Sunday, April 24, 2011

Soulful Saturday- The Girl Groups

Just a few blasts from the past to enjoy on Saturday night! ;)

Karyn White - Superwoman

Key Lyrics:
*Now you say the juice is sour, it used to be so sweet... and I can't help but wonder if you're talking about me.
*I'm not your superwoman.

Pebbles (w/ Babyface) - Love Makes Things Happen

Key Lyrics:
*You can be a married man w two kids and a good woman. And you can give your heart and soul, I swear it don't mean nothing, cuz love can pull you deep into a spell- it will spin your mind around like a carousel.
*Love make things happen. You never know where it's coming from; you never know you're gonna love.

Lisa Fischer - How Can I Ease The Pain?

Key Lyrics:
*I feel your fire, then I lose my self control.
*Every time that I let you in, you take away something deep within. A fool for love is a fool for pain, but I refuse to love you again.

Lisa Stansfield - All Woman

Key Lyrics:
*I may not be a lady, but I'm ALL woman. From Monday to Sunday, I work harder than you know. I'm no classy lady, but I'm ALL WOMAN.
*This woman needs a little love to make her strong.

Michel'le - Something in My Heart

Key Lyrics:
*There's no reason we should be apart. Cuz searching for something not there will leave two lonely hearts.
*There's something you should know- there's something in heart...

SWV - Weak

There are no key lyrics, because we ALL know ALL the lyrics. Sing it LOUD!! :)


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