Thursday, July 23, 2009

The battle of stupidity, aka Michael Vick

As a dog owner, I have never hidden my feelings towards the Michael Vick situation as soon as it hit the news. So, the following blog will DEFINITELY not be a shock to anyone who knows me, or reads my blog on a regular basis. Be forewarned, this entry has been rewritten a few times- simply because I believe that text is more persuasive if it does not include a curse word in every sentence. With that said, please do not think my words timid or inadequate on the subject, I believe that Michael Vick is scum; his actions deplorable; and for me there is NO punishment will make what he knowingly participated in ok.

During my weekly relaxation session (which includes coffee and the Sunday newspapers) I came across an article- which I believe is also posted on that actually argued for Michael Vick's reinstatement to the NFL. I guess that I should be 100% forthcoming and tell everyone reading this that I have 5 wonderful dogs, each and every one a rescue of some sort. Each and every one a member of my family. They share my space, my home, my life. I cook for them, they eat the best food available, they get the best care and they are my greatest investment to date. Because of my great bond with these lovable little creatures I think that Michael Vick, his cohorts and anyone who did what he has finally admitted to are the biggest cowards on Earth.

When asked about his very cruel, illegal treatment of the dogs in his kennel (fittingly named, Bad Newz Kennels), Michael Vick proved what a coward he was by lying- to the public, his team and the NFL Commissioner. Once it was proven that MV was not only financing this dog fighting franchise, but was also involved in the killing of the dogs that lost, there was a public apology. MV was so sorry about what he had done. I don't believe that shit for a minute. MV did not kill ONE dog, he didn't finance ONE fight, he didn't do it ONCE. It was an ongoing operation. Thousands of his hardly-hard-earned NFL money went to pumping dogs full of steroids, making them exercise until they were exhausted, training dogs until they were blood thirsty and fighting until a dog died. And Vick was sorry. So sorry. Punk.

Why is there any thought that this FELON somehow deserves his job back? Is the NFL considering giving him his job back because he was only is jail for abusing animals? If so, shame on them. I know people who have been to prison- who are felons. They don't have multi-million dollar jobs waiting for them when they get out. They have to take what is offered, menial or not. Is it because they can't throw a football? Is it because they don't have "fans" that pay high ticket prices to see them play a child's game? Is it simply because they aren't Michael Vick? WTH? With all this press and even the possibility that MV might get back into the NFL, it seems as though the money hungry league and its lovely commissioner are saying that it doesn't matter that Vick tormented animals, because there is still a dollar to be made off him. Now, would they even consider reinstating him if he embezzled money? If he bet on his team? Hell, Pete Rose was arguably one of the best baseball players ever and he is not looking good for the Hall of Fame- ever. But somehow it seems fair that Vick get the chance to make millions of dollars again? Hmmmmmm. What life must be like as a cash cow.

Don't get me wrong- everyone makes mistakes. Some people are not ever going to be poster children for fame and fortune. But when do we start to hold people accountable? When he participated in this craziness, Vick wasn't 16. Next year he will be 30. He is an adult and should pay the consequences as an adult. If that means he is banned from the NFL, so be it!

Wow- I sound angry. I AM angry. Not only did Michael Vick embarrass the league that is currently thinking about letting him back in, he also embarrassed his family and his community. He is no role model; he is nothing special. Unfortunately, like hundreds of others, he is a criminal who used to be a high paid athlete, a cliche, a punk. I have no sympathy for him, his supporters or the NFL if they let him back in. And rest assured, even if he joins my beloved Bears, I will not support the team that he goes to. I hope I am not the only one to boycott said team... If they burden us with Vick, I say speak to them in the only language they seem to understand... Punish their pocketbook.


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