Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Teena Marie- Gone Too Soon

On December 26, 2010 the music world was again robbed. Teena Marie (aka Lady T) died in her sleep at her home in California. She was 54. It is believed that she died of natural causes.
Like most of the ladies that make appearances on my blog, I know when a Teena Marie song comes on the radio. Her voice was so distinctive. To say that she had talent would be the understatement of the century. Much has been made about the fact that her music was often played on "black" radio stations, and that her base of fans were African Americans, that she was Rick James' protege, etc.
I think that Teena Marie just shows us that R&B music transcends race. Talent is talent and R&B doesn't care if you are Black, White or Green... R&B only cares if you have heart and soul, and Teen Marie did!
I am not going to do a montage of videos for her- because everyone else has done that. One single video will suffice. This is my favorite Teena Marie song, from my very first CD. I spent hours singing this song to myself!! It is beautiful. Without further adieu- If I were a Bell. RIP Teena Marie

Punishment for Sexting Teenie Weenie Pictures Falls Short

OK- Before I write this small piece about Favre (pun intended), let me give a couple of disclosures-
1. I am a Favre fan (even though I live in Bear country). I think he is one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game and I think that history will be kind to him, even though he probably should have stuck with the second declaration of retirement. Generally, I think he is a stand up kinda guy and that ‘awww, shucks’ Southern accent wins him tons of points in my book!
2. I am a (very) proud graduate of Miami University (and no, jackasses of the world- the name of the university is NOT Miami of Ohio. That state name was added for sports morons who can’t figure out that Miami University is in Oxford, Ohio and the University of Miami is in Miami, Florida). Miami University is often called the cradle of coaches and we have few athletes that are break out stars on the field (but we have some ROCKSTARS in the classrooms- and that is what really matters). One of our rock stars ON the field happens to be Ben Roethlisberger… so Big Ben and I have a common point in our backgrounds—just so everyone can know exactly where I am coming from. Disclosures over, let the rant begin!

I just read on Chicago Tribune’s website that Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Brett Favre, is being fined $50,000 and NOT being suspended for allegedly sexually harassing Jenn Sterger, a staff member for the Jets. Um, WTF?!?! A little over eight months ago, Big Ben was in trouble for allegedly sexually assaulting some girl in a Georgia bar. He was fined and SUSPENDED for six games (later it was revised to four games). Ben was neither charged NOR convicted of a crime, but was held accountable by the League under the Personal Conduct Policy of the NFL- and somehow Brett's situation was not gauged by this Policy at all!
The beginning of said Policy states: “All persons associated with the NFL are required to avoid “conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the National Football League.” This requirement applies to players, coaches, other team employees, owners, game officials and all others privileged to work in the National Football League.” Correct me if I am wrong but leaving unwanted voicemails and taking pictures of your teenie weenie peenie and send them to someone who has expressed no interest in such photos IS conduct detrimental… Right?!
The Policy goes on to say: “It is not enough simply to avoid being found guilty of a crime. Instead, as an employee of the NFL or a member club, you are held to a higher standard and expected to conduct yourself in a way that is responsible, promotes the values upon which the League is based, and is lawful. Persons who fail to live up to this standard of conduct are guilty of conduct detrimental and subject to discipline, even where the conduct itself does not result in conviction of a crime.” Discipline can be handed out for “Violent or threatening behavior among employees, whether in or outside the workplace” or “Conduct that undermines or puts at risk the integrity and reputation of the NFL, NFL clubs, or NFL players.” I think showing the world your… shortcomings have to fall somewhere in there, Brett.

Let me say this: Ben’s behavior was reprehensible. There is no excuse for what he did (and I blogged about that here), however if Roger Goodell wants to hand out suspensions on the hopes that it will clean up the NFL, he needs to hand them out fairly. What is good for one sexually harassing QB is good for another!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

O Holy Night- Kelly Clarkson

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas- Christina Aguilera/Brian McKnight

