Friday, April 08, 2011

Fed Up Friday- Ahhhh!!

So, I took a little break from Fed Up Fridays because I didn't want to be a "complainer"... Um, now I am of the mindset that if people didn't want to hear me complain, then they wouldn't give me stuff to complain about. That is my story and I am sticking to it. So here is the newest edition of Fed Up Friday.

*Congress: Really? You can't come to an agreement on the budget? We are facing a government SHUT DOWN because both sides are pouting about not getting their way? You are holding out over Planned Parenthood?? Way to go conservatives... you don't seem close minded AT ALL with this move. Our soldiers who are putting their lives on the line for a country that allows "church" groups to picket their funerals may not get paid because you can't figure out how to give the citizens .05% of what they need and still get 80% of what you want? Ooooo, y'all make me sick. The sad thing is... it will always be like this because the vast majority of Americans are too stupid OR lazy OR both to vote you out. Shame on us all.

*People pushing aid for other countries on me: Look, I understand that some detrimental things are occurring in other parts of the world. BUT, there are detrimental things happening HERE also. People are losing their homes, their jobs, dying from preventable diseases, not being able to get health care, being failed by our educational system and routinely going to bed/school/work hungry because they have to choose between eating and paying bills... just to name a few. So no, I DON'T want to buy a shirt and have the proceeds go to Japan, or Haiti, or anywhere else. I WANT to buy a t-shirt that is going to help people be able to return to New Orleans six years after devastation hit their city. I want to purchase something, anything that is going to be able to pay some claims that are rolling in after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I want to buy something that will financially help American families pay for health care, or bail out some of our American cities that have financially struggled for decades, or bail out the public school system so that every American student can have his or her own books. Can you do that? No? Then get the hell out of my face.

*LeBron James' mom: crazy bitch, sit your ass down somewhere. You can take the chick out the ghetto, but cannot take the ghetto out of the chick. Damn. Get a little money in your pocket and you act like a chicken head. Damn, you mess around with your son's teammate and then go on a drunken tirade? Yeah- LeBron needs to lock you up... in a tower somewhere.

*Music Industry: First, you are passing off some mediocrity as actual music 97.5% of the time, which is infuriating. Good beats are great at a club, but OMG what happened to real music? I will admit that I will bump some Britney occasionally, but that is just car noise. I want people who can SING!! And don't have tattoos on their faces. No, seriously.
- On that singing note: WHY, oh why is Adele being covered up and hidden in every video? She can sing, so that clearly is not the reason that she has to be sitting in every video. She is a bigger girl... who cares? She should own that and her music label should too. She can absolutely be a role model, so what lesson are we teaching if she is always hidden?? She sits in Rolling In The Deep while some weirdo dances in powder... I call bullshit.

*CEO of Caterpillar: you suck. I don't know what backroom deal Quinn gave you to say that you are staying in Illinois, but whatever it was I hope it was worth it. You should have stuck to your guns. Giving in too easily lets him know that you have a price... a low one.

*Pat Quinn. I already abhor your "leadership." Here is another reason why.

*"Urban Media Outlets" actually one in particular... world star hip hop. You are all that is wrong with "urban" centers in America. I watch a fight that happened in St. Louis and some chick get pissed on. 1. WTF is wrong with the people in these videos and 2. why would you allow them to post such crazy, self deprecating things? SMH, some people should be shamed.

*Honorable Mention shout outs to: Glenn Beck, my coworker, the tea party, this chick, Jalen Rose, this Libya bullshit and cheap gas being $4.20 a gallon.


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