Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fed Up - "Christians"

Tis the season, or so I've been told-- repeatedly. My facebook page has been bombarded with little sayings like "Jesus is the Reason for the Season" and the like, so I think that I should attack discuss how some "Christians" that operate today... and the problems that I have with them. What?! She attacks discusses Christians? Oh yes, yes I do. And if you find my... analysis overly burdensome, I am probably talking about you.

I think that I have written about this before, but just in case it is in an entry that you skipped reading... I have a real problem with holier than thou people. Right? I don't like it when people use what they learn on Sundays to 1. look down on others and 2. somehow erase all the bad things that they have done, but not the sins of their neighbor. I hate when people use scripture to back up backward thinking that allows them to always be right, always be special, always be who everyone should look forward to becoming because they magically do no wrong. Now, I joke around a LOT. I talk shit... clearly, by the looks of this blog, I have no problem talking about people if the circumstances call for it. But here is the difference: I know that I'm not flawless. So when I see "churches" that are supposed to be teaching the love and grace of the same God that I worship using the same scriptures that I identify with as guidelines for my religion to limit the lives of people who are different than them... I tend to take it personally.

Needs some examples? There is a "church" in Kentucky that has voted to BAN interracial couples in their services. I could have totally missed this scripture in the Bible, so I am gonna ask: huh, where did Jesus tell them that worship services had to be segregated? I am so confused. Do white people have a different God that they pray to? Would an interracial couple in the crowd limit God from listening to their prayers? Is this 1945? I guess I am not welcome there... because I would TOTALLY walk in with the hottest white guy I know on my arm and proudly announce that we were there to serve the Lord. I'm good like that! ;)

We all know about the Westboro Baptist "church" and their shenanigans. Where in the Bible does it say that picketing the funerals of service men and women with absolutely reckless signs is in God's plan? Where did Jesus say love thy neighbor EXCEPT if he or she serves in the military for YOUR freedom... then go ahead and tell them that they are going to Hell? Was I sleeping the church service where we learned about that? Absent? Sick? I'm pretty sure I wasn't. Where is the Bible does it say that name calling should be used to add more members to the flock? Westboro uses the "F" word to describe homosexuals-- is that sanctioned by Jesus? When did he say that was ok? I mean, I need to know, so I need someone to educate me... since Jesus is the Reason for the Season and all. I need to make sure I am properly handling myself this holiday season.  

I guess that my point is: If Jesus really is the reason for season, shouldn't churches be looking to do all that they can to bring people together? Isn't this the time to drop church politics and get as many people as possible in the door to tell them about why you are happy where you are and how Jesus (the reason for the season) got you there? Isn't it of the utmost importance that churches be the best example of what Christianity is NOW, in order to bring people into the church so that we can ALL celebrate the reason for the season? I could totally be wrong, but I think we are supposed to be lighting the way and leading by example... not crucifying our neighbors for what we perceive as sin. I might be a lot of things... I might think very highly of myself but I can tell you something-- I know my limitations. I know that just like my neighbors screw up, so do I. Just like my neighbors curse, fight and act an ass-- so do I (mostly on this blog). I know that sometimes I just need a break, a kind word, a smile, a non crazy person interaction... just like those around me. So how about this-- no matter what God you pray (or don't pray) to... how about we use this season to be a little nicer and spread a little cheer? Let's make it less about what we want to get and more about what we can give to those who don't have. Let's make a pact to put a smile on someone's face and leave the bitterness to the winds here in Chicago... and ME! :)

Happy Holiday Season--

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Soulful Saturday - Al Green

So- you know how you hear a song on the radio and you know EXACTLY who sings it? You know how a song can just explain EVERYTHING that you are going through, like it was written for you own crazy ass situation? Do you know songs that just don't sound right when they are remade? Yep, me too... Al Green made some of those songs. Oh, you KNOW when Al Green comes on. His voice is full of that 70s funk that we all should love. These songs make you want to love you lover one minute and slap the shit out of him the next. Makes you love LOVE just a little bit more, but reminds you of the pain that you feel when it is over. These songs make you believe that there is still that one person out there and he is full of all the things that you desire and deserve. In the words of Al himself "love will make you do right, make you do wrong; make you come home early, make you stay out all night long... power of love." On with the sing along and the funky dance party!! Thank you Al!!

