, who knew I was gonna say that? I do not appreciate kids who think that they can do or say anything they want, to anyone they want. Since when do we let kids run us? My philosophy is if you are "grown" enough to pretend you are an adult, you are old enough to get your feelings hurt like an adult. Talk shit, you get shit. Period. I will not walk on eggshells for disrespectful kids.

Men carrying book bags to work- Really? Book bags have been played out since '92. If you have graduated from high school or college and you have a job, carry a briefcase. Seriously, you are not 14 years old and a book bag does not go with a suit. At the very least, carry a black or brown messenger bag. Take that as a helpful hint.

Women with visible tattoos- I have tattoos; I like tattoos, however, I do not want to see your body art while you are at a formal event. Ladies, do what I did- get tattoos in a place that can be covered by formalwear. No one you work with wants to see the name of the man you loved at 18; or the barbed wire that circles your arm. Remember that tattoos are forever, so stop it with the tackiness. Along that same line of thought:

Men with prison like tattoos- Dude, um, if we are sitting cross the table from one another in a business meeting, I should not be fearing for my life- so stop it with the knuckle tattoos. Sincerely, I like tattoo sleeves like the next person, but jeez, when they go from your arm, to your neck, I go immediately to uninterested. Keep it classy because when you are old and things are saggy, you *may* regret having your ex girlfriend's face tattooed on your body... just saying.

Clothes that are too short, long, tight or otherwise non-fitting- I know that summer is on its way, but I should not be able to see your underwear (or lack thereof). Ladies, stay out of your daughter's/little sister's/smaller friend's closets. You know whether or not your clothes fit, and no matter what you think the camel toe is not a fashion statement you want to make. Look at yourself before you leave the house. PS. look at your children before you let them leave the house. Just as a helpful hint: a 7 year old should not be allowed to dress like a 17 year old... for real. Guys, if I wanted to see your underwear, I am bold enough to ask. Um, walking behind you on the street has become a very personal situation. Pull your pants up. The idea is to be well put together, not looking like you rushed out of the house.

Loud Talkers on Cell Phones- with all the advances made with cell phones do you REALLY think that the person on the other line cannot hear you?? WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING while walking down the street? I was on the train the other day and oh, this woman was totally over-sharing while on the phone. I mean, I know what her doctor said to her at her appointment last week. That is a lot. The public as a whole can do without knowing what health issues you have, what you and your significant other argued about that morning, or your drunken sexual exploits from the weekend.

Platinum blonde hair on black people- Yeah, I said it. I don't care if you are mad. It didn't work for Sisqo, or Lil Kim and it doesn't work for Amber Rose. Whatevs- there is nothing wrong with hair colors that we are born with, black, brown, red... or even if you had some honey colored highlights, but a whole head of blonde? I'll pass.

Finally... biggest pet peeve? It is a tie! People who stare- what the hell are you looking at??? If I have something on my face, tell me, but do NOT stare. It. is. rude! People who 'smack' their lips when they are eating- that is just gross. I don't want to hear or see what you are consuming. Ewwwwwww.

You all know that I could continue, but I won't. I can guarantee that I personally saw all 10 of the above named We have so far to go! LOL


Quiana said...

ha ha! thanks for the shout out =) i totally feel you on these pet peeves esp the too tight clothing bit. i saw a lady on 145th st here in harlem the other day with see through leggings. i was so embarrassed for her and to to top it off her 5 year old-ish daughter was with her. what kinda message does that send??? ughhhh.

Miss Mox said...

Sounds like I will be blogging about said 5 year old in about 10 years. She may just be one of the young "ladies" standing on the corner outside my house- doing nothing all day... Shame on that mom.

Glad you liked the entry though! :)

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