Saturday, February 12, 2011

Soulful Saturday- Shai

These four young men from Howard University burst on the music scene my freshman year of high school and made me anxious to get to a college campus ASAP!! Seriously, musically talented guys on a college campus-- love it! I immediately fell for the tallest guy in the group (until I found his name was Garfield-- whatever, I was 14, and truthfully Garfield is NOT a flattering name). There seemed to be a working formula in the early 90s- guy groups, four members, harmonies, and slow love songs. Yep, I loved it! Remember Soul For Real, The Boys, Mint Condition and half of the groups on Soulful Saturday. Whatever that formula was exactly, I wish they would revive it... there is only so much nonsense I can listen to on the radio!! Below is one of the early 90s boy bands at their best!

If I Ever Fall In Love (Acapella)

Baby, I'm Yours
*Realize girl, that my faith is kinda torn.
*Watch your step- cuz my heart is weak and worn.
*Baby, I'm Yours

Comforter (My Favorite Shai Song)
**This song should remind everyone that when you take your loved one for granted, there is always someone willing to comfort them... permanently. Stay on your "A" game.**

*Lay down and tell me what's on your mind- what exactly did he do to make you cry this time?
*When you're in pain, I'm in pain- that's part of being a friend
*I don't mean to disregard your feelings, but I think that he's a fool-- he don't know how sensitive you are, and baby that just ain't cool.

Come With Me
*I'm turning to you, because you always seem to know what to do...
*I call on my only true friend in the world, my girl.


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