Friday, October 24, 2008

Sarah is Crying

I ventured to the Chicago Tribune's website late last night and read the interview with S. Palin about the $150,000 that was spent on her appearance- starting with the RNC until now. Wow, what would I look like if I had $150,000 disposable cash to spend on my appearance? I digress. 

In her interview with the Trib Sarah says "It is kind of hard to be criticized for something when all the facts are not out there..." I agree. We should stop that. First, I would recommend that the McCain campaign stop criticizing Barack Obama with half truths and then I would consider caring about Sarah's hurt feelings... But again, I digress.  She admits that she has been wearing high priced clothing, but says at the end of the campaign they will be given away or auctioned off for charity. Most clothes have not been worn... so Sarah says.

Sarah, who was joined at the interview by her husband and their overly publicized baby Trig, says that she is concerned because the American public (reporters included) seem to care more about her wardrobe and appearance than her policies.  Hmmm? Let's think about this for just one minute. Sarah Palin, who has been avoiding the press for the last few months, now wants to cry that there is a double standard and we should listen to her policies??? What policies? This chick doesn't even know what the Bush Doctrine is... and if she did it wouldn't matter because until this week she has not been granting interviews (I would hardly consider the earlier travesties with Katie C. interviews...)

Now that the negative attacks against Obama/Biden are not working and the polls are suggesting that the American public does not want to hear the terrorist rhetoric, the Muslim rhetoric or anything about Bill Ayers... Now that the GOP has had time to properly coach her on what they stand for... NOW she wants to talk about policy? This charade is so infuriating.  Why does the GOP think that women are so foolish that they will fall for this moron? 

She hates the double standard and would like to think that she has more to bring to the table than just a pretty face, but in the midst of the interview she starts to cry. She does not want the media to look at her private life, but she wants to put her children in the public eye for her own gain.  She does not want to give interviews, but she wants the media to make sure the American public knows her policies.  She once told Hilary that she needed to plow through the double standard (video is included under the month of September in this very blog) but she wants everyone to know that the double standard exists and it is not fair.  Woman, make up your mind!! The GOP has Palin out there looking like a psycho. You cannot be everything to everyone. Pick a stance and go with it. I am even more concerned because somehow the GOP thought that bringing this chick on the ballot was going to fly with American women.  Of all the QUALIFIED republican women out there, they came up with Sarah Palin?  As an Independent who is voting Democrat I can admit (and I do) that there are some very bright, greatly qualified republican women out there. Somehow the GOP thought that Palin was the cream of the crop. Does that speak volumes about the GOP, or about what they think about the standards and the intelligence of their constituency? 

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Election Fights and more silliness

I believe that this is the most important election in the History of America.  I am not typing that because it has become the "press release" for both parties. I am not typing it because it sounds good, or because no matter who takes office, some historical feat will be laid to rest. I am saying that this election is the most important in American history because I have lost "friends" because of my stance on this election.  Before going forward, I should say that I know I will not lose any REAL friends over my political beliefs, so this entry is simply about how ridiculous people are being, not about hurt feelings or friend loss.  Nothing contained here has adversely affected me, but I do find it amusing, therefore worthy of a mention.
So, the first "friend" that I lost was MB. MB and I were friends on a social networking site. He is convinced that Barack Obama is a terrorist and part of the so called Chicago machine- both of which he left on my "page" on this social networking site.  I, being the lovely instigator that I am, disagreed with him AND challenged him to give me some facts. Unable to do that, he decided to call me immature for commenting on Bristol Palin, and also told me that I was drinking Barack's "kool-aid"... Needless to say, he was so upset and his little feelings were so hurt that he "de-friended" me. I have to admit that I laughed. Since the de-friending MB has sent me a couple of messages to my personal email address, to which I have of course said that if he wants to share views with me he can do it on my wall, in the open, where everyone can see. If not, there really is no reason to send me anything... so he sends me nothing!
Another "friend" that I lost was MV. Same social website. MV was bold... what happens with bold men? I give them a chance to be bold, then shatter the dream. MV was no different. He left me a message, where all of my friends on the site could see. It said: "lets give lazy people welfare check j. no way in hell should obama become president!!... you have disturbed a republican." That is it... I edited my name out, but you get his point.  He then goes on to say that Obama is a Muslim with terrorist connects (his exact words), Obama voters are scavengers, and that this is not a robin hood movie (talking about this 'redistribution' of wealth that John McCain is harping on...). Now, let's see... could we see that this was about to get ugly? Yeah. I could see it coming.  Again, this took place on my wall. Everyone can see it, so I have to respond... and I did. It was not fun for MV.  I don't care if you disagree with me... well, I do, but you better be able to back your statements up- especially if they are public.  So here is what went down. I challenged MV, of course! How do you know that Obama is a muslim? Does it matter? (Of course not) Has Obama actually told you about some mass 'redistribution' or are you just repeating what you heard at a McCain rally?  How am I a scavenger? Show me, tell me, Explain to me... What did I get? Nothing. I pointed out some things in my manner... which is not always nice and he didn't like it. I believe that the last thing he wrote was that I lost a caring, intelligent and trustworthy friend. Really? Did I? I don't think so. I think that he lost an argument and he can't handle it. Here's the deal: All I want it for my friends to vote. I have tons of friends who are Republicans... just like I have friends who are Michigan fans. Do I make fun of them? YES. Do they deserve it? YES. Does that mean that I want them to mirror me exactly? NO.
I think that voting is important, even if you don't vote for my guy. BUT before you come to me and bring me some crazy nonsense about why I should vote for your person, be able to EXPLAIN to me why you are voting for that person. Simple enough, right? Don't tell me some stupid shit like you are voting for Barack because he is Black... that is absurd. At least have some portion of policy that you agree with, not just his skin color. Don't tell me that you are voting for McCain because he is a vet. Tell me something else that excites you about his policy and what he brings to the table.  Be able to articulate why you favor your party, politician, etc. Not just some rhetoric that you heard on a commercial. We have the power to choose who is going to lead this country out of what can be said to be deplorable conditions.  I think we owe it to ourselves to be informed. 
And for those two young men, MB and MV, perfect those debating skills before you challenge a credible foe. I like to make boys cry! :)  

