Thursday, February 02, 2012

Mitt Romney and the (very) Poor

If you have NOT been paying attention to the politics of America... where have you been?! Election years bring out the best (read: worst) in people. Now, I am not here to tell you who you should vote for- I have always been and will always be a person who thinks that the right to vote and express your own opinions is one of the most righteous of the fundamental rights of this country. With that said: if you don't vote, vote the party line just because, vote without being educated on those running or vote for a moron, then I will exercise my righteous, fundamental right to talk about you-- in a completely unforgiving way. I make no bones about it. I write what I don't like about the candidates- all of them and this last week has given me much to write about.

So the Republicans. Hmmm, they are a naughty bunch, aren't they? In the running there is a man who is certainly certifiably insane, a man who is a known liar and cheat, a man with very extreme points of view (like extreme to the point where he maybe should sit next to the insane one in an asylum) and a rich good old boy who needs approval from the working class. Who is that, you ask? Mitt Romney. This week old Mitt has been caught in a wording snafu, and I am going to LOVE watching him try to get out of it. He is, after all, the front runner for the GOP nomination. Here is Mitt and his comment on poor people. Oh wait, the VERY poor...

By very poor does he mean those on federal/state aid? Federal/state aid... like unemployment? If unemployment is broken, how does he intend on fixing that and here is the most important question: WHO does Mitt Romney see as the VERY poor? I mean, let's be real, the man is worth $200 MILLION dollars. Wait, huh? Yeah, who does he consider to be very poor? Me? With a full time job? You? Those with no job? Those with a part time job? Those worth less than $50 million? $5 million? $1 million? Is it possible that all of us, go to work every day, trying to pay our bills, people still fall into the category of "very poor" by Mitt Romney standards? Because I am not sure he completely understands that the "heart of America" those that he purports to look after and care about... ummm, yeah, some of us can't find jobs. Some of us have no idea how we are going to make ends meet and pay back student loans. Some of us could absolutely be considered very poor, despite our best efforts. MOST of us are not on the same scale as Mitt in the wealth department. Does that mean we fall into the category of people he is not concerned with? Politics. Such a dirty game... having to beg for the votes of the people you are not concerned with.


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