Love and Happiness

*Happiness is when you really feel good about somebody. There's nothing wrong being in love with someone...
*Be good to me -- I'll be good to you. We'll be together.

Tired of Being Alone

*I'm so tired of being alone, I'm so tired of being on my own...

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?

*I could never see tomorrow. I was never told about the sorrow.
*How can you stop the rain from falling down? How can you stop the sun from shining? What makes the world go 'round?
*How can you mend this broken man? How can a loser ever win?

Let's Stay Together

*I'm so in love with you- whatever you want to do is alright with me...
*Since we been together-- loving you forever is what I need...Let me be the one you coming running to; I'll never be untrue.

For the Good Times
(personal favorite-- one of the BEST break up songs out... one with I have blessed a few exes with...)

*Don't look so sad-- I know it's over. But life goes on, and this world keeps on turning.
*There is no need to watch the bridges that we're burning.
*Lay your head on my pillow. Hold you warm and tender body close to mine. Hear the whispers of the raindrops falling softly against my windowpane. Make believe you love me one more time... For the Good Times.
*I'll get along, I'm sure you'll find another.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

File This Under WTF?!!?

I am watching the news, like I do every day, and I have to say: what I just saw made me say "what the fuck." OUT LOUD. To myself, mostly because the dogs don't care what happens on the news unless it is being reported that their dog food is being recalled... which is not happening. So there were three things that sincerely BLEW my mind (so much so that they are sparking two blog entries). The two that I will talk about here are 1) the First Lady of the United States of America- and the VP's wife, Jill- were BOOED at a NASCAR event and 2) debt collectors are using some disturbing and ILLEGAL threats to get money.

Ok- let me say this: the news reported that the First Lady and Jill Biden were booed at a sporting event... um, NASCAR is not a sporting event. Please don't embarrass yourself by arguing that point, because it isn't a sport. It IS dangerous and lots of people watch it but still, not a sport-- moving on. I am all about telling politicians where they can go and how they can get there. I talk about them, I call them stupid, I question their allegiances, their intelligence, their common sense-- yea, just about anything. I do NOT boo their families for what the politicians do in office. Did I type about Bristol Palin? Absolutely! Because her mother (the politician) wants to go into public schools and preach about abstinence, while her kid gets knocked up out of wedlock. Would I boo Bristol? No. I'm figuring that she has it bad enough being Sarah's daughter and being a teenage mom. I don't seek her out, don't go to places she will be, don't really give her lip service on this blog, etc. I talked about Anthony Wiener for showing his... wiener. Did I talk about his wife? No- that chick has enough to worry about. I disliked W(greatly), did I talk about his family? The twins? Of course not. I am a big proponent of separating political jobs from families. Politicians can be assholes, and generally are, but their families-- for the most part-- should be off limits. And for the classless dicks who booed LADIES at NASCAR... you are SO classy. I should take lessons from you. I need me a hillbilly edumacation.

The economy is a wreck. OMG-- did I just ruin the news for anyone? No? Ok. The economy sucks. Lots of people don't have jobs. Lots of bills aren't getting paid. Who is shocked? No one? Ok. So when bill collectors call, I tend to ignore them. Oh yes, they call me. I am not above the economy. I was laid off for a LONG time. Sometimes you have to hang deep until the tide changes. These debt collectors on the news, though-- they were some sort of ridiculous! One dick said "We're going to have your dog arrested, we're going to shoot him up and we're going to eat him." WHAT THE HELL?!?!? Ok, you have a job in what I am assuming is a booming industry (debt collection). In order to keep this job, I am sure that you have to meet some numerical standards. I get it, but if ANYone ever called me and threatened my dogs, my life, jail time, or anything else, the future would be bleak for them. Let's keep it real- they would NEVER call me again because the barrage of insults that I would hit them with would make the most veteran debt collector cry. That behavior is so unacceptable. Don't they realize that some people feel bad enough because they CAN'T pay their bills? Do they not realize that threats are not going to make money magically appear, or bills get paid? Sometimes I see shit on the news that makes me kinda wish they happened to me. This is one of them. I would turn into Cedric the Entertainer from The Original Kings of Comedy... I wish a muthaf$%#@ would!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Where Are the Parents - Loss of Innocence

