Saturday, April 28, 2012

Soulful Saturday - Jeffrey Osborne

Soulful Saturday... it has been a while. I figured I better come with something (someone) spectacular after taking such a long break from writing and posting music. Hmmmm-- who could take on that kind of responsibility?! I came up with a few names and landed on Jeffrey Osborne. I mean, seriously, how can 'On the Wings of Love' be beat? It can't! :)

  You Should Be Mine (The Woo-Woo Song)

  Stay With Me Tonight

  The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

  On the Wings of Love (Live)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fed Up Friday - Fakers and the Ungrateful

So... Hello. I am back! I've been writing for the past three weeks, but have also been suffering through some rough times. Rough times usually equal taking care of others who are affected by the bad times and taking better care of yourself so you make it through. Rough times let you know just where you are in your life... who you can trust and who deserves the designation of "acquaintance." Acquaintance... the fail safe category. We all have acquaintances-- um, we don't all have friends. Hard times, a new life, a death, new riches, hard decisions and even betterment of self-- all of these things will bring out the best AND worst in people. These situations WILL let you know where you stand with people. You will find out who your friends are and who considers YOU an acquaintance. The ungrateful and the fake will not withstand anyone else's rough times... they can barely make it through theirs. Haven't had any rough times lately? Good!! I hope that streak continues. Since you may not have experienced fakers and the ungrateful lately, let me give you a few examples.


Have you ever met someone that is just not happy about anything? I mean, I am Hot, Black and Bitter but I have fabulous days. I'm not bitter all the time, every day... just most of the time! :) But I have people that communicate with me who are unhappy EVERY, single day. I mean you can say "good morning" and these are the people that will ask "what is so good about it?" I'm not talking about people who have hit a rough patch, have a crappy job, abusive relationship, real problems. I'm talking about the people who will take to Twitter and Facebook and complain about stupid shit every day. Can't find an outfit for your date? Your favorite shoes got muddy? The guy you liked asked out your friend? The sun didn't shine on your ass this morning? Ahhhh- we don't care. You know what, you selfish bastards? Some people that you passed yesterday did not have the privilege of waking up today. You woke up in order to complain. I get that your job is bad-- um, isn't everyone's? But how about this: you have a job. Especially in this economic climate. There are children that go to sleep hungry. Women who have to sell their body to make money to feed their families. Men who are being driven to steal to feed themselves. Whole families that are homeless and living on the streets of YOUR city. So stop your bitching. Damn.


Uh, you are NOT a model. You are NOT a baller. You are NOT half of what you proclaim and you are NOT friends with all your online "friends." See here is the deal- there are people who will pretend to have everything that they think others want them to have. They strive for social perfection; saying the right things, buying the right things, having the right significant other or the right job. They do things they aren't interested in if it gets them to the top. They are master manipulators, always pushing the buttons of the ones that they want or don't want around. It is sad that at this age, some of my peers are still finding it hard to be themselves. You know, everyone should find someone who loves them for them. Someone who doesn't care that you don't spend a small fortune in the Spring and Fall on your wardrobe. Someone who thinks it is cute when you stay in for the night to read or do laundry. Someone who just gets YOU. Faking it till you make it only works for on job training, let's all remember that.

I guess that after dealing with this death in my extended family I am a serious proponent of living every day to the fullest. Who has time to complain all day? Who has time to pretend to be something you're not? Who has time to feed the egos of people you don't care about and who don't care about you? Why would you put yourself through the changes? Do the stuff that makes you happy. Be around the people that make you happy and show support when you need it. I'm not talking about online support; I'm talking about being there, calling you, making sure that you are making it. And for God's sake: be you.

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