Friday, November 04, 2011

I Need To Take a Poll - The Texas Case

OK- so there aren't many times that I ask people for their opinions. I mean, it seems clear to me that I have just enough opinions for us all, right? Yes. But as I was reading through some news today, I ran across something that I have to ask y'all about. I have my own conclusion, but seeing as how I have readers from all different aspects of life (married, single, parents, or not, city dwellers, country mice... you get it) I figured that I would ask you about this video below.

Let me state a couple of things before you watch the video. 1. This video deals with spanking a child-- don't want to shock you. 2. This incident happened 7 years ago. 3. The daughter in this video waited 7 years before posting this LAST week. 4. The father is a family court judge in Texas. 5. The wife participates. 6. The "child" is 16. 7. Somehow the mother has been forgiven by said "child" but the father has not.

If you can read between the lines, you can probably see how I feel about this video/situation. First of all-- why is a 23 year old woman releasing this movie now? How is this helpful? How is it that the mom has been given a pass? Why do the tears stop so quickly when the father is no longer in the room? Do you think that this is abuse? Why? Please leave comments here or on the facebook page... If you ask, I'm sure that I will give you my opinion!


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