Ok- these people have GOT to be kidding me. First, let me just say that if I HAD a child who was in attendance at this party and I came across this video, I would beat the living hell out of EVERY adult at this party. Clearly these people are at a birthday party, encouraging children to dry hump each other. There are the four on the ground, the two against the wall and even worse is that stupid bitch in the white pants that is allowing that little boy to hump her. What the fuck is wrong with people?

You know with the accusations of child sexual abuse floating around between Penn State and now Syracuse, I have found that I can only agree with one statement 100%. That statement was made by a police officer in Pennsylvania. He said "In these cases of abuse, there is enough blame to go around." Yes, there is. We all know, from my past entries, that I am wishy washy on Joe Pa's actual involvement/fault in the Penn State incident... especially since now the grad student/assistant coach's assertion that he went to the police has been denied by the police. But as of this blog post there are also accusations against a coach at Syracuse and more men are coming out against Jerry Sandusky. Parents are coming out of the woodwork, blasting all who they think they can blame. Lawsuits will surely follow. But here is my question: Where Were The Parents when all of this was going down?

I read the grand jury statements. There was one mother who went to the police when she thought Jerry Sandusky was doing something inappropriate with her son. ONE. If we are looking at upwards of 20 victims (by some peoples count) YES the child abusers are at fault, YES those who covered it up are at fault, YES those who lie are at fault, but while we are handing out blame... where were the parents of these abused children? Yes, I know that parents can't be everywhere at one time. I get that. But you live with your children, you know if there is something off, right? I don't know what goes on that you don't see some of the drastic changes that some of these men are saying they went through. How is it possible that these parents that are now all over the news condemning Jerry Sandusky and Penn State University did not notice? Hmmm. How can the parents of these children in this video NOT go the fuck off on the adults in the background??

On the same hand-- how is it that there are videos like the one above floating around the web? I mean, seriously, if my child EVER appeared in a video like this, I would go on a murder spree. What kind of parents not only allow their children to dirty dance and essentially have sex with clothes on- on video- but CHEER THEM ON? One of the problems that I can see is that some parents are treating their children like grown ups. Children are NOT grown ups. Hell, I don't want to see grown ass people dance like that at the club. It is our responsibility to prolong the innocence of our children, not exploit it. It is our responsibility to RAISE our children, not depend on others to do so (and possibly setting our children up for some sort of abuse). It is our responsibility to defend our children, to love our children, to be there for our children. If parents DID that, there would be less children who were too scared to tell their parents that someone touched them, abused them or allowed them to do some shady ass shit like what is contained in this video. Parents are the grown ups. They are called to be an example to the little people that they bring into the world. An example. If you can not be that, you should NOT be a parent. Shit, maybe I am off because I'm not a parent... doubtful.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Sex Scandal and Penn State

I am confused. Everything that I have read has said the following:
1. there was a graduate student who saw some inappropriate behavior in a Penn State locker room, 2. the graduate student told Joe Paterno,
3. Joe Paterno (who was told that there was inapropriate behavior, but was not told the extent) told a university administrator and the Athletic Director,
4. Grand Jury = Joe Paterno told what he heard and what he did; the athletic director and administrator were asked what happened and LIED. So-- WHY is Joe Paterno's future with the school in question?

If he didn't know the full extent of the situation AND he reported it to his superiors, how is it that he has anything else to do? I have to say, I feel absolutely awful for the children involved and I personally think that child molesters have a special reservation in hell for the havoc they bring into young lives. Former coach Sandusky should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law-- there is no doubt in my mind. The assholes who lied about what happened should be too. Why would you lie about what you heard? You have two men who are saying exactly what they knew (Paterno and the grad student) and two jackasses that have nothing to gain or lose by telling the truth, who are lying. As far as I am concerned all three deserve trials, convictions and jail cells- for life.

