Sunday, November 25, 2012

What Forgiveness Gave You...

I took a lot of flack for THIS post. When I wrote that earlier this year, my email account was set ablaze by all the people who kept saying that "people deserve a second chance" and "one event should not define a person." Hmm. Today Chris Brown took to his Twitter account and showed all of us what a second, third, fourth and fifth chance will give you. Craziness.

Just in case the screen shot is too small (and the tweets have been deleted), I'll type out the pertinent entries. Let's see, he says "Just ask Rihanna if she mad?????" If that doesn't do it for you, how about Let me leave this bitch alone... It's good to know my worth by listening to a bitch that is worthless #iwin" And if that doesn't help you see what a moron he is, how about "The funniest shit is not giving a fuck." Those don't include the instructions he gave a woman on how to suck his dick or how he wanted to shit in her eye. Yes, SHIT in her EYE. While I was writing this entry this dummy has (finally) decided that maybe Twitter is not for him and deleted his account-- though I am SURE that he will put it back up once he takes his medication.

This fool keeps showing people over and over again that he does not care about you, your momma, your sister, women in general. Yet people, particularly in the Black community, are so quick to come to his defense at every turn. Why??? He does not deserve it and the undying devotion is unintelligent and nauseating. I want to punch him in the nuts. The fact that he is so unapologetic and SO amazingly unstable SHOULD be enough for people with common sense to not fuck with this dumb ass anymore... but as we all know, common sense is not so common. The fact that he is such a pig to women, YET women continually throw themselves at him is fucking disgusting.  Shame on you supporters... and for those of you in the Black community... if you were actually more intent on BEING a role model instead of LOOKING for a role model in these so called superstars (musicians, athletes, whomever) maybe we would be better off as a community.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

That Just Happened?!

So, we all know that i have moved back to my hometown. The streets sometimes look a little different, but mostly things are the same as they were 16 years ago-- people included. Let me type what happened last night after I got off work... when I was traumatized.

I work second shift and if I don't stop for food after work my stomach starts to eat itself while I am sleeping. Ok, that is slightly dramatic, but suffice it to say, I am starving after work. There is a Subway, not that far from my house, that is open 24 hours. I pull up in the parking lot and see someone that looks vaguely familiar. It is after 1 in the morning so I am super hesitant to say anything, but hey... I'm me, so I call out his name (which I will NOT post... BECAUSE he is a relative. Not like a first cousin or someone I have to see at reunions BUT a freaking relative nonetheless). Here is how the conversation went:

Me: Hey, it has been so long since I have seen you! How are things?

Him: Good! Look at you, looking all good.

Me: (taken aback... mostly because I am still wearing my work uniform) Thanks.

Him: So, are you involved or what?

Me: (taken further aback because we are RELATED). Yes, I am involved. You never know, I might get married some day. Hahahahaha. (that would be laughing away awkwardness).

Him: Oh yeah? I'm getting married in April.

At this point, y'all, I had to leave the conversation. He commented again, twice actually, how I was "looking real good"... I said my goodbyes and exited stage left. Seriously?! As a RELATIVE, did you just hit on me? Then tell me you are getting married in 5 months? Did that really happen? I'm not ready for this crazy shit. Traumatized.


Monday, November 05, 2012

Election 2012 - Final Thoughts Before the Polls

So, there have been many questions sent my way, mostly asking how I could vote for Obama, since he has ruined our country. That is what the emails say... the current President has RUINED our country. Who knew? Certainly not me. I live in Ohio. The state capital, so I am... privy to every political commercial, maneuver, trick, lie and ploy on a rotating basis. The metro areas of Ohio tend to vote Democratic, however the population of the outskirts LOVE the Republicans. Ohio has a LOT of electoral votes, so what happens here generally has an effect of every election. So, why would I use my vote to keep our President in the White House? Why not go the way of some of my friends and vote for Mitt? Why is Hot, Black and Bitter endorsing Barack Obama? Here are my final thoughts on this crazy election cycle:

I am a woman and I don't like men making decisions for me. I do not believe that MEN should affect my ability to see a doctor, get birth control, use my right to receive a safe abortion, receive equal pay for a job or give birth the way that I want to. There is no way that I would vote to put someone in the White House that could threaten my rights as a woman... and Mitt Romney does NOT represent my interests as a woman. (And neither do his little cronies-- remember the comments about rape from Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.)

I have lots of friends who belong to the LGBT community. I do not want to see their rights get trampled on. I do not believe that if they have the right to marry, my rights are diminished. I will never allow for the rights of a community to be taken away and say nothing. I do not believe that you can judge someone because of who they love and would love to point at right now that 55 years ago, my boyfriend and I would be unable to marry, simply because we are different races. Why would I put that burden on someone else, or vote for someone who would do that?

I did not go into the Obama Administration thinking that Barack was going to be the savior of my people. There are some (Black) people who are not going to vote for Barack because in 2008 they were touting him as a savior for the Black community. I never suffered under that delusion. I knew there was a rough road ahead AND that his agenda would not be (and should not be) a Black agenda. I'm not mad... the United States is not only made up of Black people. But I certainly will NOT be voting for a person who seems to want Black people to retake their seats at the back of the bus.

I am an animal lover... and the story about Mitt strapping his dog, in a carrier, to the roof of the family car while on vacation was too much. If you cannot respect animals, you probably have limited amounts of respect for people who are helpless (temporarily or permanently). If you are unable to be sympathetic or empathetic to someone (or something) who can do nothing for you, I find it impossible to think that you can rule effectively-- especially in these dire economic times.

Speaking of dire economic times... I really don't want to start over with some new President that does NOT have a good economic record. Massachusetts does not have a great record under Mitt Romney... and now he wants to expand his plan to 50 states? No thank you.

I also don't believe that students should have to go into debt they will never be able to crawl out from under, simply to pay for college; health care should be aright afforded to all American citizens; social welfare programs, while needing a severe makeover, are absolutely necessary and should be used for the betterment of American citizens-- not done away with; and the economy should be dealt with immediately and which ever party refuses to work towards a better economy should be penalized harshly. Lastly, I firmly believe that I (personally) am better off than I was 4 years ago. Four years ago, I was unemployed and living in a house with a mortgage that was underwater. That is not the place I am in today. Do I want things to be better? Yes. Who do I think can get me to a better place? Barack Obama.


Saturday, November 03, 2012

Soulful Saturday - Stephanie Mills

Hello early 90s! Ok, ok... some of these songs are from the 80s. Stephanie Mills has a very unique voice and I can't help it, every time I hear her sing I picture her as Dorothy in The Wiz. (She was amazing!) This is some classic,beautiful music. Where is Stephanie?!? I need her to come out with a new album, like yesterday!! Enjoy.

Never Knew Love Like This Before

Feel The Fire

I've Learned To Respect The Power of Love

(Um, this song playing means I will be singing at the top of my lungs... so be prepared)

** I need you; I want you beside me. I trust you; I believe in you. I adore you... I love you so**

I Feel Good All Over

**You and I have what lovers dream about.**

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