Friday, October 02, 2020

Now WE are in this Together?

I am sure all of us have heard that y'all's president has tested positive for that 'rona. What you may not have heard is that 'WE' has become a thing. Like before Mango Mussolini was all like "oh the sick people? They will be ok" or "this virus only affects a small number of people" or "this is like a bad flu- even if you get it, most of you will be fine" and my absolute least favorite "it is what it is." See how he was real confident with that 'you, y'all, they' talk until 'rona got his ass. Now he is (barely) on Twitter and talking bout "WE will get this through this together!" Sir. 

There is no 'WE.' WE left when you and that squirrel on your head (and that birtherism shouting plastic pair of tits by your side) rode down that tacky ass escalator and declared that most Mexicans coming into our country were rapists and criminals. WE ran for the door when you fixed your shit mouth to say that there were very fine people on both sides in Charlottesville. WE left your ass when you called our service men and women "suckers and losers." WE ain't been a thing since you said that George Floyd would be proud of the job numbers that came out after he was murdered by the police; when you refused to denounce white supremacy; when you were hellbent on putting the absolutely WORST and severely unqualified people in control of Treasury and Education (and literally EVERYWHERE else in government); when you stood up for that man that shot and killed folks in Kenosha; when you lied to the whole country about the coronavirus. 'WE' doesn't exist. Mostly because WE don't like YOU. 

You're a bum who lost the popular vote. You are an impeached president that is dirtier than Nixon and dumber than W. The only reason I am not cheering that 'rona got that ass is because my mother taught me better than that... but I want to. I don't want you to die though. I don't. I want you to suffer. I want you to suffer for all the dummies that believe your lies. I want you to suffer for all the lies that you have told the American people, for all the (many) times you have made this country look foolish. I want you to feel some pain for EVERY American life lost to this horrible virus because YOU couldn't be bothered to put on a mask and show a little leadership. And I want you to be alive long enough to lose the upcoming election, spectacularly, and then be carted off to prison like the criminal you are. 

There is no 'WE', you baby back bitch. We are going to shower your ass with as much sympathy as you have shown to the 209,000+ dead Americans taken by covid so far. Enjoy.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Soulful Saturday - Hall & Oates

So I was just on Twitter, being nosy... as one does, and noticed someone started a "soulful White singers" thread. Now y'all know I went through that list with my hawk eye ALL the way open to see who folks thought belonged on this list. Thankfully, the list included good music and didn't list too many sympathy votes (oh, y'all know who I'm talking about). I was pleasantly surprised to see Hall & Oates listed. Then I went to YouTube, you know to refresh this old mind, and I am just coming out of that rabbit hole!

Hall & Oates made some fantastic music. What better way to welcome back Soulful Saturday than to include these icons? This is totally a "Welcome Back Hot, Black and Bitter... now get your lazy ass in gear and actually post to your blog instead of just social media" gift to myself. I'll take it! As we welcome the cooler temperatures of the Fall, I will be spending more time here on the blog... listening to good music, dropping my opinions and reporting on the abundance of fuck shit happening in my country. So, until shit gets too real let's listen to some kick ass 70's and 80's soft rock, shall we?

Maneater - AKA the Hot, Black and Bitter theme song... when I was single. LOL
I Can't Go For That Sara Smile **When you feel cold, I'll warm you. When you feel you can't go on, I'll come and hold you. It's you and me, Sara Smile.** You Make My Dreams PS- It is the leather pants for me! LOL

Thursday, April 02, 2020

As For Me and My House...

It has been a while! Last year I was telling y'all how fucked up my high school was and how I was permanently putting them on the "pay them no mind" list and now... we have a worldwide pandemic on our hands. 2020 has been a ride of clusterfuckery (is that a word? Did I just make up a new word? Y'all check Urban Dictionary and add my shit... and give me credit! Ha!) All that to say, a lot has changed in the last four months. Today marks my family's 21st day of lockdown. Twenty one long ass days, yo! Last day of school for Little Lady K was March 12, hubs has been going to his doctor appointments and we have been getting groceries about once a week. That's it. Your girl is taking lots of deep breaths and drinking more, if I'm being honest. Central Ohio weather hasn't really been cooperating, either. Having a three year old in the house ALL day is... challenging. I'll save those stories for the mommy blog but y'all will NOT guilt me over extended screen time, ok. Don't try me, bitches. But, as for me and MY house... we will remain on lockdown until further notice.

It is getting close to 2PM. In a few minutes my Governor, Mike DeWine is going to have his daily news conference about Ohio's pandemic numbers. He is also going to talk about (and probably prohibit) Church gatherings for the foreseeable future. Now listen, I am always the first to laugh and joke and call myself a heathen on these internet streets. I call myself a heathen in front of my parents (mostly because they know, like nobody else, that it is true), but the truth of the matter is: me and Jesus have a relationship. We go together. He knows my heart. We talk. I grew up in the Church; was a Deacon's kid; got baptized and led our Bible trivia team to victory several years (in a row). I know the Word. I just cuss a little bit. Ok... a lot. I cuss a lot.

Back to DeWine (this lockdown makes my mind wander). So, it is my understanding that churches have seen what is going on during this worldwide pandemic and have been like... "Jesus saves; God will protect; y'all better be in these pews on Sunday." Sir. Ma'am. WHAT?!? Now listen: as noted above, I have been to church. A LOT. Fellowship is important. It helps you navigate this thing called life, BUT... ain't no way y'all should be gathering together on Sundays and breathing on one another. What is wrong with y'all? The state of Ohio isn't letting us have funerals or gatherings of more than 10 people and y'all trying to come together for full services on Sundays? You know what is more important than being around people you not so secretly talk about every day EXCEPT Sunday? Breathing.

Jesus gave us all discernment. He gave some of us wisdom. He gave most of us this thing called the internet. The only way churches should be getting together for services is over a lifestream. Stop endangering your parishioners. Stop being stupid and blaming it on God. Use some common sense and stay at home.

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