Saturday, April 30, 2011

Soulful Saturday - Brian McKnight

I am traveling today, so I asked on the Hot, Black and Bitter facebook page who you wanted to see for Soulful Saturday and I got my answer- Brian McKnight. I remember the first time I heard him sing. WOW!! That voice is something you can't forget. Ever. He is what soulful Saturdays is about. Can't say that I am too gung ho about the rumors about his personal life, which included hitting his ex wife, but his music life is on point. Maybe he came up with some of these lyrics during a guilty period?! Whatever the case, keep your hands to yourself kids(ok... don't hurt people, that is not nice,but you touch people!) and listen to this silky voice. Happy Saturday!


Back At One

One Last Cry


Crazy Love

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fed Up Friday - End of April Issue

Hello readers!!

It has been a rough week, so I'm fed up about numerous things. Ready? here we go:

Donald Dick- oops, I mean Donald Trump... he IS a dick. Like a walking penis with a bad toupee. I used to put up with him, his show, and that thing on his head, but after this week all I want to do is slap some Jesus INTO him. Ok, is he kidding? I keep thinking that the American public is getting punked. Are there really people out there that believes what he believes? I mean, I will be the first to say- I think some of y'all out there are more than stupid. Some of the people I see on a regular basis can't walk and chew gum at the same time... I always count on a moron being in my presence. ALWAYS. But really? There are actually people who believe that Barack is not an American citizen-- STILL? Granted, there are some things that are completely ass backward in Illinois, but raise your hand if you think that all the citizens of Illinois would vote an illegal alien into the Senate. I mean, we DID have Roland Burris, but he isn't illegal... just an alien.
Back to the dick... such a waste of time. I have no respect for him, those that support him, or the nonsense that he is perpetuating. Donald Dick, you want a cause? Want something to be mad about? Gas prices have almost hit $5 in Chicago, taxes are out of control and we are involved in a two front war... that should hold his dumb ass over for a while.

Do-gooders: ok- I am not fed up with ALL do gooders. Just a select few. A catastrophe happened in Haiti, celebrities everywhere, people giving money, American Red Cross going to help, pictures of Haitians babies all over every newscast for a month. Catastrophe in Japan, same thing. Fundraisers here in Chicago- everyone wants to help. Out pouring of cash and help was AMAZING. Now picture this: oil spill in the gulf that affects several states, wildlife, economies are further broken, people are suffering. And this: tornadoes rip through sleepy southern towns, people die, economies further busted, babies are orphaned, families are torn apart by death... no celebrities, no fundraisers, no... nothing.
WTF?!?!!? That shit happened.... HERE. Where the fuck is your American pride? I swear if someone else asks me to help some children that do not reside in this country, I am liable to slap them. Dude, has everyone forgotten that America is in the middle of some shit? People don't have jobs; our economy is shitty and now states are experiencing death and destruction at the hands of Mother Nature?!?!?! Someone PLEASE have a fundraiser for the people in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and anywhere else affected by the storms. Please renew my faith in American citizens because some of y'all are SO worried about other countries that you are not seeing the needy in your backyard. Shame on you for that.

Royal Wedding: I can't front- I like the idea of it. Horse drawn carriages, a Prince and a Princess. Big party and everyone looking at me, er, I mean, her! But damn, some of you with these blow by blow tweets and Facebook updates. I was like that little kid on the Shining this morning (redrum, redrum, redrum). Seriously, it is cool that you watched, hell, I saw some pics of David Beckham that made me mad that I wasn't up at 4:00 CST to see him roll up to the church, but wow- I wasn't THAT into it and everyone that was, I gave you the side eye this morning- and just now.

