Friday, October 10, 2014

Winner, Winner - Friday Night Swag

I'm a winner y'all! (More than usual) :) Last month I participated in a fitness challenge at my local YMCA. It was the Mystery Mayhem challenge. Essentially, every three days we would get an email of what we should be doing. We could complete the challenge in one day or take the entire three day period to complete it. Points were accumulated for completing the challenges, sharing it on social media, working out in different ways (swim, bike, group class etc). Because I participated in this challenge, I found a new park to walk in that is near my job AND I took my first Zumba class. So I am expanding my workout prowess, or something like that :)

When I signed up, I knew I was getting a t-shirt but there was also the possibility of winning a Fitbit Flex. At the beginning of this week, I got an email saying I was a winner of a Fitbit Flex!! Now, I know that I am late to the Fitbit party, but hear me out. I don't like getting electronic things when they are in the "testing" period. Like, you don't have to worry about me standing in line for a new iPhone. Let some other sucker work out the kinks... I'll get the second generation. That rule generally serves me well. Very rarely do I have to take things back or participate in recalls. Makes my life easier.

Seems as though this Fitbit is going to make tracking my life easier also, and it came just in time... this week I signed up for the Hall of Fame Half Marathon (again)... I am hoping that the Fitbit helps with training and tracking (the good and the bad). I am also hoping for a better time in the half marathon and, you know, no limping for a week like the last time... sigh! I would like to have a better time, recovery and this time do more running than walking. Oh yeah, and to finish! The goal is to finish! Who knew that finishing 13.1 miles in less than 4 hours was such a hard goal to work with? While we ponder how these happy hips are going to make it another 13.1 miles in April, here are some pictures of my winnings. YES!!


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