Saturday, November 26, 2011

Soulful Saturday - Al Green

So- you know how you hear a song on the radio and you know EXACTLY who sings it? You know how a song can just explain EVERYTHING that you are going through, like it was written for you own crazy ass situation? Do you know songs that just don't sound right when they are remade? Yep, me too... Al Green made some of those songs. Oh, you KNOW when Al Green comes on. His voice is full of that 70s funk that we all should love. These songs make you want to love you lover one minute and slap the shit out of him the next. Makes you love LOVE just a little bit more, but reminds you of the pain that you feel when it is over. These songs make you believe that there is still that one person out there and he is full of all the things that you desire and deserve. In the words of Al himself "love will make you do right, make you do wrong; make you come home early, make you stay out all night long... power of love." On with the sing along and the funky dance party!! Thank you Al!!

Love and Happiness

*Happiness is when you really feel good about somebody. There's nothing wrong being in love with someone...
*Be good to me -- I'll be good to you. We'll be together.

Tired of Being Alone

*I'm so tired of being alone, I'm so tired of being on my own...

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?

*I could never see tomorrow. I was never told about the sorrow.
*How can you stop the rain from falling down? How can you stop the sun from shining? What makes the world go 'round?
*How can you mend this broken man? How can a loser ever win?

Let's Stay Together

*I'm so in love with you- whatever you want to do is alright with me...
*Since we been together-- loving you forever is what I need...Let me be the one you coming running to; I'll never be untrue.

For the Good Times
(personal favorite-- one of the BEST break up songs out... one with I have blessed a few exes with...)

*Don't look so sad-- I know it's over. But life goes on, and this world keeps on turning.
*There is no need to watch the bridges that we're burning.
*Lay your head on my pillow. Hold you warm and tender body close to mine. Hear the whispers of the raindrops falling softly against my windowpane. Make believe you love me one more time... For the Good Times.
*I'll get along, I'm sure you'll find another.


ANT said...

You forgot Simply Beautfil..c'mon fam!! Nobody can do it like Al! An Uncle of mine once said, "You playin dat Al Green boy?!..What's her name?"...LOL

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