Friday, November 18, 2011

Where Are the Parents - Loss of Innocence

Ok- these people have GOT to be kidding me. First, let me just say that if I HAD a child who was in attendance at this party and I came across this video, I would beat the living hell out of EVERY adult at this party. Clearly these people are at a birthday party, encouraging children to dry hump each other. There are the four on the ground, the two against the wall and even worse is that stupid bitch in the white pants that is allowing that little boy to hump her. What the fuck is wrong with people?

You know with the accusations of child sexual abuse floating around between Penn State and now Syracuse, I have found that I can only agree with one statement 100%. That statement was made by a police officer in Pennsylvania. He said "In these cases of abuse, there is enough blame to go around." Yes, there is. We all know, from my past entries, that I am wishy washy on Joe Pa's actual involvement/fault in the Penn State incident... especially since now the grad student/assistant coach's assertion that he went to the police has been denied by the police. But as of this blog post there are also accusations against a coach at Syracuse and more men are coming out against Jerry Sandusky. Parents are coming out of the woodwork, blasting all who they think they can blame. Lawsuits will surely follow. But here is my question: Where Were The Parents when all of this was going down?

I read the grand jury statements. There was one mother who went to the police when she thought Jerry Sandusky was doing something inappropriate with her son. ONE. If we are looking at upwards of 20 victims (by some peoples count) YES the child abusers are at fault, YES those who covered it up are at fault, YES those who lie are at fault, but while we are handing out blame... where were the parents of these abused children? Yes, I know that parents can't be everywhere at one time. I get that. But you live with your children, you know if there is something off, right? I don't know what goes on that you don't see some of the drastic changes that some of these men are saying they went through. How is it possible that these parents that are now all over the news condemning Jerry Sandusky and Penn State University did not notice? Hmmm. How can the parents of these children in this video NOT go the fuck off on the adults in the background??

On the same hand-- how is it that there are videos like the one above floating around the web? I mean, seriously, if my child EVER appeared in a video like this, I would go on a murder spree. What kind of parents not only allow their children to dirty dance and essentially have sex with clothes on- on video- but CHEER THEM ON? One of the problems that I can see is that some parents are treating their children like grown ups. Children are NOT grown ups. Hell, I don't want to see grown ass people dance like that at the club. It is our responsibility to prolong the innocence of our children, not exploit it. It is our responsibility to RAISE our children, not depend on others to do so (and possibly setting our children up for some sort of abuse). It is our responsibility to defend our children, to love our children, to be there for our children. If parents DID that, there would be less children who were too scared to tell their parents that someone touched them, abused them or allowed them to do some shady ass shit like what is contained in this video. Parents are the grown ups. They are called to be an example to the little people that they bring into the world. An example. If you can not be that, you should NOT be a parent. Shit, maybe I am off because I'm not a parent... doubtful.


Jon Daniels said...

Oh H*** NAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...and now that I've seen the first 45 seconds of the video, lemme go back and read your blog.

Miss Mox said...

I know, right!?!? Some people, I swear... I saw it and was like, "Jesus, keep me near the cross!" WOW.

Anonymous said...


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