Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chrisette Michele - Love Is You (Unplugged)

Ok- Chrisette Michele is AMAZING. If you have not listened to her before, I hope this is you introduction to the beauty and magic that her voice brings. Fantastically DIFFERENT... wow. Other favorites by her: Blame it on me, Epiphany, Best of me, and If I have my way. Let me know who you think she is comparable to... :)

Key Lyrics:
'cause love is my permission to be who I am,
No inhibitions because you understand;
Freedom to breathe, oh baby, love is you.

Much as I've tried to clarify
Love's quite simple, He is just my guy;
A perfect definition- LOVE IS YOU.


Don said...

Besides her smooth collabo w/ Jay Z on the song Lost Ones I've never really sat and listened to Chrisette. Her performance last night on Soul Train Music Awards was the first time I've witnessed her thoroughly. She's enlightening.

Miss Mox said...

She is! I love her voice... it is a throw back to great old music! :)

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