Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fed Up - "Christians"

Tis the season, or so I've been told-- repeatedly. My facebook page has been bombarded with little sayings like "Jesus is the Reason for the Season" and the like, so I think that I should attack discuss how some "Christians" that operate today... and the problems that I have with them. What?! She attacks discusses Christians? Oh yes, yes I do. And if you find my... analysis overly burdensome, I am probably talking about you.

I think that I have written about this before, but just in case it is in an entry that you skipped reading... I have a real problem with holier than thou people. Right? I don't like it when people use what they learn on Sundays to 1. look down on others and 2. somehow erase all the bad things that they have done, but not the sins of their neighbor. I hate when people use scripture to back up backward thinking that allows them to always be right, always be special, always be who everyone should look forward to becoming because they magically do no wrong. Now, I joke around a LOT. I talk shit... clearly, by the looks of this blog, I have no problem talking about people if the circumstances call for it. But here is the difference: I know that I'm not flawless. So when I see "churches" that are supposed to be teaching the love and grace of the same God that I worship using the same scriptures that I identify with as guidelines for my religion to limit the lives of people who are different than them... I tend to take it personally.

Needs some examples? There is a "church" in Kentucky that has voted to BAN interracial couples in their services. I could have totally missed this scripture in the Bible, so I am gonna ask: huh, where did Jesus tell them that worship services had to be segregated? I am so confused. Do white people have a different God that they pray to? Would an interracial couple in the crowd limit God from listening to their prayers? Is this 1945? I guess I am not welcome there... because I would TOTALLY walk in with the hottest white guy I know on my arm and proudly announce that we were there to serve the Lord. I'm good like that! ;)

We all know about the Westboro Baptist "church" and their shenanigans. Where in the Bible does it say that picketing the funerals of service men and women with absolutely reckless signs is in God's plan? Where did Jesus say love thy neighbor EXCEPT if he or she serves in the military for YOUR freedom... then go ahead and tell them that they are going to Hell? Was I sleeping the church service where we learned about that? Absent? Sick? I'm pretty sure I wasn't. Where is the Bible does it say that name calling should be used to add more members to the flock? Westboro uses the "F" word to describe homosexuals-- is that sanctioned by Jesus? When did he say that was ok? I mean, I need to know, so I need someone to educate me... since Jesus is the Reason for the Season and all. I need to make sure I am properly handling myself this holiday season.  

I guess that my point is: If Jesus really is the reason for season, shouldn't churches be looking to do all that they can to bring people together? Isn't this the time to drop church politics and get as many people as possible in the door to tell them about why you are happy where you are and how Jesus (the reason for the season) got you there? Isn't it of the utmost importance that churches be the best example of what Christianity is NOW, in order to bring people into the church so that we can ALL celebrate the reason for the season? I could totally be wrong, but I think we are supposed to be lighting the way and leading by example... not crucifying our neighbors for what we perceive as sin. I might be a lot of things... I might think very highly of myself but I can tell you something-- I know my limitations. I know that just like my neighbors screw up, so do I. Just like my neighbors curse, fight and act an ass-- so do I (mostly on this blog). I know that sometimes I just need a break, a kind word, a smile, a non crazy person interaction... just like those around me. So how about this-- no matter what God you pray (or don't pray) to... how about we use this season to be a little nicer and spread a little cheer? Let's make it less about what we want to get and more about what we can give to those who don't have. Let's make a pact to put a smile on someone's face and leave the bitterness to the winds here in Chicago... and ME! :)

Happy Holiday Season--


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