Friday, April 22, 2011

Blog List

I got an email asking me what blogs I read on a regular basis. I read a LOT of blogs. I need to get better at commenting on the posts that I enjoy, but even if I don't comment, please know that I read them and love that there are people who document what is going on around them! Here is a sampling:

So, I always show some Ohio love, and this blogger falls right into that category. Her blog is hilarious. No seriously- picture me with tears rolling down my cheeks while reading about her newest exploits. I don't know her personally (it is true that not ALL Ohioans know each other) but she she seems like the kinda girl I could enjoy more than a few drinks with!! Mrs. Brittany Gibbons, everyone! (Barefootfoodie)

I took a look at my blog roll and I follow a LOT of Southerners. I wonder why that is. Maybe it was the year I spent in Tennessee, before I trekked off to law school, or maybe it is my newest fascination with Mint Julips and Arnold Palmers- year round. Whatever it is, here are some links to Southerners that warm my heart!
A Blonde Ambition
For the Love of Stilettos
Miss Janice
Pearls and Grace
Politics and Pearls

Of course I follow lots of food blogs :) Yes. Food is awesome and I have a love affair with it. There is always thoughts of sugar plums and other sweets dancing around in my head. Sooooo yummy. Anyway- here is a sampling of some food blogs that rock my world:
Pinch My Salt
The View From the 32nd Floor
The Whole Kitchen
Passionate About Baking
Not So Humble Pie
Albion Cooks
My Kitchen Chaos

As you can see, I am getting closer and closer to actually writing that "Day in the Life" blog post... because now you know what I read on the way to work (Twitter) and from work (Blogs). Have you figured out that I spend a large amount of the day reading and reflecting? Know what they call that? A very opinionated NERD... and I love almost every minute of it!


AJ said...

Some great blogs you are following there, and some new ones to me - thanks for sharing!

Tasha said...

Cool list!! Being an Ohioan as well, I follow other Ohio bloggers. Keep em' coming!!!!:)

Miss Mox said...

AJ and Tasha,

Thanks so much for the comments!! Please let me know if there are blogs that you follow- I am always looking to add to my list! :)

Anonymous said...

First of all I love the title of this blog! Edgy!
I'm following and Both food blogs and funny! I particularly like the commentary on My Kitchen Chaos because it's so much like my everyday life!

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