Thursday, September 17, 2009

Insurance Companies v. The American Public... Hmmmm?

I am smiling while I write this blog about insurance companies because I used to work for one- a MAJOR one, so I know how slimy they can be. By no means am I saying that all insurance companies are slimy, manipulative organizations... but I do see how the present business infrastructure in America allows them to do whatever they want- and get away with it- with very few checks and balances.  

In addition to knowing some of the inter-workings of a major insurance provider, I am also heavily opinionated (shocker!) about regulating the insurance empire in this country. I got into this very long winded argument on facebook- of all places- about whether or not the government should intervene and make sure all citizens are covered by some insurance company.  This was not my first argument and I imagine that it will not be my last, which is just fine. I strongly stand on the "everyone needs healthcare" platform.  It is much cheaper to have preventative medicine than to fight a progressing disease.  We live in the RICHEST country in the world... WHY should our citizens go without healthcare?? So far, no one has been able to give me a convincing argument against my platform... but I am listening....

Need a reason why insurance companies canNOT be trusted to do the right thing?? Click here.


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