Come All Ye Faithful- Charlotte Church

This Is Christmas- Luther Vandross

The First Noel- Frank Sinatra

Sleigh Ride- Ronettes

This Christmas- Donny Hathaway

Give Love on Christmas Day- Jackson 5

Joy To The World- Michael Bolton

Silent Night- The Temptations

This Is Christmas- John Lennon

All I want For Christmas- Mariah Carey

Little Drummer Boy- Celtic Woman

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town- Bruce Springsteen

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Song- Nat King Cole

White Christmas- Diana Krall

Silver Bells- Johnny Mathis

Let It Snow- Boyz II Men

Most Wonderful Time of the Year- Peabo Bryson

Please Come Home For Christmas- Jon Bon Jovi

Walking In A Winter Wonderland- Jason Mraz

Deck The Halls- SheDaisy

Jingle Bells- Dean Martin

Do You Hear What I Hear- Whitney Houston

I'll be home for Christmas- Jessica Simpson

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- Christmas in Ohio

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Soulful Saturday- Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam

Remember when videos would tell a story, and not just feature some hootches grinding on an ugly rapper who is throwing money in the air?? I do, and let me tell you- Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam did it better than most!! These videos are the epitome of 80s grandeur. OMG, the fashion, the synthesizers, the... tackiness of mesh shirts and bangs over the eyes. I.LOVE.IT!!
Other than the God awful dancing, the huge earrings and the jheri curls, the fact remains that Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam recorded some of the best, most remembered music of the 80s. If you grew up within 15 miles of my parents house, you knew their music because I BLASTED it, especially my very favorite song (All Cried Out). I am amazed (and not in a good way) that 80s fashions are coming back in style. Please, let's leave the big hair, mullets, shoulder pads and spandex to passed times (please)... but the music can make a comeback. That, I would love. Here's to a fantastic flashback! :)

Lost In Emotion
* that is some set of teeth @ 1:04

I wonder if I take you Home
*Love that interracial love is highlighted in this video!!
*Does the chick @2:15 have her hair fashioned into a unicorn horn? That is NOT allowed!!
*Will you still love me, if I take you home?

Head To Toe

All Cried Out
* Amazingly beautiful
* WHO is that gorgeous man with the Fabio hair in this video? Where can I find him? :)

Extra- All Cried Out was remade in the late 90s by a group named Allure and 112. I actually like this version too! They sound really good together...

And just in case you wanted to know what Lisa Lisa looks like now-a-days... eat your hearts out, she still looks great!!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Soulful Saturday- New Edition

I was inspired to post this after reading all the "reviews" on the Backstreet Boys(BSB)/New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) performance on some music awards show. Twitter was all abuzz about the boy bands coming together and putting on a show. I'll admit it- I LOVED me some Joey McIntyre and Jordan Knight. Wooo, those falsetto voices. Yum. AND I partied in the same bar as AJ McLean when I was in London in 1999. They were cool. You could not have grown up in the late 80s, early 90s without seeing a NKOTB button and some screaming girls in the mall. And you would not have made it through the early 90s without seeing some BSB video or screaming girls on MTV. *sigh* People actually think that a boy band was a novel idea. They thought that there really hadn't been a boy band since the Jackson 5... and boy were they wrong.

I am old enough to remember THE boy band of the 80s (and 90s). These boys were (are) so SMOKING hot. I still know the words to songs that were released the year my sister was born. Five chocolate boys from Boston used to sing to me. I played their cassettes (YES) when I was drifting to sleep, getting dressed, studying, whatever!! I LOVED New Edition. Wooo- Ralph Tresvant- so sexy, even though he had quite the overbite. You couldn't tell me that he was not the best thing walking! That man is 42 and you STILL can't tell me that he isn't beautiful. My sister had a thing for Ronnie DeVoe- I still don't get it, but hey, to each his own! Even Bobby Brown was fresh faced and not a weirdo in the beginning. Let me tell you reader exactly how dedicated I was... My freshman and Sophomore years in COLLEGE, New Edition went on tour. Guess who saw them... TWICE!! LOL Whatevs- those were my babies. I watched them grow up through music videos and there has NOT been one group that can magically transport me back to my youth like them.

R&B plus a little 80s hip hop. You know what? You can't be mad at that!! I think I should dust off my cassettes when I get home and bust a couple moves in my living room for old times sake! I feel like they aren't getting the respect they deserve... so here is my video montage.

Is This The End

Count Me Out

Candy Girl

Cool It Now

Mr. Telephone Man!! :)

Soulful Saturday- New Edition Continued

If It Isn't Love

Can You Stand The Rain

NE Heartbreak

Hit Me Off

I'm Still In Love With You

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