Thursday, March 22, 2007

Why are people crazy?

Ok... so I am at work and just got done reading the Chicago Tribune online... relax, I have a meeting shortly, so I am actually preparing for that. Not that this has not dawned on me in my own personal life, but reading the paper today it has become even more crystal clear that people are NUTS... I was reading a story and trying to think about what would make a person do the INSANE actions that this man participated in- I came up with nothing. Here is the story: Chicago police officer, drunk in a bar... bartender cuts him off... he comes behind the bar and procedes to beat the hell out of this little girl. Here is the kicker: all of this is caught on video tape. AND there are people in the bar who are NOT helping this chick out.
Now, you all know that it is one of my crusades to stand up and fight for the defenseless... and myself if you get on my nerves. I think I was more appalled that there were grown men in that bar that watched this chick get her ass beat. Don't get me wrong, the police officer (who was off duty) should not have touched her, but dude, where was her back up... what were those men doing just watching it happen? Some have been on the news. They allege that they knew the attacker was a police officer, so they were apprehensive about getting involved. What does that say about us as a society? What does that tell you about those men?
We all have our tendencies, but come on... not allowing your fellow person to get beat up for cutting someone off at a bar (by the way, had she NOT cut him off and he hurt someone after leaving, the bartender and the bar might be held responsible later) has to be a priority. You have to care... a little. Ok, I hope a lot. You have to care about your fellow man... don't you?

I am reminded about another incident that happened two weeks ago. There was a train derailment. No one was hurt, but the trains were behind schedule. There were a TON of people at the train station. By the time I got on the train (an hour later than usual) it was packed. Figuring that I am young and everyone had been waiting just as long as me, I opted to stand for the ride and let an older person have my seat. I was standing up and I looked around me... there was only two men that were standing, all the rest of the people standing were women. I looked in the two cars and there are young men (my age or younger) sitting down while women and two older gentlemen were standing. THAT IS JUST WRONG. Where are your manners??? Why are we not being taught that in that situation, the thing to do is to at least OFFER your seat to a person that is older than you, or to a lady? Two of my guy friends tried to argue that women have asked for equality and if we are all equals then we should not be looking for an offer of a seat. WTF???? Since when does equality mean that you have to forget manners? I was (ok, I admit... I STILL am) pissed. I swear that manners have taken a backseat and really, that is not ok. I was not even looking for a seat. Really, I could care less if I sit down, but there was not even one offer made to ANY of the older ladies that were standing. No effort at all. Appalling.
If I was riding that train with my parents, they would have MADE me give up my seat to someone else. None of us would have enjoyed a seat as long as an older person was standing.
What ever happened to common courtesy?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Life is like a box of chocolates...

I take this famous... ok, maybe infamous line from Forrest Gump for one simple reason. Life truly is full of the most unexpected, random things. For this reason... and several others, I refuse to be jealous of anyone. You never really know what is going on in that persons life, what burdens they have to bear. I have seen first hand, several times, people know what you want to see and more often than not, they deliver. You don't really get the "real" them, you get what version they think you want to see. There are no flawless people. There are no perfect marriages. Every one struggles with the day to day job of getting up and having some sort of productive life. There is no one to compare your life with. Everyone does things that they regret... and if they have absolutely NO regrets, that is a problem also.
I am not going to use this blog to lay out my shortcomings, although they are numerous. I am also not going to use this blog to lay out other people's flaws. I will note, however, that no one has it easy. Lay off that co-worker that you think always kisses up... maybe he has limited communication skills. Lay off that chick that you think has everything... she could be really lonely. Give yourself some credit. When things are hard for you, know that you will make it through. Everyday is not going to be filled with sunshine... work through the dark times. It is worth it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Something New

So I have been checking out and looking to see what everyone else uses their page for, since I seem more and more incapable... with each passing day... to keep my blog up to date with my workouts and foods I am not supposed to be eating. As I took a stoll across the community, I quickly found that people use this as a serious outlet for their feelings of the day. I WAS going to use it as online evidence of working out. I mean really, I would not lie and say that I worked out on a blog, where truthfully it would take me longer to type up the fake workout than it would for me to actually DO a 30 minute workout. Now I think that I will take my clue from fellow bloggers and write about things as I see them, talk about my day, and generally use this as my own little soap box. I would like to say that I am going to place something inspiring up here everyday, but again, I would be lying. Truth is, my life is not super inspiring everyday. I wake up, take care of my pups, come to work, go home and take care of my pups. Life is simple for me. I will, however, commit to making little thoughts that I have available for review by my peers a couple of times a week. Be prepared... more than likely the updates will have something to do with work, and maybe even a workout or two! I will look for something insipiring... even if it is only inspiring to me! :) (This is a lot more exciting than typing out how exhausted I easily become when on the ellipical machine!) Happy Reading. jdm

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ok, I have figured out why I am so bad at this... too much time on MySpace. I blame everything on MySpace, but it is truly addicting. I am addicted. I am going to attempt to fill this blog with more LOVE, but after long days of tending to the Space that is Mine, I am sometimes hard pressed to find the strength. So, I have done what any good natured young adult would do... I put time to blog on my calendar every other day... now, will this be like do it, do it, do it, or will I look at it like an exercise appointment?? We shall see! :)
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