Ohio State football, Jim Tressel and all that: look,y'all WILL stop hating on my coach, my team, my hometown. And I'm not playing. Tressel is a good coach- and before you say something stupid, it is not because he beats michigan every year, because they are so sorry that anyone could do that. Those kids believe what he is selling them. The graduation rate has gone up. When interviewed about the trouble that they have gotten into, more than one athlete has said that they are sorry they disappointed their coach. Haters everywhere are so quick to say that he should be fired. Then guess who else should be fired? Everyone- because regardless of whether or not they have been caught (YET), every coach is guilty of doing some dirt. EVERY one. Pretty little cheerleaders are assigned to athletes, money exchanges hands, special consideration is given in classes. That happens everywhere. Let's not be naive. So how about this... Get a life. Jim Tressel is going to pay his fine, serve his suspension and win some more. If Ohio State was smart, they would have him winning for them. Everyone else needs to shut the hell up (yeah, I am totally looking at you Kirk Herbstreit). If you don't sign Tressel's checks, now is the time for you know your role and pump your brakes. Shut up and let my man work.

Honorable mentions go out to: the assholes standing on the corner during the rainstorm this week- weirdos; the lady with the chinese food on a hot ass train car; my co-worker- even after I totally read you the riot act; people who act like they are your friend- but aren't; and people who act like they don't care in front of others and then try to be all up on you when no one is around... I see you! ;)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lesson Learned. Price Paid.

A Modern Love Story

Once upon a time there was a girl who fell for a Son Of A Gun... (This song is about you... Playa) She was amazing... and blinded by a great smile and some nice words.

He would flash that smile and say all the right things. He realized (for a half a second) what a dynamite woman he had and was overtaken by insecure thoughts, and before long, she walked away with a broken heart. Knowing that he was acting like a douche bag, he never apologized but he did try to be nice. She wasn't down for round two. So, on his next attempt she gave him the I learned from the best train of thought...

His one feeling was kinda hurt, he walked away. Into the arms of a whore (takes one to truly appreciate one, right?) Her spirit broken, she limped away. Time passes quickly, hearts heal slower than we would like. Just when everyone thought she would never recover... Oh, she triumphantly returned to her former self!! Now she hums I Will Survive, while getting ready for her high powered days, with her head held high and her pimp game back on track. All the while, he stammers along with a ho in tow...

Does she miss the good times? Yeah. She knows that if he knew how to act right, they could have been Rolling In The Deep. But her good intentions were outweighed by his trashy stupidity. And those good times were few and far between the times of lies and bad behavior.

Now, everytime she sees him she wants to SCREAM: Fuck You and the horse you rode in on!! You give love a bad name, and all that jazz... But she keeps it classy, always sassy... she is never without.

Why? Because she knows that one day, he'll look back with regret. He crossed that Thin Line Between Love and Hate and is a sorry excuse for a man, who (somehow) gained the (short lived) love of an amazing woman. A love that his superficial, trashy ass will never see again. You see-- Karma is a bitch. And she bites twice as hard as any scorned lover. Lesson learned: Be careful with other people's hearts... because when it is your turn on the love roller coaster, you most definitely get what you have given.

This love story can be summerized with the following song... :) Uh huh...

Happy Wednesday! ;)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Soulful Saturday- The Girl Groups

Just a few blasts from the past to enjoy on Saturday night! ;)

Karyn White - Superwoman

Key Lyrics:
*Now you say the juice is sour, it used to be so sweet... and I can't help but wonder if you're talking about me.
*I'm not your superwoman.

Pebbles (w/ Babyface) - Love Makes Things Happen

Key Lyrics:
*You can be a married man w two kids and a good woman. And you can give your heart and soul, I swear it don't mean nothing, cuz love can pull you deep into a spell- it will spin your mind around like a carousel.
*Love make things happen. You never know where it's coming from; you never know you're gonna love.

Lisa Fischer - How Can I Ease The Pain?

Key Lyrics:
*I feel your fire, then I lose my self control.
*Every time that I let you in, you take away something deep within. A fool for love is a fool for pain, but I refuse to love you again.

