Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Marc Broussard - Let Me Leave

AMAZING... this year's lesson in a song. Here's to no more time wasted on unrequited love. Sing it Marc!! :)

Let me be who I am; Let me leave while I can; you know LOVE DONT FIND THIS SORT OF MAN... so, ladies- let him leave while he can.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Taking the law into your own hands

On Saturday the Chicago Tribune ran a story about a Wauconda (far northern suburbs of Chicago) couple who shot and wounded two masked men that pushed their way into their suburban home. As I laid in bed, reading the story on my BlackBerry, I secretly cheered for the couple that stood up for their rights as homeowners. You see, on Wednesday, December 23, while I was at work, some scumbag broke into my house. When I returned home, my back window was broken, the back door was open and my house had been ransacked. Among my missing items were two of my dogs (which, if you know me, you know those were the FIRST possessions I had to get back), two kennels, the dog food, cell phones- one activated, one not, orange juice from the fridge (rude!!!), groceries (SUPER rude!!), a laundry basket (I am assuming this was taken to assist with lugging all my crap outside) and my peace of mind. They threw clothes around, paper all over the floor, let the remaining dogs roam the house- which was the beginning of an all too different kind of mess for me to clean up. I was...devestated.

Let's stop for a minute and disregard the fact that someone ruined my holiday season- I did not go to see my family and did not celebrate Christmas this year because I was afraid that I would be burglarized again. Let's disregard the fact that only the lowest of the low actually STEAL from others... how low are you that you would steal someone's DOGS???? I mean really. Wow.

Here is the other part of this unbelievable tale- somehow some "good samaritans" found my dogs. The quotes are there because I am not sure if they are actually good or perpetrators of the crime. They "found" my computer too. Actually, they supposedly paid $300 for my computer and now want a reimbursement- which is not going to happen. I can't shoot the jerks that broke into my place, because Mayor Daley- in all his glory- has put into place a law prohibiting law abiding citizens, like myself (mostly) from having hand guns. Usually I complain about that law- even though I doubt that if allowed I would actually own a handgun. I am complaining a lot now. I bet that NO ONE is going to break into that Wauconda home again. Hell, they may not have a break in in the neighborhood anytime soon. Why can't I have security like that in the city of Chicago?? Hmmm- I will figure out a way to make those punks pay (insert evil laugh here), and I will have to do it within the confines of Chicago law... is public flogging allowable? How about ripping toenails out one by one? This may take a while...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Illinois is Building Revenue! :)

This just in: some Gitmo detainees will be moving...to Illinois. There will be an announcement around 2 CST that the Thomson Correctional facility will be bought by the federal government. This prison will then become a federal facility, housing federal prisoners and up to 100 Gitmo detainees.

I, for one, am excited at the revenue that is headed to my state and the jobs that will be made once this plan is announced by the White House this afternoon. Thomson is located about 150 miles from Chicago, in an economically depressed, rural community. That part of Illinois needs jobs and CLEARLY the state needs the federal dollars. Maybe the state will be able to use these monies to begin to dig out of the economic hole our politicians have dug for us?

Critics have said that this is just asking for violence to come to Chicagoland. Um, isn't violence already in Chicagoland? Hasn't that been proven in this blog and a copy of a newspaper from any given day since the 80s? Does it make sense to turn down money- for a facility that hardly used? It was built as a maximum security prison and has been underutilized. The economic situation of the state is dire. We have other maximum security prisons in this state- are opponents as outraged about the locations of those prisons or the people contained therein? If President Obama is truly going to close Gitmo, why let that money go to another state?? Until Mark Kirk and other complainers can answer those questions, I am an excited voter. Welcome to the map, Thomson, Illinois. ;)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Will today be a day that lives in infamy?

Today, I think that I will be severely disappointed by our President. This evening, Barack is all set to tell the American public about our progress(?) in Iraq and Afghanistan, and how many more troops he will be responsible for sending to fight a war against unknown assailants. I am not a fan. I will not be a fan after a flashy speech.

Throughout my blog, it is evident that I am an Obama supporter. After this speech tonight, I have a feeling that, although I will still like him, I will not love him, if that makes sense. There are several reasons why. The first reason being: one of his campaign platforms was he was going to end the war. Now, I am not so naïve, I DO realize that people will say whatever they think the majority wants to hear BUT when lives are at stake...one would think that promises dealing with that might actually be followed through with. Lives ARE at stake, not just abroad, but stateside too.

True enough, I am not putting my life on the line as I lay here on my bed, typing out this blog entry, but the American way of life is at stake. The truth of the matter is: we simply can NOT afford to continue fighting a war. Our country is facing high deficits, high unemployment, high poverty, high foreclosure, etc. The citizens of this country cannot afford 20 billion dollars a month, for God knows how long, to fight a war for "democracy". Is that even what we are fighting for? How will we pay for this "democracy"? Why are we (the United states of America) responsible for everyone else??

I think that our government takes on that responsibilty. What Barack (and our elected officials) need to realize is the USA does not need to be the police superpower of the world. We don't have to rescue everyone- and everyone does not want our help. Here's a novel idea, let's not give it to them. Who is helping us in our time of need? We have historically bailed out other countries (like more than half of Europe after WWI and WWII) yet here we are stuggling, and no one comes to our aid except China. What will we do if that loan comes due? So, we are risking the lives of our young people, the financial stability of our country and the lifestyles of our grandchildren, for what? So we can say that we have "helped" another country? So we can spread our form of democracy? So we can create more enemies? By no means am I saying that we should be isolationists. In this world market atmosphere that would never work, but I do think that we can better prioritize what we spend our energies on. Seems to me that we should worry about Americans having jobs and being able to afford their homes, first and foremost. Just like most Americans are having to do, the government is going to have to decide what is more important.

So, Barack think about that before you sign the paperwork to ship off 30,000 more brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, cousins...friends. Think about all those people that elected you thinking that somehow, somewhere you would follow through and end the war for our troops. This may be the one time when a politician shouldn't be a liar...one time when a campaign promise should be upheld. If you never voted for the war while in the Senate, now is not the time to start...
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