But Joe Pa? Joe Pa took limited information, reported it and let his superiors handle to situation. I am confused as to why some don't believe that was the right thing to do. I'm confused as to what others are thinking that he could have done. A couple of months ago there was a certain Big Ten coach that lost his job because it was reported that he didn't tell his superiors about a situation (NOT a crime, a NCAA violation) and here you have a coach who actually DID tell his superiors and people are asking for him to retire too? Wow.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Soulful Saturday - The Girl Groups, Part II

Some random favorites. Happy Weekend!

G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T - Changing Faces

*No more sitting at home alone, while you're out with somebody else. No more staring at the phone, cuz I can do bad all by myself.

Kissing You - Total

Sending My Love - Zhane

*If I could, mail my heart right to you, I would. I'd pack it up, seal it tight and I'd send it overnight.

Who Can I Run To? - Xscape

Before they were reality stars or TI's baby mama, some of these girls were in a group...

We Can't Be Friends - Deborah Cox (and RL)

Friday, November 04, 2011

Fed Up Friday - Deadbeats

Ok, as I was reading the newspaper electronically today and one of the bigger headlines was about a warrant that is out with Terrell Owens because he is behind on child support. Um, what? I am taken aback. Then I go to YouTube and type in child support. Why did I do that? Do you know how many videos there are with people talking about child support? It is some kind of craziness. There are videos with women complaining that their child's father doesn't pay, videos of men crying about how much they have to pay, he says, she says... There are a lot of women who are all "I don't need your money. My baby doesn't want for anything..." Whoa, bitch. There are plenty of men who say "that hoe is spending all my money. How do I know that she is spending it on my kid. I have to pay this much for this long, blah, blah, blah." Yeah-- both groups sound dumb as hell. So I have a response for everyone involved and no one is going to like it-- how about that? :)


Let me start out with some common sense advice: vaginas are not special. Let me rephrase: YOUR vagina is not special. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube where women say: "My child's father doesn't take of his other kids, but he is going to take care of mine." Um, no lady, he won't. Why would he? You have already stood by and watched while he didn't take care of the little defenseless children that he already has. Silence is acceptance. And you somehow think that he will treat you differently? Why? Because you think you have sunshine in your pants? Let's be real. If he has kids that he ignores and doesn't care for, there is a strong possibility that he will do your kids the same way. Your vagina is not going to change his mind. You thinking that you are the baddest bitch is not going to change his habits. You also need to stop it with the "I don't need him or his money." Bitch please. Yes you do need him AND his money. Your kid needs him AND his money. Hell, I need you to take his money because I don't want to have to help pay for you and your kids. Oh, I said it: if you don't like the man that you are sleeping with, you should not be sleeping with him because children are a life time commitment to that person. They will always be a part of your life. Your child will always need to know BOTH of their parents. I don't watch Oprah but even I know that she said that when people show you who they are, believe them. People will show you who they are-- if you choose to ignore the signs, then that is on you. We all know how babies get here, right?! So if you meet a guy who is someone you only want... to see naked, then you need to take all precautions to assure that you will not be stuck co-parenting with a deadbeat. I blame you. Ladies, we are no victims. Generally we are full participants. Having a child by a no good man is NOT going to make him suddenly become good; it will simply saddle you up with a jackass. A little something you should think about before you have unprotected sex with some guy that you have nothing nice to say about.


Children are expensive. (Clearly if T.O. can't pay his child support.) Just so we are all on the same page: that 30 seconds of pleasure can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Again, something you should think about BEFORE you try to "hit that." Also, should the state HAVE to make you pay for your children? No, if you are a man, you would make sure your children were taken care of... HOWEVER, we are surrounded by very tall boys in men's clothing so states have to intercede. I'm good with that. And let me just say to you assholes who purposely don't work and have a court order to pay less than $100 a month and have the NERVE to complain: shut the hell up. Dude, a baby will go through $100 in a week, easy. Your children don't just need to eat when you are able to 'come up' with child support. They can't wait to get clothes until you hustle up some cash. They cannot wait for diapers until you deem it ok to send over some money. Some of the boys on YouTube also felt it necessary to call the mother of their children names. Um, if she is a whore, what does that make you? If she is a gold digger, what the fuck is she doing with your stingy ass? If she was truly in it for the money, she would not have to beg your punk ass for $100. If you can call her names, it reflects badly on YOU... because you chose to sleep with her, and she is now the mother of your child, so what does that say about your judgment? If you can sleep at night, knowing that your children are not being taken care of because you can't or won't provide for them, What does that say about YOU? Holding your children's money hostage will buy you one thing: a first class ticket to hell.

