Friday, October 31, 2014

A Hot, Black and Bitter Video?

It was never my plan to be a video sensation... and that still hasn't happened! ;) What seems like a million years ago, I went to a blogging conference at Cedar Point. It was not a million years ago, it was in September, but in Hot, Black and Bitter time a month and a half is a million years ago (what do you want from me? I can barely remember what I did yesterday!)

At this conference Lefty and I met a ton of nice people, was able to put names and faces together (which is always a little hard when you 'talk' to people online exclusively) and we were able to get a few tips to make our blogging better. While sitting in a session, I met this cute lady who was talking about sitting down and putting our ideas on video. Say what? I mean, doesn't she know that I am too sassy for face to video communication?! In our session she (Doctor G) told us that we should make a goal for videos, write down how many we want to post per month and make it happen. Again, I am very comfortable with the blog, not so much with the video-- or a camera for that matter. Instead of senior pictures, my mother followed me around school one day and took pictures of me, NO LIE. I am just not all that comfortable with picture taking/video producing.

That being said, I always have smartass responses for any and everything that happens around me. I am very vocal (surprise), very opinionated (surprise again) and just about always right (so says my Lefty, because he loves me). Plus, I made a commitment when I spoke with Doctor G. Since I promised that I would post videos... I made one. For the remainder of the year, I said that I wanted to make ONE video per month (nothing like starting out slow, right? And not for nothing, nothing like waiting till the last freaking minute, HELLO October 31, 11:30 pm!)

My hope is that these limited number of videos will show that I am much more than JUST a smartass keyboard ninja, I am an actual human being and that I am not always bitter... because I am not (about 5% of the time). Without further adieu, a Halloween video-- kinda. LOL

Friday, October 10, 2014

Winner, Winner - Friday Night Swag

I'm a winner y'all! (More than usual) :) Last month I participated in a fitness challenge at my local YMCA. It was the Mystery Mayhem challenge. Essentially, every three days we would get an email of what we should be doing. We could complete the challenge in one day or take the entire three day period to complete it. Points were accumulated for completing the challenges, sharing it on social media, working out in different ways (swim, bike, group class etc). Because I participated in this challenge, I found a new park to walk in that is near my job AND I took my first Zumba class. So I am expanding my workout prowess, or something like that :)

When I signed up, I knew I was getting a t-shirt but there was also the possibility of winning a Fitbit Flex. At the beginning of this week, I got an email saying I was a winner of a Fitbit Flex!! Now, I know that I am late to the Fitbit party, but hear me out. I don't like getting electronic things when they are in the "testing" period. Like, you don't have to worry about me standing in line for a new iPhone. Let some other sucker work out the kinks... I'll get the second generation. That rule generally serves me well. Very rarely do I have to take things back or participate in recalls. Makes my life easier.

Seems as though this Fitbit is going to make tracking my life easier also, and it came just in time... this week I signed up for the Hall of Fame Half Marathon (again)... I am hoping that the Fitbit helps with training and tracking (the good and the bad). I am also hoping for a better time in the half marathon and, you know, no limping for a week like the last time... sigh! I would like to have a better time, recovery and this time do more running than walking. Oh yeah, and to finish! The goal is to finish! Who knew that finishing 13.1 miles in less than 4 hours was such a hard goal to work with? While we ponder how these happy hips are going to make it another 13.1 miles in April, here are some pictures of my winnings. YES!!

Friday, October 03, 2014

Friday Night Lights - Home Alone

Hey now! I am having a quiet night at home, because married life for this old lady is so exciting! I'm talking red box movies, Donatos pizza and sour patch straws exciting. Throw in some Throwback Mountain Dew and I can hardly control myself! Seriously-- after weeks of sunshine and warmth, the weather here in central Ohio has taken a "fall like" turn on this Friday evening. The sky was looking ominous, rain was falling (and I don't do rain) and I am currently having a come to Jesus moment with my job. Not to mention, there are a couple behind the scenes situations that are stressing me out. In short, I needed a night of silence, bad for you food and sickeningly sweet movies. I mean, who needs to talk when you are watching tear-jerker movies and getting a sugar buzz?

When I stopped at Redbox today I was not thinking that I would find something fantastic because 1. I really was only stopping because I had a coupon and 2. I, um, visit the freaking Redbox more than I should. That is to say, I have seen almost all the movies I've wanted to. So tonight I got Bad Words, featuring Jason Bateman and a documentary called Undefeated. Friday night documentary... oh, the glamorous life. I am going to need you all to hold back all that jealousy. 

I am a little behind the times (shocker) because Undefeated was a critically acclaimed documentary... shot in 2009. It is about turning around an awful football team in North Memphis. It shows the triumphs and defeats of members of the football team; the turmoil of the coach's home life; anger issues; passive aggressive craziness; coming back from injury; the uncertainty of life after high school. It was a good movie. I, generally, am not one for documentaries OR feel good movies-- though I did (do) LOVE Remember the Titans and We Are Marshall, so maybe I am a feel good movie freak?!? 

The featured coach, Mr. Bill Courtney just released a book at the beginning of the summer. You can find it here. I think that I am going to get it from the library after I finish Gone Girl. But, I digress-- I can see why the movie was so well received. Exactly what I needed to see tonight, while there was a dog asleep on my lap... ok, ok he was totally faking sleep, waiting for me to drop some pizza topping on him. Minus the crazy animals, the movie was good and gave me a good ol' kick in the butt jolt (not for football, but, you know, life). So, if you are in need (or in the mood) for a football movie of (mostly) goodness, visit the Redbox, grab Undefeated and grab a glass of wine. Good times, Friday Night Lights. 

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