Lisa Stansfield - All Woman

Key Lyrics:
*I may not be a lady, but I'm ALL woman. From Monday to Sunday, I work harder than you know. I'm no classy lady, but I'm ALL WOMAN.
*This woman needs a little love to make her strong.

Michel'le - Something in My Heart

Key Lyrics:
*There's no reason we should be apart. Cuz searching for something not there will leave two lonely hearts.
*There's something you should know- there's something in heart...

SWV - Weak

There are no key lyrics, because we ALL know ALL the lyrics. Sing it LOUD!! :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Blog List

I got an email asking me what blogs I read on a regular basis. I read a LOT of blogs. I need to get better at commenting on the posts that I enjoy, but even if I don't comment, please know that I read them and love that there are people who document what is going on around them! Here is a sampling:

So, I always show some Ohio love, and this blogger falls right into that category. Her blog is hilarious. No seriously- picture me with tears rolling down my cheeks while reading about her newest exploits. I don't know her personally (it is true that not ALL Ohioans know each other) but she she seems like the kinda girl I could enjoy more than a few drinks with!! Mrs. Brittany Gibbons, everyone! (Barefootfoodie)

I took a look at my blog roll and I follow a LOT of Southerners. I wonder why that is. Maybe it was the year I spent in Tennessee, before I trekked off to law school, or maybe it is my newest fascination with Mint Julips and Arnold Palmers- year round. Whatever it is, here are some links to Southerners that warm my heart!
A Blonde Ambition
For the Love of Stilettos
Miss Janice
Pearls and Grace
Politics and Pearls

Of course I follow lots of food blogs :) Yes. Food is awesome and I have a love affair with it. There is always thoughts of sugar plums and other sweets dancing around in my head. Sooooo yummy. Anyway- here is a sampling of some food blogs that rock my world:
Pinch My Salt
The View From the 32nd Floor
The Whole Kitchen
Passionate About Baking
Not So Humble Pie
Albion Cooks
My Kitchen Chaos

As you can see, I am getting closer and closer to actually writing that "Day in the Life" blog post... because now you know what I read on the way to work (Twitter) and from work (Blogs). Have you figured out that I spend a large amount of the day reading and reflecting? Know what they call that? A very opinionated NERD... and I love almost every minute of it!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Early Morning Twitter

A special shout out to @berealblack4me and @tyrese for inspiring this post.

I should totally do a day in the life post. You know, where I tell you what my typical day looks like; what exactly I am doing while I lie in wait to judge your latest mistake- LOL. Well, this won't be a complete "day int eh life" but below is a small portion of my morning.

I live on the far south side of Chicago. Think almost 120 blocks south of downtown. The el does not come down to my neighborhood- but I do live within the Chicago city limits. I work downtown, so every morning I ride the train. Metra- think local Amtrak. Metra services the suburbs and those of us in the city without el access. My ride is approximately 33 minutes long; just long enough that I have to occupy my time, but not enough time to really get into something. So what do I do? Read Twitter posts, drink coffee and laugh at people. Early morning Twitter posts are HI-larious. Some people should not let total strangers into their stream of consciousness. But they do, every morning and every morning, there I am reading their thoughts with a steamy cup of coffee.

This morning was a little different. Generally when I tune in I see Tyrese's latest piece of advice for women. Yes, Tyrese Gibson. No, I generally don't agree with him... I think a month ago, he was advising women to try to work it out with their men after he did some "dirt" because real love forgives, and women should build their men up... I am of the thinking that by the time a "man" comes to me, he should be a man and not trying to hump everything walking. Whatever, that is a completely different conversation, because TODAY Tyrese was talking to men. (Which, just as an aside, he should stick to. Don't be a man, telling me how to be a better woman... especially if you 1. don't have a woman and 2. aren't married. You aren't a woman, you have no idea what we go through every day and I am not interested in where YOU think I can improve. I digress.)