Child support would not be such a hot topic button if people were more choosy about who they had sex with, who they choose to procreate with. So that is it, ladies and gentlemen, keep it in your pants or pay the price, with a deadbeat partner or a hefty child support order. Condoms don't sound bad now, do they?

I Need To Take a Poll - The Texas Case

OK- so there aren't many times that I ask people for their opinions. I mean, it seems clear to me that I have just enough opinions for us all, right? Yes. But as I was reading through some news today, I ran across something that I have to ask y'all about. I have my own conclusion, but seeing as how I have readers from all different aspects of life (married, single, parents, or not, city dwellers, country mice... you get it) I figured that I would ask you about this video below.

Let me state a couple of things before you watch the video. 1. This video deals with spanking a child-- don't want to shock you. 2. This incident happened 7 years ago. 3. The daughter in this video waited 7 years before posting this LAST week. 4. The father is a family court judge in Texas. 5. The wife participates. 6. The "child" is 16. 7. Somehow the mother has been forgiven by said "child" but the father has not.

If you can read between the lines, you can probably see how I feel about this video/situation. First of all-- why is a 23 year old woman releasing this movie now? How is this helpful? How is it that the mom has been given a pass? Why do the tears stop so quickly when the father is no longer in the room? Do you think that this is abuse? Why? Please leave comments here or on the facebook page... If you ask, I'm sure that I will give you my opinion!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

October Recap; New November

Things have been a bit nutso lately. A couple of weeks ago, one of my friends had a death in the family. I am not sure if it is my age or the fact that I have been to more funerals in the past two years than I have in my whole life, but I have not bounced back from the funeral. So there is that, an insane work schedule, I just had a birthday and did my yearly life plan. In other words, the days have been screaming by and I need more sleep. In my new year life plan - kind of like everyone else's resolutions, but I do it around my birthday and I try to actually pick things that I can complete - I have decided that things are going to be a bit different. Maybe it was the funeral. Maybe it is my work schedule, my dissatisfaction with what I am doing, my slightly non-existent social life, or maybe it is all of it combined, but I am in a rut and I have GOT to escape. I looked around and discovered that I don't really do the things I LOVE anymore. I do what I HAVE to do, but nothing that feeds the soul, if that makes sense.

I am not generally excited about going to work every day, the thought of not seeing my dogs for long periods of times, coming home to eat dinner, shower and sleep. It is no fun. I miss having fun... and fun is necessary, SO dammit, I am going to have some fun.

I have already written that I am going to run the marathon next year (SO NOT FUN), but here is the fun part, I am going to use the race to fund raise for a cause that is near and dear to my heart. In fact, every race that I run for the next year will have a fundraising component to it. Either my entry fee will be used for a needed program or I will personally fund raise and give the money to a designated charity. The race that I ran on October 29 (again, not so fun-- the running part) had an entry fee that went to after school programs in a needy Chicago neighborhood (Pilsen). I have included some pics of the racers and the neighborhood-- it was actually a great time (just not the running part!) The neighborhood is close knit and full of great people, colorful murals and the BEST smelling food ever!! Yum!

I am going to learn to conversationally speak a different language (and not just curse words-- my mother would be proud.) I am going to get this crazy work/sleep schedule under control, and I am going to pick my camera up again and get back to capturing life one lovely picture at a time. Clearly, all of these life changes will mean changes to the blog... we'll see how that all works out. If the last few weeks have taught me anything, it is to live life to the fullest and do things you love-- you never know when you won't be able to do what you want...Right?

What is on your to do list?

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