Saturday, January 29, 2011

Soulful Saturday- EnVogue

The quintessential 90s female group. Perfect harmony; they sang AND danced. Their songs speak of love, loss and ignorance- which make them perfect for Soulful Saturday! They started out as a quartet and by the end of the decade, they were a threesome, but everyone remembers at least one En Vogue song- if never really mattered if the song was sung by three or four women.

I think that their first released single was their most successful. Hold On featured a remake of the Jackson 5 "Who's Loving You" and was featured in MANY bedroom concerts at my house! I convinced myself that I could even hit the high note... ahem! Moving on! LOL With Hold On, En Vogue burst on the scene, spending the rest of the decade dazzling the public with their relevant and beautifully harmonized songs. They also made the Little Black Dress something that was a staple in ladies closets all over the world- mine included.

Hold On

*Don't waste your time, fighting blind minded thoughts of despair.


*It's just a waste of time, made for simple minds, so why do people exist on lies?
*So think before you speak cuz what you sow, you reap. The truth will always be brought to light.

Don't Go

*It takes a gift man, to release the love in me.
*Your first bite was just too strong, you left a scar on me.

Free Your Mind

**The WHOLE song**

Too Gone, Too Long (aka one of the front runners in the ULTIMATE Break-Up Collection)

*So you want my love back. Why'd you let it slip away? Why'd you ever let me go? Your change of heart has come too late.
*You're too many tears too late, to ever get back in my arms.

Giving Him Something He Can Feel

**The WHOLE song PLUS the video!**


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