Monday, June 08, 2015

Manic Monday - McKinney, Texas

I cannot even deal. By now everyone with access to the internet/interwebs/Madame Google has seen the now infamous video of a rogue cop brutalizing Black children at a pool party. I chose those words very carefully-- rogue cop brutalizing Black children... because truly, that is what happened. I took to my personal Facebook page and aired my digest with the whole situation. I have laid out arguments about police brutalization on this blog before and honestly, my argument has not changed.

I should not have to change my reaction to bad behavior by police, so that they can feel better about themselves. I should not have to kiss their asses so they won't see me as a threat and end my life. I should not have to tell people that racism is real. I should not get blow back from acquaintances who have absolutely no clue about the life I live, or the treatment that I get from police on a regular basis.

You know what? I refuse to believe that people see these viral videos and immediately think that they are fake. People know that this shit is actually going down. They excuse the behavior because (and I am about to hurt some "liberal" feelings) they believe the stereotypes. Some of them believe that minorities deserve this degradation, but would never say so out loud. But their actions (or non action) says it, loud and clear. That statement is for my silent white friends, my silent Asian friends, and most definitely my silent Black friends. Silence is acceptance. There were other police officers there, parents and adults and not ONE attempted to step in and get the cop under control. When he threw that little girl to the ground, several times, there were adults right there. Silent adults who, through their actions, screamed their acceptance of his awful behavior. For me, that is the truly despicable part.

I will continue to speak out. I will continue to fight. I will continue to be dismayed at the bad behavior of the few and he willful blindness of the many.

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