Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Something New

So I have been checking out and looking to see what everyone else uses their page for, since I seem more and more incapable... with each passing day... to keep my blog up to date with my workouts and foods I am not supposed to be eating. As I took a stoll across the community, I quickly found that people use this as a serious outlet for their feelings of the day. I WAS going to use it as online evidence of working out. I mean really, I would not lie and say that I worked out on a blog, where truthfully it would take me longer to type up the fake workout than it would for me to actually DO a 30 minute workout. Now I think that I will take my clue from fellow bloggers and write about things as I see them, talk about my day, and generally use this as my own little soap box. I would like to say that I am going to place something inspiring up here everyday, but again, I would be lying. Truth is, my life is not super inspiring everyday. I wake up, take care of my pups, come to work, go home and take care of my pups. Life is simple for me. I will, however, commit to making little thoughts that I have available for review by my peers a couple of times a week. Be prepared... more than likely the updates will have something to do with work, and maybe even a workout or two! I will look for something insipiring... even if it is only inspiring to me! :) (This is a lot more exciting than typing out how exhausted I easily become when on the ellipical machine!) Happy Reading. jdm


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