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The McCain-Palin Mob

I have no problem with believing in your party. I believe in Barack. I love his ideals and what he stands for BUT I will NOT make as ass out of myself by denying that I know about the other party running. I will not embarrass myself and pretend like my candidate is the best thing since sliced bread. I will say that Barack Obama is the candidate that best represents what I am looking for. The people in this video cannot even say that. They are embarrassments to the state and I am sickened that these people have some say in the Presidency.
Please be able to tell WHY you are backing a candidate- take a note kids, don't be like the adults in this video...
They make Ohioans look like crazy people.

Misconceptions of Obama

Seriously, being an Ohioan by birth, this video makes me sad. Every Ohioan should look at this video and it should make them cringe. Really? Obama thinks that whites are trash?? When did he say that? I know where St. Clairsville is and it is scary that these people actually show their faces and say those words. I think that in the old days they called gatherings like this klan meetings.
Should be a sad day in Ohio and we should come out in massive numbers to prove this small faction of Ohioans wrong. Shame! SMH.

Monday, October 13, 2008


This is just one of those articles that makes you want to slap someone.  This guy is a winner...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Town Hall Debate- Did he just say that?

Ok- I have not commented directly on a debate, Presidential or Vice Presidential, until tonight. I feel like I have to. No secrets here. I am speaking from a biased point of view. You can scroll down and see that I am no republican. I think that W. is a moron, who made it to office simply because of the Christian conservatives and who his father is.  I think that the GOP does not look out for the interests of the vast majority; those of us who are in middle America; those of us who have to work more than one job to pay bills, a mortgage, college tuition, car payments, etc.  In my heart of hearts, I do not think that the republicans care if I make it or not, or if I loose my house to foreclosure... I take that back, if it were going to hurt them financially, then they MIGHT care.  
With that said, I do not agree with all Democrats either. I think that both parties have a tendency to get to Washington and forget what got them there. So, I am gladly an Independent. I have voted for republicans before, sure I will do it again- never for President, but I digress.
Tonight, John McCain referred to Barack Obama as "that one"... whoa. Do I even have to explain why that was inappropriate? Do I even have to tell anyone why that kind of talk (whether it was a slip or not) is unacceptable in a PRESIDENTIAL debate? What would be the reaction if Barack said the exact same thing?? I am not one to automatically pull out the race card, but really, "that one" is something that I would envision was said when buying slaves on the auction block. I am truly offended by McCain's choice of words and believe that he should issue an apology.  The complete disregard that I felt when he said that cannot be described. As a politician, you HAVE to know when your words will be hurtful; when they will be inappropriate; when they will be seen in a bad light.  If I can't trust John McCain in a town hall meeting debate, how can I be sure he won't have a slip of the tongue in a diplomatic meeting with another country? Feel free to comment... 
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