Saturday, December 04, 2010

Soulful Saturday- New Edition

I was inspired to post this after reading all the "reviews" on the Backstreet Boys(BSB)/New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) performance on some music awards show. Twitter was all abuzz about the boy bands coming together and putting on a show. I'll admit it- I LOVED me some Joey McIntyre and Jordan Knight. Wooo, those falsetto voices. Yum. AND I partied in the same bar as AJ McLean when I was in London in 1999. They were cool. You could not have grown up in the late 80s, early 90s without seeing a NKOTB button and some screaming girls in the mall. And you would not have made it through the early 90s without seeing some BSB video or screaming girls on MTV. *sigh* People actually think that a boy band was a novel idea. They thought that there really hadn't been a boy band since the Jackson 5... and boy were they wrong.

I am old enough to remember THE boy band of the 80s (and 90s). These boys were (are) so SMOKING hot. I still know the words to songs that were released the year my sister was born. Five chocolate boys from Boston used to sing to me. I played their cassettes (YES) when I was drifting to sleep, getting dressed, studying, whatever!! I LOVED New Edition. Wooo- Ralph Tresvant- so sexy, even though he had quite the overbite. You couldn't tell me that he was not the best thing walking! That man is 42 and you STILL can't tell me that he isn't beautiful. My sister had a thing for Ronnie DeVoe- I still don't get it, but hey, to each his own! Even Bobby Brown was fresh faced and not a weirdo in the beginning. Let me tell you reader exactly how dedicated I was... My freshman and Sophomore years in COLLEGE, New Edition went on tour. Guess who saw them... TWICE!! LOL Whatevs- those were my babies. I watched them grow up through music videos and there has NOT been one group that can magically transport me back to my youth like them.

R&B plus a little 80s hip hop. You know what? You can't be mad at that!! I think I should dust off my cassettes when I get home and bust a couple moves in my living room for old times sake! I feel like they aren't getting the respect they deserve... so here is my video montage.

Is This The End

Count Me Out

Candy Girl

Cool It Now

Mr. Telephone Man!! :)


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