Monday, March 02, 2009

Really Roland? :(

A lot has happened since my last blog. Below you will see my last blog, which was slightly utopian in nature. I spoke of a new hope, a beautiful dream finally being realized, a country renewed. In regards to my country’s new President, those feelings are still valid. I think that considering what he was handed, President Barack Obama is doing an ok job… I will blog on him later, but there are fantastic things and there are things that draw my skepticism…

The purpose of this blog is not to sing the praises of President Obama (or to shake my head at some decisions that seem questionable)- because I will do that later! This blog is about the questionable leaders that the state of Illinois has been plagued with as of late. No doubt that everyone has heard of the Governor Rod Blagojevich debacle. Before being impeached by his colleagues Rod did something that will keep the whole state in the news for a ridiculous amount of time- he appointed Roland Burris to the Senate seat that was vacated by Barack Obama… the same seat that Rod is accused of trying to sell to the highest bidder. Roland Burris is a plague to the people that he is dead set on “serving”. In my humble opinion, good old Rod knew exactly what he was doing with this appointment- Roland Burris takes the heat off Blagojevich because he is such a moron and clearly portrays on television. Every time I turn on the evening news and see Roland’s face I get a sinking feeling in my stomach because I KNOW he will say something ridiculous.

Because of the scrutiny that Blagojevich was under, Roland has been walking on thin ice every since his appointment. He argued that he was legally appointed and that since he done nothing wrong, he was the new junior Senator from Illinois. I was skeptical (shocker!) There had to be a reason why Blagojevich appointed him, right? Out of all the politicians in Illinois Blagojevich chose Roland after the arrest that would eventually aid lawmakers in ousting the then Governor. Turns out there WAS a reason (again, shocker). Roland has stood in all our faces and said repeatedly that he did not, in any way, pay to become the junior Senator from Illinois. He was unaware that Blagojevich was auctioning off the seat and had limited contact with Blagojevich and his aides. Numerous interviews, heavy on the holier than thou rhetoric, letting us all know that there is no reason why he should not be allowed to take this position. Hmmm.

I guess that I was diluted to believe after Blagojevich was the butt of so many late night jokes and Illinois was criticized on a national level that the United States Senate would check Roland out BEFORE letting him take the Senate seat. Oh, was I mistaken! So Roland takes his seat amongst the few citizens of the United States that are given the charge of running our government and NOW we are all finding out that Roland was less than honest with us. NOW we are finding out that Roland raised campaign funds for Blagojevich in order to keep his name in the running for his Senate seat. Roland had more contact with Blagojevich than he said and NOW people want Roland’s resignation. I have to admit it- I want Roland to resign too.

Other than the new information that is coming to light, there is one other major reason why Roland should take a seat and close his mouth- his pay. Because Roland has been a public “servant” in this state for many years, he receives a pension from the state (somewhere in the neighborhood of $122,000/ year). Although he is no longer retired, Roland is still receiving his pension from the state. He has not placed it on hold, he has not asked that payments be suspended. Because he is now a Senator he gets another paycheck from the Feds (somewhere around $173,000/ year). Damn, a liar makes almost $300K a year? During these hard economic times, where the State of Illinois (and her citizens) are suffering, Roland thinks it is some how kosher to continue to collect his pension- even though he IS employed. A public “servant” makes $300K??? Maybe I should change jobs?

I think that Roland is presently an Illinois Senator for two reasons: 1. He very clearly was Blagojevich’s go to guy (one of many, I am sure) and 2. He is black. I think that Blagojevich thinks that he owed Roland a seat because of all his hard fundraising... I also think the Rod is not as dumb as we think that he is- with everything that is going on, appointing a Black man was ingenious- the race card could always be used… and it IS being used. But don’t we want a competent Senator? Are we willing to take any Black Senator? Are we willing to be the laughing stock of the 50 states? If so, for how long?


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