Friday, October 24, 2008

Sarah is Crying

I ventured to the Chicago Tribune's website late last night and read the interview with S. Palin about the $150,000 that was spent on her appearance- starting with the RNC until now. Wow, what would I look like if I had $150,000 disposable cash to spend on my appearance? I digress. 

In her interview with the Trib Sarah says "It is kind of hard to be criticized for something when all the facts are not out there..." I agree. We should stop that. First, I would recommend that the McCain campaign stop criticizing Barack Obama with half truths and then I would consider caring about Sarah's hurt feelings... But again, I digress.  She admits that she has been wearing high priced clothing, but says at the end of the campaign they will be given away or auctioned off for charity. Most clothes have not been worn... so Sarah says.

Sarah, who was joined at the interview by her husband and their overly publicized baby Trig, says that she is concerned because the American public (reporters included) seem to care more about her wardrobe and appearance than her policies.  Hmmm? Let's think about this for just one minute. Sarah Palin, who has been avoiding the press for the last few months, now wants to cry that there is a double standard and we should listen to her policies??? What policies? This chick doesn't even know what the Bush Doctrine is... and if she did it wouldn't matter because until this week she has not been granting interviews (I would hardly consider the earlier travesties with Katie C. interviews...)

Now that the negative attacks against Obama/Biden are not working and the polls are suggesting that the American public does not want to hear the terrorist rhetoric, the Muslim rhetoric or anything about Bill Ayers... Now that the GOP has had time to properly coach her on what they stand for... NOW she wants to talk about policy? This charade is so infuriating.  Why does the GOP think that women are so foolish that they will fall for this moron? 

She hates the double standard and would like to think that she has more to bring to the table than just a pretty face, but in the midst of the interview she starts to cry. She does not want the media to look at her private life, but she wants to put her children in the public eye for her own gain.  She does not want to give interviews, but she wants the media to make sure the American public knows her policies.  She once told Hilary that she needed to plow through the double standard (video is included under the month of September in this very blog) but she wants everyone to know that the double standard exists and it is not fair.  Woman, make up your mind!! The GOP has Palin out there looking like a psycho. You cannot be everything to everyone. Pick a stance and go with it. I am even more concerned because somehow the GOP thought that bringing this chick on the ballot was going to fly with American women.  Of all the QUALIFIED republican women out there, they came up with Sarah Palin?  As an Independent who is voting Democrat I can admit (and I do) that there are some very bright, greatly qualified republican women out there. Somehow the GOP thought that Palin was the cream of the crop. Does that speak volumes about the GOP, or about what they think about the standards and the intelligence of their constituency? 


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