This morning Tyrese spoke to men about being in the streets and how ridiculous it is. His first tweet says "MEN... Stop all this dumb shit you doing on the block. Them same dudes you tryna impress will NOT put money on your books or VISIT you #Period" Dude, kudos for saying it. As the seasons change here in Chicago, and violent crimes begin to go up, especially in my neighborhood, I appreciate that someone is telling these goofballs how life REALLY is versus what they think will happen. What brought on this tweeting to "the block"? Gibson says that we NEED our men- and I couldn't agree more. The sins of foolish young boys have very real consequences these days. People are going to jail FOR LIFE. Juvenile offenders are being charged as adults, there is mandatory sentencing for crimes... young men need to know that youthful foolishness is NOT being tolerated- and, with all his nonsense about how to be a better woman aside, I am so happy that Tyrese chose to speak on that this morning. If you are on Twitter you should follow him-- but only pay attention when he is tweeting to the correct demographic! :)

The other twitter buddy that made my morning? This guy who's twitter handle is @berealblack4me. So, I have to admit that he usually brightens my day. There were a couple tweets were I was like, um no... but I generally disagreeable so that is to be expected. :) The hashtag that he uses almost every day is #StopBeingImpressedByMediocrity... See, you HAVE to love that!! He has a great love for Black women, natural hair and real booties. The man knows what he likes! LOL But this morning, he was talking to the guys. One of the first tweets I read this morning said "Bruhs... ask her who she is, and then show her who you are. #GoDeeper" Then I went back a few tweets and found THIS gem "Bruhs, stop smoking so much weed, and invest that money (& time) into your children and on becoming a better man for your family #GoDeeper" OMG- someone was speaking the truth on Twitter this morning!! He was full of great advice and I was happy to see it this morning. You know why? Because often times when someone speaks about Black men, the first thing that they say is Black men suffer, life is hard for a Black man, you don't understand... And that MAY be true. But y'all know that I am not an advocate for treating anyone like a victim. We all make choices. We all get to where we are by choices that we make. Poppa Hot, Black and Bitter is a strong Black man. He will be the first to tell you that his choices have not always been right; he hasn't always done the right thing... but he works his ass off for his family, and if push came to shove, I know I can always call Daddy. He is not a victim. He made some choices that weren't great and he learned from it. In order to that- someone had to hold him accountable.

Accountability. Maybe that is why I loved the tweets this morning. They were thought provoking and they held people-- men-- accountable for their actions. Hmm- now I have to stop before I let y'all into my stream of consciousness! ;)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why We Fight

I'm a realist... mostly. In the back of my mind I do keep an ever growing utopia, where people are nice, I don't answer to anyone, people don't notice my skin color, nor do they judge me about it, I'm a bajillionaire and I have a husband who adores me- every day- even on the days when I don't make it out of my sweatpants. My utopia rocks, just in case you didn't know! :) But I know that when I open my eyes, that place doesn't really exist. I know that I'm not a bajillionaire (yet), people aren't always nice (until I start yelling) and the husband has not made an appearance... yet (where IS that dude? He is super tardy).

I have a friend that always tells me that the reason he gets out of bed in the morning is to make money. He has friends, family and a life that he likes. He goes to work to make money. Well, to throw in my two cents, I get out of bed and write, write, write for... love. Love of country, city, state, friends, family, myself and most of all... love for my freaking utopia. The only way it is going to become real is if I make it real! :) Here's a song that lets us know that dreams are ok. Love will find a way! ;)


Walk blindly to the light and reach out for his hand
Don't ask any questions and don't try to understand
Open up your mind and then open up your heart
And you will see that you and me aren't very far apart

'Cause I believe that love is the answer
I believe that love will find the way

Violence is spread worldwide and there are families on the street
And we sell drugs to children now oh why can't we just see
That all we do is eliminate our future with the things we do today
Money is our incentive now so that makes it okay

