Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Town Hall Debate- Did he just say that?

Ok- I have not commented directly on a debate, Presidential or Vice Presidential, until tonight. I feel like I have to. No secrets here. I am speaking from a biased point of view. You can scroll down and see that I am no republican. I think that W. is a moron, who made it to office simply because of the Christian conservatives and who his father is.  I think that the GOP does not look out for the interests of the vast majority; those of us who are in middle America; those of us who have to work more than one job to pay bills, a mortgage, college tuition, car payments, etc.  In my heart of hearts, I do not think that the republicans care if I make it or not, or if I loose my house to foreclosure... I take that back, if it were going to hurt them financially, then they MIGHT care.  
With that said, I do not agree with all Democrats either. I think that both parties have a tendency to get to Washington and forget what got them there. So, I am gladly an Independent. I have voted for republicans before, sure I will do it again- never for President, but I digress.
Tonight, John McCain referred to Barack Obama as "that one"... whoa. Do I even have to explain why that was inappropriate? Do I even have to tell anyone why that kind of talk (whether it was a slip or not) is unacceptable in a PRESIDENTIAL debate? What would be the reaction if Barack said the exact same thing?? I am not one to automatically pull out the race card, but really, "that one" is something that I would envision was said when buying slaves on the auction block. I am truly offended by McCain's choice of words and believe that he should issue an apology.  The complete disregard that I felt when he said that cannot be described. As a politician, you HAVE to know when your words will be hurtful; when they will be inappropriate; when they will be seen in a bad light.  If I can't trust John McCain in a town hall meeting debate, how can I be sure he won't have a slip of the tongue in a diplomatic meeting with another country? Feel free to comment... 


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