Sunday, January 02, 2011

Rihanna, Chris Brown, Raz B and a Death Threat

When will these youngins learn!?!?!
So I was innocently browsing Twitter the other day. By browsing I mean checking every other minute while lying in bed, contemplating the rest of my day. Twitter is a sickness of mine, and I don't mind saying that I visit frequently and owning an iPhone only makes the obsession worse, but I digress. As I was being nosy, I come across a Twitter "beef" between Chris Brown and Raz B, that was SO ridiculous I have to write about it.

We all know who Chris Brown is, but here is the recap- he sings (um...sometimes), dances and he and Rihanna dated. One day they got into an altercation and he beat the hell out of her. Raz B, former member of B2K (boy band) is trying to get with Rihanna since her recent breakup with Matt Kemp, so he takes his campaign to Twitter. Out of the blue Raz B says, "I'm just sitting here thinking how...Chris Brown (and others) disrespect women as intelligent as ... and Rihanna." Um, was Brown just on your mind? Where did that comment come from? Have you actually talked to Rihanna or are you just pulling out the intelligent card to get in her pants?

Ok- I will NEVER stand up for Chris Brown and what he did to Rihanna. No ONE should ever hit the person that they are dating (or anyone else for that matter). He was wrong. He has apologized, gone to counseling and gone to some sort of jail. His album sales have suffered, he is currently not doing as well as he was. Now loyal readers know that I am not into simply forgiving people because they say that they are sorry. Sorry rolls off the tongue a little too easy for me. People say it without really thinking about what they are apologizing for. So I don't really deal with Chris Brown. I don't buy his albums, and I don't promote his music... but I also do NOT just bring his name up out of the blue and put him on blast like Raz B did. Why?? Everyone knows that Brown and Rihanna have Twitter accounts. Why feed the fire? No one should get press for challenging a person known for domestic violence.
The Twitter fight quickly got out of hand. There was name calling, the 'n' word was passed around and Raz B's brother (RickyRomance) got involved, saying that he will "put his pistol" in Chris Brown's mouth if he ever comes to LA. DUDE... seriously?!?! You are going to use a public forum to threaten a superstar? Have you lost your ever loving mind?? What the hell is wrong with people? Ok- beyond the fact that these two "stars" play on Twitter and talk about each others bad deeds and misfortunes, you then have a third party come in with some death threats. OMG- I fear for the future of our country because these assholes are going to be in charge some day...

For the record:

Everyone- keep your hands to yourself!!

Raz B- know your role. Dude, you are so yesterday and starting fights on Twitter is lame, especially if it is to get the attention of some chick who has been passed around the industry. If she hasn't been with you, she doesn't want you... come to that conclusion. Even if she DID want you, she probably doesn't now because you have shown yourself to be a press whore.

Chris Brown- you need NO more trouble. You haven't even bounced back from the last troublesome situation you were in. Damn dude, mind your manners.

Ricky Romance- wait, who are you again? Nobody?! I thought so!


Jon Daniels said...

I believe that #3 on the "I'm A B-list Star" would be the following:

3. I have enough time to engage in Twitter wars.


(Oh yeah - I'm loving the new layout!)

Miss Mox said...

The new layout is a work in progress!! Lots of things happening w the blog this year!! New year, new everything, right?! :)

Hope you are doing well, JD. Thanks for the comments!!

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