Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin Speech, RNC 9/3/08

Ok, I think that we all know that I am not voting for McCain Palin. No secrets here. With that said I decided that to be fully informed I had to watch and listen to what Palin would say tonight. Let me say this: Sarah Palin is a cute lady. She seems to carry herself well, and I think my male friends would think that she fills out a suit well. Nice hair. Looks fantastic for having a four month old kid.. With that said, I HATED her speech. There was no substance. She spent way too much time badmouthing her opponents and talking about her family- the same family that she doesn't want anyone else to talk about. I actually caught her in lies... She said that the women of the country could count on her and have a "friend" in Washington if they had a disabled child. She may not have been outright lying... I think she meant it, if you are a woman like her. Someone who has health benefits, because she certainly is not supplying benefits. You would also have to be straight, because she does not support same sex unions. You have to be married- conservatives like marriage, go to church, not even considered abortion EVER and not need any manufacturing job (because the conservatives like to send those out of the country). Need proof? Look at her record and the record of this administration. Palin has taken money away from an Alaska program for unwed moms (you know, kids like her daughter, Bristol). As covered before she does not believe in same sex unions or benefits of any kind. The only abortion that she can handle is when the mother's life is in danger- no exceptions.
How can American women look at Sarah and believe that she can be a friend? A friend who doesn't care what the Earth that we turn over to our children will look like... Again, look at her record: she does not believe that global warming is a result of human behavior. How can women listen to what she does not say (because I didn't hear a plan in all that Obama bashing) and think that she is the best thing for our country. The GOP's slogan is country first. I think that there is no room on the GOP ticket for country first because they are oh so busy tryng to steal the Dems thunder.
In her speech Sarah said that the only candidate that has truly served the American public is John McCain. She was referring to his military service, of course. Now, I understand that he was a POW and he was in the military... but that alone is not going to make him a great President. There have been great Presidents that have not served in the military, Clinton, FDR, John Adams, John Quincy Adams- just to name a few. His military service means that he MADE a sacrifice... not that he is or will continue to make one. Military service does not mean that you should be President, just like no military background doesn't mean that you can't be President. Having a special needs child does not mean that you should ascend to the VP office, neither does making your knocked up 17 year old get married, or promising to drill for oil in your home state. It sounds good, but how will she pull it off? Does she think that not being as eloquent as Barack will allow her to say anything because no one will be listening??


Anonymous said...

I think it is because she has a vagina, and theythink all the other vaginas will stand and unite. Regardless, of what she will not do for them. It is unfortunate. It is my opinion that while putting a woman on the ticket is a good idea in theory, however, I am sure there was a better woman for the job.

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