Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Illinois is Building Revenue! :)

This just in: some Gitmo detainees will be moving...to Illinois. There will be an announcement around 2 CST that the Thomson Correctional facility will be bought by the federal government. This prison will then become a federal facility, housing federal prisoners and up to 100 Gitmo detainees.

I, for one, am excited at the revenue that is headed to my state and the jobs that will be made once this plan is announced by the White House this afternoon. Thomson is located about 150 miles from Chicago, in an economically depressed, rural community. That part of Illinois needs jobs and CLEARLY the state needs the federal dollars. Maybe the state will be able to use these monies to begin to dig out of the economic hole our politicians have dug for us?

Critics have said that this is just asking for violence to come to Chicagoland. Um, isn't violence already in Chicagoland? Hasn't that been proven in this blog and a copy of a newspaper from any given day since the 80s? Does it make sense to turn down money- for a facility that hardly used? It was built as a maximum security prison and has been underutilized. The economic situation of the state is dire. We have other maximum security prisons in this state- are opponents as outraged about the locations of those prisons or the people contained therein? If President Obama is truly going to close Gitmo, why let that money go to another state?? Until Mark Kirk and other complainers can answer those questions, I am an excited voter. Welcome to the map, Thomson, Illinois. ;)


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