Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In the past weeks

So, as I blogged almost a month ago, Michal Jackson passed away. I, like most, spent a couple days reliving my MJ memories, watching vintage video and watching the fall out drama. I needed those couple of days to wrap my head around the death of a superstar, but after those couple of days the shock wore off. The sadness was still there because a human being died, but I was over hearing about it every 15 seconds. Yet, almost a month later, Michael Jackson (and his dysfunctional family) are still in the news.

Many other deaths have taken a backseat to Michael Jackson. One would obviously be Farrah Fawcett, who dies the same day as MJ, yet I could not tell you where she is buried, what her family did or said to the media. Weird, huh? Below are a few more spectacular people, who deaths have been out shined by the media circus following the Michael Jackson story:

H.M. Cummings (90)- died in my hometown, Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Cummings was a member of the Tuskegee Airmen, who were America's first black military airmen. These men fought racism and bigotry at home and overseas. Rough estimates (on wikipedia) state that around 12% of the pilots and less than 1% of the ground personnel are still alive. For a more comprehensive review of these history changing men, please see:

Allen Klein (77): Mr. Klein was the business manager to Sam Cooke, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. He was also an accountant and a record label owner. He bought rights to music by the Animals, Herman's Hermits, Bobby Rydell and Chubby Checker to name a few.

Oscar Mayer (95): retired chairman of the cold cuts company known for hot dogs, bologna, bacon, etc.

Steve McNair (36): Retired NFL quarterback who was killed by his mistress.

Robert McNamara (93): 8th US Secretary of Defense under JFK and LBJ. McNamara was also President of the World Bank (1968-81) and the President of Ford Motor Company.

Dempsey Travis (89): a true Renaissance man, a Chicagoan. Travis was a self made millionaire who made a name for himself by starting real estate companies and revitalizing portions of the South Side of Chicago. He also covered Chicago events, especially the Harold Washington era, through his writings.

Walter Cronkite: world renowned news anchor.

These are just a few people that have passed away since the death of Michael Jackson. Their absence will be felt and their contributions will thankfully be used to our advantage. They should not be outshined by the passing of a superstar- and they won't be, on this blog.


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