Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Definition of Rihanna

In my (few) years on Earth, I have learned that there are many ways that a woman can be defined by others. There are nice definitions... I don't generally use those often. There are not so nice names and descriptors that we call women (most of which I use on a daily basis). I have no problem calling women bitches- if the name fits the person, hell, I call deserving guys bitches, when necessary. I never shy away from the most disturbingly descriptive words for people, but tonight the only word I could come up with to describe Rihanna is... disappointment.

I have been watching the blogs ever since the Grammys. Here is what I've learned: Chris Brown has shown that he is still as big a douchebag as he was when he beat her ass three years ago with his childish ways and outlandish temper and Rihanna has singlehandedly put victims of domestic violence back a million years. Ok, a million years may be an overstatement, but clearly she is doing past victims a complete disservice while gallivanting around town with the boy who whipped her ass like a freaking stranger on the street. After the Grammys there were massive amounts of texts/tweets/posts from what I can only hope were young and/or naive girls who declared "Chris Brown can beat me any day..." Really? Wow. Who, exactly do we blame for that kind of sentiment? Rhianna? The media? Chris Brown? Parents? What do we all have to do to let daughters, sisters, nieces, aunts and mothers know that getting hit is not ok? Who is supposed to deliver that message? I say we blame them all. Parents of those girls wanting to be beat? Y'all missed some fundamental shit in your household. Get thy asses back to the drawing board!! Media needs to give them no press and help hit those two dummies and their record companies in their wallets (no record sales or publicity). Rhianna needs to get on someone's couch and figure out what the fuck is going on in her mind that allows her to stomach the sight of the person that did THIS to her face. Chris Brown? He needs to receive the fucking beating of his life. No, that would not be counterproductive-- let me tell you why. When little kids are growing up, they learn by example. That is why they mimic you when talking and follow your every move with their eyes. So when little kids start to hit, what do you do? You tell them no. For some kids, that makes them stop. For some little ornery bastards, you need to pop their little thighs and tell them no before they get that they really shouldn't hit other people. For them, 'no' simply does not work. For Chris, no simply didn't work. He has come out and said that he watched his mom get her ass beat and he knows better. So... since he knows better, but his ornery ass didn't do better, it seems to me that someone should dole out the same treatment that he gave Rihanna.. Makes sense to me.

I am so tired of the "he paid his debt and you should all forgive and forget" answer. Hell no is the answer to that stupid bullshit. I am not big on forgetting or forgiving, if I am perfectly honest. I believe that if a person lies to you once, they will do it again. If someone cheats on you once, they will do it again... and cover it up better the next time. Absolutely, I believe that if someone hits you once, they will do it again. Blame it on the overgrown bitter portion of my brain, common sense or on the fact that I am a Scorpio. Blame it on whatever you need to, but forgiveness is not easy to come by over here. And I will definitely not extend that courtesy to an overgrown man-child or a pop "princess." She wants to be around someone who beat her in the face, bit her and put her in the hospital, so that he can do it again? Shame. He wants fame, but wants everyone to stay out of his "personal" business? I really need him to understand that what he did was NOT personal. It was an animalistic attack on a human being and no amount of picking up trash on the side of the freeway will pay for that. YOU CAN'T PAY FOR THAT. They want to reconcile? I hope their genitals fall off. I'm serious. I have said it once before and I will say it again. There is NO sex that is great enough, mind blowing enough, payment enough for mistreatment-- of any kind. There is not. Clearly, the boy is not intelligent (have you heard those interviews?) He can barely sing. He can dance, but so can the little 5 years old in my former neighborhood. So besides being able to say that you fucked Chris Brown, what is the appeal? He has money? So does she. He has tattoos? So does she. He is able to keep his impulses under control? Oh wait... that's right- he can't. Fuck him and his supporters. Y'all backward ass hoes. What if he hit your sister...daughter...MOTHER?! Is that shit ok? You are ok with someone fucking your momma up and putting her in the hospital? You would be ready to forgive and forget then, right? No big deal that she would walk back into that situation, right? No hard feelings. Oh, ok. If you have no problem with that-- delete me as a friend because you are a waste of oxygen. No where is what he did ok. No way. No way I should actually have to type this out for people to understand that you should keep your fucking hands to yourself. No way I should have to fucking explain why a hospital visit is not a sign of love and walking away from an abuser is not weakness. No way I should have to tell people that you can hardly get more wrong than beating someone so severely that a hospital stay is necessary and a couple hours of community service is not payment in full for that crime. No way should I actually have to type the REAL reason that Chris Brown won a Grammy is because our backward ass society BOUGHT this domestic violence predator's album and record execs saw another opportunity to make money off the back of some wanna be thug douchebag, regardless of the problems that come with him. No way I should have to tell the American public that you get what you pay for. No way, right?


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