But I believe that love is the answer
I believe that love will find the way
I believe that love is the answer
I believe that love will find the way

I've been seeing Lisa now for a little over a year
She said she's never been so happy but Lisa lives in fear
That one day daddy's gonna find out she's in love
With a nigger from the streets
Oh how he would lose it then but she's still here with me
'Cause she believes that love will see it through
And one day he'll understand
And he'll see me as a person not just a black man

'Cause I believe that love is the answer
I believe that love will find the way
I believe I believe I believe I believe that love is the answer
I believe that love will find the way
Love will find the way
Love will find the way
Love will find the way
Please love find the way
Please love find the way

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Soulful Saturday - 80s Edition

Ahhh, the 80s. The decade of crazy clothes, ridiculously tall hair and the middle school years for Miss Hot, Black and Bitter. Oh, the music was fab! I look back at some of these videos and laugh (I'm looking at you, Oran "Juice" Jones and Eddie Murphy), cry and remember. These songs rock!!

The Rain - Oran "Juice" Jones

*Did this man say "you without me is like cornflakes without the milk"??? LMAO!! OMG. Ridiculous.
*You was with the Juice!

Slow Down (Extended Version) - Loose Ends

*Is this the part you take my heart to wipe your feet on?

Baby, Come To Me - Patti Austin & James Ingram


Against the Odds - Phil Collins

*Who DIDN'T have a break up and play this song over and over? This is damn good. Sing it Phil!!!
*Take a look at me now- cause there's just an empty space. And there's nothing left here, to remind me... just the memory of your face.
*And you coming back to me is against all odds, and that's what I've got to face...

True Colors - Cyndi Lauper

*Poster child for the 80s. She is outlandish, colorful and beautiful.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Fed Up Friday- Ahhhh!!

So, I took a little break from Fed Up Fridays because I didn't want to be a "complainer"... Um, now I am of the mindset that if people didn't want to hear me complain, then they wouldn't give me stuff to complain about. That is my story and I am sticking to it. So here is the newest edition of Fed Up Friday.

*Congress: Really? You can't come to an agreement on the budget? We are facing a government SHUT DOWN because both sides are pouting about not getting their way? You are holding out over Planned Parenthood?? Way to go conservatives... you don't seem close minded AT ALL with this move. Our soldiers who are putting their lives on the line for a country that allows "church" groups to picket their funerals may not get paid because you can't figure out how to give the citizens .05% of what they need and still get 80% of what you want? Ooooo, y'all make me sick. The sad thing is... it will always be like this because the vast majority of Americans are too stupid OR lazy OR both to vote you out. Shame on us all.

*People pushing aid for other countries on me: Look, I understand that some detrimental things are occurring in other parts of the world. BUT, there are detrimental things happening HERE also. People are losing their homes, their jobs, dying from preventable diseases, not being able to get health care, being failed by our educational system and routinely going to bed/school/work hungry because they have to choose between eating and paying bills... just to name a few. So no, I DON'T want to buy a shirt and have the proceeds go to Japan, or Haiti, or anywhere else. I WANT to buy a t-shirt that is going to help people be able to return to New Orleans six years after devastation hit their city. I want to purchase something, anything that is going to be able to pay some claims that are rolling in after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I want to buy something that will financially help American families pay for health care, or bail out some of our American cities that have financially struggled for decades, or bail out the public school system so that every American student can have his or her own books. Can you do that? No? Then get the hell out of my face.

*LeBron James' mom: crazy bitch, sit your ass down somewhere. You can take the chick out the ghetto, but cannot take the ghetto out of the chick. Damn. Get a little money in your pocket and you act like a chicken head. Damn, you mess around with your son's teammate and then go on a drunken tirade? Yeah- LeBron needs to lock you up... in a tower somewhere.

