Sunday, November 20, 2011

File This Under WTF?!!?

I am watching the news, like I do every day, and I have to say: what I just saw made me say "what the fuck." OUT LOUD. To myself, mostly because the dogs don't care what happens on the news unless it is being reported that their dog food is being recalled... which is not happening. So there were three things that sincerely BLEW my mind (so much so that they are sparking two blog entries). The two that I will talk about here are 1) the First Lady of the United States of America- and the VP's wife, Jill- were BOOED at a NASCAR event and 2) debt collectors are using some disturbing and ILLEGAL threats to get money.

Ok- let me say this: the news reported that the First Lady and Jill Biden were booed at a sporting event... um, NASCAR is not a sporting event. Please don't embarrass yourself by arguing that point, because it isn't a sport. It IS dangerous and lots of people watch it but still, not a sport-- moving on. I am all about telling politicians where they can go and how they can get there. I talk about them, I call them stupid, I question their allegiances, their intelligence, their common sense-- yea, just about anything. I do NOT boo their families for what the politicians do in office. Did I type about Bristol Palin? Absolutely! Because her mother (the politician) wants to go into public schools and preach about abstinence, while her kid gets knocked up out of wedlock. Would I boo Bristol? No. I'm figuring that she has it bad enough being Sarah's daughter and being a teenage mom. I don't seek her out, don't go to places she will be, don't really give her lip service on this blog, etc. I talked about Anthony Wiener for showing his... wiener. Did I talk about his wife? No- that chick has enough to worry about. I disliked W(greatly), did I talk about his family? The twins? Of course not. I am a big proponent of separating political jobs from families. Politicians can be assholes, and generally are, but their families-- for the most part-- should be off limits. And for the classless dicks who booed LADIES at NASCAR... you are SO classy. I should take lessons from you. I need me a hillbilly edumacation.

The economy is a wreck. OMG-- did I just ruin the news for anyone? No? Ok. The economy sucks. Lots of people don't have jobs. Lots of bills aren't getting paid. Who is shocked? No one? Ok. So when bill collectors call, I tend to ignore them. Oh yes, they call me. I am not above the economy. I was laid off for a LONG time. Sometimes you have to hang deep until the tide changes. These debt collectors on the news, though-- they were some sort of ridiculous! One dick said "We're going to have your dog arrested, we're going to shoot him up and we're going to eat him." WHAT THE HELL?!?!? Ok, you have a job in what I am assuming is a booming industry (debt collection). In order to keep this job, I am sure that you have to meet some numerical standards. I get it, but if ANYone ever called me and threatened my dogs, my life, jail time, or anything else, the future would be bleak for them. Let's keep it real- they would NEVER call me again because the barrage of insults that I would hit them with would make the most veteran debt collector cry. That behavior is so unacceptable. Don't they realize that some people feel bad enough because they CAN'T pay their bills? Do they not realize that threats are not going to make money magically appear, or bills get paid? Sometimes I see shit on the news that makes me kinda wish they happened to me. This is one of them. I would turn into Cedric the Entertainer from The Original Kings of Comedy... I wish a muthaf$%#@ would!!


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