Sunday, November 25, 2012

What Forgiveness Gave You...

I took a lot of flack for THIS post. When I wrote that earlier this year, my email account was set ablaze by all the people who kept saying that "people deserve a second chance" and "one event should not define a person." Hmm. Today Chris Brown took to his Twitter account and showed all of us what a second, third, fourth and fifth chance will give you. Craziness.

Just in case the screen shot is too small (and the tweets have been deleted), I'll type out the pertinent entries. Let's see, he says "Just ask Rihanna if she mad?????" If that doesn't do it for you, how about Let me leave this bitch alone... It's good to know my worth by listening to a bitch that is worthless #iwin" And if that doesn't help you see what a moron he is, how about "The funniest shit is not giving a fuck." Those don't include the instructions he gave a woman on how to suck his dick or how he wanted to shit in her eye. Yes, SHIT in her EYE. While I was writing this entry this dummy has (finally) decided that maybe Twitter is not for him and deleted his account-- though I am SURE that he will put it back up once he takes his medication.

This fool keeps showing people over and over again that he does not care about you, your momma, your sister, women in general. Yet people, particularly in the Black community, are so quick to come to his defense at every turn. Why??? He does not deserve it and the undying devotion is unintelligent and nauseating. I want to punch him in the nuts. The fact that he is so unapologetic and SO amazingly unstable SHOULD be enough for people with common sense to not fuck with this dumb ass anymore... but as we all know, common sense is not so common. The fact that he is such a pig to women, YET women continually throw themselves at him is fucking disgusting.  Shame on you supporters... and for those of you in the Black community... if you were actually more intent on BEING a role model instead of LOOKING for a role model in these so called superstars (musicians, athletes, whomever) maybe we would be better off as a community.



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