*Music Industry: First, you are passing off some mediocrity as actual music 97.5% of the time, which is infuriating. Good beats are great at a club, but OMG what happened to real music? I will admit that I will bump some Britney occasionally, but that is just car noise. I want people who can SING!! And don't have tattoos on their faces. No, seriously.
- On that singing note: WHY, oh why is Adele being covered up and hidden in every video? She can sing, so that clearly is not the reason that she has to be sitting in every video. She is a bigger girl... who cares? She should own that and her music label should too. She can absolutely be a role model, so what lesson are we teaching if she is always hidden?? She sits in Rolling In The Deep while some weirdo dances in powder... I call bullshit.

*CEO of Caterpillar: you suck. I don't know what backroom deal Quinn gave you to say that you are staying in Illinois, but whatever it was I hope it was worth it. You should have stuck to your guns. Giving in too easily lets him know that you have a price... a low one.

*Pat Quinn. I already abhor your "leadership." Here is another reason why.

*"Urban Media Outlets" actually one in particular... world star hip hop. You are all that is wrong with "urban" centers in America. I watch a fight that happened in St. Louis and some chick get pissed on. 1. WTF is wrong with the people in these videos and 2. why would you allow them to post such crazy, self deprecating things? SMH, some people should be shamed.

*Honorable Mention shout outs to: Glenn Beck, my coworker, the tea party, this chick, Jalen Rose, this Libya bullshit and cheap gas being $4.20 a gallon.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Take Me Out...

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Caterpillar to Change... states?

Last week Peoria based Caterpillar dropped a bomb on the whole state of Illinois. In a letter, the CEO of Caterpillar, Doug Oberhelman told Governor Quinn that he might consider leaving the state of Illinois because of the unfriendly business taxes/environment. Quinn (yucko by the way, I did NOT vote for you!) was all upset over the prospect of adding Caterpillar to the list of businesses that he drove out of the state. He tried to play it off, saying that he is “confident that Caterpillar will stay in Illinois” and that, contrary to common sense, Illinois is a business friendly environment. Umm- what the hell does he live?

First of all, let me just reiterate- I did not vote for Quinn. I think he is riding the coattails of a scandal, claiming to be a good guy- when he clearly is not. He does not speak to my interests, or what I want, so even though he is a Democrat, he did not get my vote. Take note- I don’t vote a party ticket. Secondly, are you kidding me? Illinois is not that friendly a business environment AND with Quinn raising taxes like he has lost his mind, other states are stealing businesses from the state. Guess what? I say, good for those other states. Don’t get me wrong, I love Illinois. I love living here, clearly… and there is no place that I would rather be. With that said- you cannot expect citizens or businesses to just take what you throw at them, no questions asked, no repercussions. Here are the facts: taxes in Illinois are out of control. The whole state- Cook County in particular. Until last July, Chicago had the highest tax rate of all large American cities… at 10.25% Even now, it is high as all get out- at 9.75%. That makes our gas prices soar, our utility costs sky-rocket, and living costs in general are ridiculous in comparison to other larger cities, in the Midwest or otherwise. Let me be the first to remind everyone, Chicago is not the capital of Illinois and 9.75% is not a statewide rate. Ain’t that some shit? It is that bad in Chicago, so I can imagine what the rest of the state is dealing with. If I ran a multimillion dollar operation, would I look into moving my business elsewhere? Absolutely!! Pat Quinn and the rest of Illinois’ lawmakers need to realize, there is only so much that people CAN put up with. In today’s economic times, there is only so much that the city of Chicago, Cook County and businesses can DO for a state. Being over taxed to pay for things that are NOT necessities is outrageous. I don’t want Caterpillar to leave. Those 23,000 jobs will be next to impossible to replace. I DO, however, want a government that works for the betterment of Illinoisans- private citizens and businesses… and it seems that we aren’t getting that with Pat Quinn.

New Jersey is not the only state wheelin’ and dealing’ for Illinois businesses… neighboring Indiana is too.

What's a state to do?

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