Friday, April 29, 2011

Fed Up Friday - End of April Issue

Hello readers!!

It has been a rough week, so I'm fed up about numerous things. Ready? here we go:

Donald Dick- oops, I mean Donald Trump... he IS a dick. Like a walking penis with a bad toupee. I used to put up with him, his show, and that thing on his head, but after this week all I want to do is slap some Jesus INTO him. Ok, is he kidding? I keep thinking that the American public is getting punked. Are there really people out there that believes what he believes? I mean, I will be the first to say- I think some of y'all out there are more than stupid. Some of the people I see on a regular basis can't walk and chew gum at the same time... I always count on a moron being in my presence. ALWAYS. But really? There are actually people who believe that Barack is not an American citizen-- STILL? Granted, there are some things that are completely ass backward in Illinois, but raise your hand if you think that all the citizens of Illinois would vote an illegal alien into the Senate. I mean, we DID have Roland Burris, but he isn't illegal... just an alien.
Back to the dick... such a waste of time. I have no respect for him, those that support him, or the nonsense that he is perpetuating. Donald Dick, you want a cause? Want something to be mad about? Gas prices have almost hit $5 in Chicago, taxes are out of control and we are involved in a two front war... that should hold his dumb ass over for a while.

Do-gooders: ok- I am not fed up with ALL do gooders. Just a select few. A catastrophe happened in Haiti, celebrities everywhere, people giving money, American Red Cross going to help, pictures of Haitians babies all over every newscast for a month. Catastrophe in Japan, same thing. Fundraisers here in Chicago- everyone wants to help. Out pouring of cash and help was AMAZING. Now picture this: oil spill in the gulf that affects several states, wildlife, economies are further broken, people are suffering. And this: tornadoes rip through sleepy southern towns, people die, economies further busted, babies are orphaned, families are torn apart by death... no celebrities, no fundraisers, no... nothing.
WTF?!?!!? That shit happened.... HERE. Where the fuck is your American pride? I swear if someone else asks me to help some children that do not reside in this country, I am liable to slap them. Dude, has everyone forgotten that America is in the middle of some shit? People don't have jobs; our economy is shitty and now states are experiencing death and destruction at the hands of Mother Nature?!?!?! Someone PLEASE have a fundraiser for the people in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and anywhere else affected by the storms. Please renew my faith in American citizens because some of y'all are SO worried about other countries that you are not seeing the needy in your backyard. Shame on you for that.

Royal Wedding: I can't front- I like the idea of it. Horse drawn carriages, a Prince and a Princess. Big party and everyone looking at me, er, I mean, her! But damn, some of you with these blow by blow tweets and Facebook updates. I was like that little kid on the Shining this morning (redrum, redrum, redrum). Seriously, it is cool that you watched, hell, I saw some pics of David Beckham that made me mad that I wasn't up at 4:00 CST to see him roll up to the church, but wow- I wasn't THAT into it and everyone that was, I gave you the side eye this morning- and just now.

Ohio State football, Jim Tressel and all that: look,y'all WILL stop hating on my coach, my team, my hometown. And I'm not playing. Tressel is a good coach- and before you say something stupid, it is not because he beats michigan every year, because they are so sorry that anyone could do that. Those kids believe what he is selling them. The graduation rate has gone up. When interviewed about the trouble that they have gotten into, more than one athlete has said that they are sorry they disappointed their coach. Haters everywhere are so quick to say that he should be fired. Then guess who else should be fired? Everyone- because regardless of whether or not they have been caught (YET), every coach is guilty of doing some dirt. EVERY one. Pretty little cheerleaders are assigned to athletes, money exchanges hands, special consideration is given in classes. That happens everywhere. Let's not be naive. So how about this... Get a life. Jim Tressel is going to pay his fine, serve his suspension and win some more. If Ohio State was smart, they would have him winning for them. Everyone else needs to shut the hell up (yeah, I am totally looking at you Kirk Herbstreit). If you don't sign Tressel's checks, now is the time for you know your role and pump your brakes. Shut up and let my man work.

Honorable mentions go out to: the assholes standing on the corner during the rainstorm this week- weirdos; the lady with the chinese food on a hot ass train car; my co-worker- even after I totally read you the riot act; people who act like they are your friend- but aren't; and people who act like they don't care in front of others and then try to be all up on you when no one is around... I see you! ;)


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