Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Excitement Abounds

My 60th post. How fitting?
I am so excited that I can't sleep. In less than 12 hours Barack Obama, the man that I voted for, will be sworn into the office of President of the United States. Wow. The thought of that is breath taking. It is NOT just because he is Black, like me. It is NOT just because he made Chicago his home, like me. It is NOT because he seems very liberal, like me. Instead, my excitement stems from the fact that Barack Obama has what I want to have- the ability to be a reason for people from extremely different backgrounds, life experiences and ways of thinking, together for a common cause. The charisma. The eloquence. The refusal of anything subpar. Jeez, even typing about it makes me fill up with an amazing sense of satisfaction. The anticipation of seeing all that the events of this day will bring cannot be explained. There are not words that will aptly describe what today means to not just me, but to hundreds, thousands... millions of people. In the US, across the world. Later today, I, along with millions will see and experience something that has never been seen before. I am filled with joy; smiling ear to ear. Cannot wait... cannot wait... cannot wait. :) 


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