Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year's Resolution- yuck!

I realize that it is only January 3. I do know that, BUT I dont feel like working out at all. I ate very well today. For breakfast I had a banana, coffee, one packet of maple and brown sugar oatmeal with almonds and dried cranberries and a whole wheat english muffin w/ peanut butter. For lunch I had brown rice, broccoli and salmon and for sinner I had fresh shrimp pad thai. Not bad for the girl who has just realized how big (small) a cup really is. I thought that I would starve but amazingly I was full all day.
That is not the problem. I just don't feel like working out. I drove pass the Y today and the parking lot was PACKED. I really don't want to work out with a room full of people. I think that I am going to have to change my sleep schedule and work out in the morning before work. As much as I appreciate sleep, it would be a little better for me since not many people are resolving to wake up and be at the gym at 5:30 in the morning. I think I am just coming up with excuses not to be there- either way I am going to have to figure out something. I am not going to get to my goal without working out, and I am not going to be happy if I spend another year being the size that I am. All around catch 22... I will come up with something.
Good news for the day: I registered for classes for my first semester of pursuing my MBA. Bad news for the day: once school starts on January 17 I am really going to be pressed for gym time!!My plan for what will be done for the gym time needed will be coming soon.


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