Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Slacker! :(

I have been a total slacker for the last couple of weeks. I had to take a week off when I got my teeth pulled (to avoid dry sockets) and then I was sick. That was another week off. I did work out twice last week... but seriously two times is far from the five that I promised myself. I did go to the grocery store and buy "healthy" food... now the issue is going to be making it. This is a struggle every day. I have two and a half months to slim down another 10 pounds, and while that sounds like a small amount... trust me, my eating habots and busy schedule do not lend to the weight loss needed.
I do have two pieces of motivation, 10 year high school reunion at the end of April and a newly planned trip to San Diego in May/June to see an old college buddy. I am sure that I will be on the beach and my friend is a guy... I cannot fail now. So, I am going to suck it up and do what I know I should... Here is to a new beginning in the second month of the year.


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